Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Need Hospitality

Hospitality is a virtue and a skill rarely possessed by individuals. For us Filipinos, this is a natural habit. We seem to welcome anyone into our home or establishment. We are always ready to serve with great enthusiasm and eagerness.

I have known other countries who see hospitality as part of their culture while other countries see this as non-existent attitude.

But, do you know Theron Burraway? Through his leadership, he had created Marcus Evans Group to be a $300-million leader in hospitality programs worldwide. His group manages and holds events, conferences and other corporate hospitality programs. He has twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry that indeed made him known. He is now Marcus Evans' CEO and Board of Directors for Waterside School, a special Stamford, Conn.-facility that provides education opportunities for children from low-income families. He is well-known in social networks too and is a popular member of Indian Harbor Yatch Club and Tamarack Country Club.

Hospitality is a virtue that is wrapped around with grace and service. Truly, this man is one of the distinquished exceptions.

THG Worldwide Inc. is a marcus evans company. It was founded in 1983 and became the largest corporate hospitality business in the world. They offer business intelligence to any company through business conferences, trainings, forums and publications.

In this global financial meltdown, companies must then be equipped with strategies that can make them survive the crisis and excel from the rest.