Friday, June 13, 2008

24/7 Busy Buzz

If you are jobless, a day and night could be very dragging but when you are actually employed (not to include, that you are teaching in the day, checking papers at night), and studying all at once, could be very draining and time consuming.

Today, I just had myself enrolled in Master in Info Tech. Good thing, I passed my entrance exam with good scores. hehehhehe. However, I dread already the days when I have to hustle between being a teacher and a student. I only pray, I wont take my Yuri and blogging for granted =).

My laptop is not working for 2 days now. So, sorry my fellow bloggers, I have to find time in school just to check my site and do short blog hops. I hope to still see you around my blog.

I hope to get my laptop done, so I can squeeze blogging at night time. Take care then my friends. Visit me when you can and I will find time to know your updates.Ciao. . . have to travel an hour back home. . .