Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Teaching in college for 10 years had allowed me to mingle and interact students from various secondary schools. And sad to say, majority would come from the public schools. Good for those who could afford to go to a private institution because the learnings and skills of the students are quite better. But, my sad heart goes to those who could only go to public schools. The tuition could be free, however, the price that the students and parents have to pay after their graduation was more expensive and irreversible. Their communication skills alone were very poor if not bad. I had to teach Grade 1 English Tutorial among college students. WOW!!!! Kaguol man.

Now, I wonder, would great Filipinos in intellectual competence will still be known worldwide? Most especially the ones coming from the greater public? The ones who are in power now, are the ones coming from the elite.. . So, those who are in the bottom list, would only struggle for employment and living. . . and this continues to their kids. We can only prolong their misery. . .

Is this also true in other nations? I really wonder. . .