Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Mr. Pomeranz Made Me Love Love Again

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Do I Look Sick?

It was February 14 and after we sold our stocks on our last exhibit show, we brought back our stuffs back to our boutique and rearranged them again. Within that 3-day sales, we made pretty good income. This gave me an idea on how to sell our upcoming stocks from US this March.

We didn't eat much during the 3-day sales and missed our major meals. I guess it was the overwhelming experience of selling in a new place. We took our very late lunch and headed home to prepare for David Pomeranz' concert.

But, I felt quite different then, I started feeling the body and joint aches that I assumed I was running down with flu. Hehehehhehe! My chicken pox was starting to kick in na pala.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

We were in the venue around 7 pm already but it started way past 9pm. Gosh! I was all sleepy on my seat. We were on the VIP venue with Ate Vilma, Sheng and the rest of contest winners. But, the wait was all worth it when the big man came out and started singing. Gosh!!!! I couldn't help but feel every word. It is indeed quite different hearing the songs over the air and simply hearing them live. Mr. Pomeranz indeed had captured everyone's ears that we just listened with his energy and music!
My David Pomeranz (ahem!)

I couldn't help but shed tears on songs that hit back home.hehehehehhe!!! What a foolish romantic lass. He sang 18 loved songs straight without rest.Grabeeeeeeeh!!!! I could not believe that this man is over 40's (or 50's) with his energy! He sang between his piano and guitar, Jack!

We didn't stay longer for the poster autographs of David as I didn't feel well already. It was quite a night to remember.