Wednesday, February 4, 2009

David Pomeranz is My Date! Hurray!

I joined the blog contest of Bariles on David Pomeranz since he will be holding a concert on Feb. 14. I submitted my entry a day before the deadline and I was told that a number of very good writers had submitted too. I didn't really expect much since my story was somehow a story only heard in a Love Segment of AM station.Hahahhaha!!!!

But, when Bariles, texted me this late afternoon in between my classes that the result was finally released, I simply asked my sister, Tammy, to check but not at all expecting.

When we got home, we were both adamant to read the complete story. And, guess what? My entry was in the top 5. It means, I am one of the big winners. Yeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeey! I couldn't contain my joy because we get to have 2 VIP tickets instead of 1 as originally announced, and we had 1000.00 worth of gift certificate each from this glamorous resto in the city, Grab a Crab. I am thinking of using my gift certificates to have my entire family in that place. With that, I get to hear beautiful songs of my icon, David Pomeranz, and dine with loved ones.

To all the writers, judges, sponsors, KUDOS!See you all there. Hurraaaaaay!!!