Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Media Download for Free

Do you have loved ones or friends who love music and who wish to earn from their songs? Go check Kerchoonz.

This is a social networking medium where artists can download and upload pictures, music and video, make friends through blogs and forums, and earn extra money for site referral. More importantly, all these can be done without any amount of payment.

To sustain its operation, Kerchoonz is an advertisement - funded network. It is certainly a unique website since it was founded by musicians and record artists who aimed to make the music industry and internet technology a fair playing field for everyone.

Furthermore, this site is an avenue for artists to express their passion and interest in music by uploading their very own video. In return, they receive due compensation from this video upload. Best of all, they can get lucky if a recording artist or talent manager can spot them for their interesting performance.

This site is heavily committed with their philosophy of service, honesty, justice, collaboration and freedom. I call all these values as expression of social responsiveness at its best.

I took the liberty to sign up. It actually allowed me to view uploaded video of other members and to hear some interesting playlists and to add all of them to my very own profile.

So, if you are a fanatic of social networks, this site is indeed worth a try.