Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Hate Call Pranksters

I love technology a lot. I am pretty sure that other individuals share the same passion that I do. Technology indeed has made a lot of transformations in our day-to-day routines. This is indeed true to other establishments.

But, what I don't like with technology is how it can actually pervades my privacy. I have a number of unsolicited mails from my email account. And, I simply could not comprehend, how these scam letters were directed to me or to anyone I know. I normally report them to my email - host provider as scams but these emails simply keep on coming. I really wish there is also a technology to track the sources of these emails and put the ones responsible behind bars or at least, make them responsible for creating inconvenience among their mail recipients.

Now, this is also true with calls. I normally receive text messages that I have won or calls from unknown users. And when I ask for their profile, they would simply not respond. This is really annoying. Good thing in US, there is a medium to Report Callers who practically annoy you with their nuisance calls.

I tried searching my parents' number in Wisconsin through this call search and it can graphically present me the location of that number. That is pretty amazing. The site has easy-to-follow instructions and that privacy is guaranteed. With reasonable rate, I can get a full report on my caller's profile.

This is indeed practical at this time when nuisance people are abundant.