Friday, June 6, 2008

Entrance Exam is Only for the Young Ones Not Young Once!!!

I had a long day today as I took the graduate school entrance exam for Masters in Information Technology from NDMU, Marbel City.

WOW!!!! I realy realized how old I am because my eyes were all strained only from 3-5 questions answered and I had more than 500 questions in just 2 hours. I dont know if you can still remember the kind of questions you answered when you had your college or high school entrance exam. Who actually invented that anyway????

The exam will tell whether I can really pursue MSIT or just flush it to the toilet bowl and just do blogging. . . oh, my!!!!

The problems seemed easy but when you are put under time pressure, you can only curse! waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Well, who ever said studying is easy must be a genious. How about examining being easy? Whoever said that must get lost.