Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chili's Reading Reopens

My family here in the Philippines and in Wisconsin love to eat a lot. This is one of the common things that the entire family agrees on. Whenever we go out and man our store, we always set a budget for food. It really drains us financially.

One of our nasty habits in dining is that we keep on ordering the same old food over and over again. Although we are adventurous in many ways, we do not want to eat something else that we are not certain of the taste. So, the waiters normally know our orders.

My kid is a big fan of great food too. He is quite selective with his choices. So, if he does not like the taste or the smell, we cannot possibly convince him to start or finish his meals. He is however, a big fan of chicken and nachos and fries while I love salads a lot.

Choosing the right restaurant is sometimes a struggle. So, we normally search on places where commendations are high. Chili's is one of the well -loved restaurants here in the Philippines. It operates in twenty seven (27) countries and with more than 190 franchises.

We recently known Chili's in Reading, UK had reopened after a fire consumed their kitchen last January 2009 but Reading Press Release said that this popular restaurant in UK had seized the opportunity and incorporated a much better kitchen equipment and technology to serve more great food.


I love their discount offers and meal selection from Chili's Vouchers. The family will surely love this new food experience. Should we go to Manila this year, we will visit this restaurant and try their meals.