Monday, June 2, 2008

Handcrafted Unique Necklaces for Sales

What do you like best from these pics and why?

These are the pics of the beautiful handcrafted necklaces we have to pair or not with the earrings and bracelets or anklets we have(click here for complete collection).

They are made in complementary stones and pearls with pendants to highlight.

There could be other necklaces sold in the mall, but I am proud that these necklaces are quite unique, classy and elegant, not to mention, they are sold at reasonable prices. You can have them customized, have your fave colors or birth stones or your very own design. All these can be made in a prompt time. You can have these as gifts to your friends or family and they would sure love the personalized style.

You can email me at for your orders or click here to leave your photo comments and/or orders. Just dont forget to leave me a buzz.