Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How The Kid Drives Us Crazy

Funny that in our old home and my kid was younger, he liked to throw things into our toilet bowl. Oftentimes, we would only know what he did when the toilet bowl would not function like it used too. It would always drive us mad whenever we had to fix what we had to fix. But, the last object dropped inside it was sturdy and bigger that no amount of efforts were enough to fix the bowl. Consequently, the boys at home had to dismantle the entire bowl from the floor to remove what was stuck.

This was followed by unattended faucet at the back kitchen, when my kid forgot to turn off the faucet. Worst, our sink stoppage was quite busted. Consequently, the water was all flowing for a couple of hours. It actually flooded the entire kitchen.

We really need plumbing services like the San Jose Plumbing to fix the house. I know that much is wasted if the house and its utility equipment does not work at all. When our garden faucet was all dripping overnight. Truly, our water bill had gone wild.

It is quite important that we hire competent plumbers to fix what must be fixed. But to save from this plumbing service, it is wiser that we scout for contract bids. Lower price does not always guarantee quality service. Thus, we have to be more selective and cautious in getting a plumber. Cheaper plumbing service may mean compromised service too. I don't think that is even acceptable. Plumbers should also be insurance - protected. So, we don't have to worry should accidents happen to them while they do our plumbing service.

I know I have to contact a professional plumber soon just to keep the house secured and orderly.