Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Kiddo Sister Needs a House

My third sister is in Manila working as a project electrical designer. Somehow, she is my copy cat. We both excelled well in school but we somehow different in character. She is quite independent and confident while I am just starting on this.

Now, she is thinking of getting her own place since her work is in a remote city. Currently, she is only staying in a leased room with complete amenities like dining, comfort rooms, kitchen sinks , living and bedrooms. However, she is paying much on this room that we advice her to start saving for an owned house.

She and her boyfriend would just want to get a condominium in the vicinity of her work. They both plan to start a business too as their investment. This younger sibling of mine is really something.

We indeed want a house in Manila too since my parents and other sister visit this place whenever they can and normally, they just stay in one of our relatives. Privacy is something. Consequently, we need our own place so we can do what we want without being criticized by others.

I have built my own house just within the family lot so, I can grow old with my kid and have that independence from my biological family but still have that bonding.

We want our house to be commercially valuable that we have to consider its interior and exterior designs. Houses nowadays are quite expensive. We must then maintain and increase the market value of our house so we can get a higher worth for this property.