Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Broken Room Window

My bedroom is next to the furniture shop of my parents. I remembered constructing this room from my first year of working as a teacher. I painted it with pastel purple and pink. It is quite unique from the rest of the rooms or areas in the house. You can say, it is all me.

I have the also grill - smoked - glass windows to complement my feminine taste. However, just recently, the motor blade of our furniture equipment simply flew directly to my glass window and caused a big hole. I have to always close these windows during daytime since the sawdust from the furniture normally get into the room.

Now, I really want this window replaced. However, I want something that is dimly tainted since my room directly faces the sun in the morning and whenever I sleep late, I wake up only late in the morning.

But I need quality and beautiful windows like Sacramento windows . I am quite aware that quality windows go with higher price but this is only worth the money since these windows can last longer and can add beauty to our house.

My old windows are a little cranky on the hinges. Nothing is more valuable than getting the services only of those who are qualified window installer. I will surely check competent contractors for my window installation from the ads and internet. I heard that these Sacramento windows have lifetime warranties. This is really a nice investment to consider.