Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Great Filipinos in Hunger

We have been staying with my parents for almost two months now. When we left Zamboanga City, the NFA rice (government's poor-quality rice supply) was sold at 18.00 a kilo only. Some residents would not even bother buy it as they prefer the sweet-smelling yet expensive rice, except those who have no choice. Now, after the government had announced that there was a rice shortage at the middle of ZTE scandal, the NFA rice rose to 18.25/kilo with only 2 kilos per family allowance.

In our barangay, at 6 am, old and young folks line up before a closed store, waiting to get their share. Prime rice now costs at 55.00 pesos/kilo. In the coming months, this may cost to 60.00. No wonder, Filipino folks are always on the streets, protests of different causes. Click here for the related story. For a big family which is typical of Filipinos, their meal supply is between 2-3 kilos. Great, our population now is around 80 million with almost half of the population is below poverty line. No wonder, more and more Filipino professionals are leaving the country and more and more crimes are committed in the name of poverty.

I began to realize, we seem like refugees at our very own country, hostaged without ransom at all!!!

Can we still say we really have hope? Our politicians are already preparing their commercial ads in preparation for the 2010 election. . . Pinoy, kailan ka ba talaga susulong?