Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attention Yamaha Rhino ATV Users

I just recently know how to drive a vehicle but I still struggle whenever I am on a busy road or intersection. My family had previous vehicular accidents. Consequently, I want to be more careful in my driving. However, vehicular accidents may occur even to those who drive safely. Another family member was recently hit while he was in his stationary car by another vehicle. He suffered tremendous muscle sores and the car was badly wrecked.

But, what if vehicular accidents are caused by poor designs? This is indeed the case of Yamaha Rhino Rollover accidents where a number has lost or injured their limbs, forcing these drivers to go through physical therapy or to resign from work.

However, Yamaha extremely denied that these accidents are due to poor Rhino ATV designs and simply blamed drivers for their accidents. I personally believed that this can be an irresponsible action unless Yamaha can thoroughly studied all of the vehicular accidents and evaluate the relationship of these accidents to car design and other criteria.

Yamaha Rhino is expected to rollover due to the reasons given below.

1. It has narrow size making it more unstable.
2. It is top heavy, producing high center of gravity.
3. It has smaller wheels, producing less hold on platforms.

Thus, if you or anyone of your friends or loved ones had experienced Rhino ATV rollovers, place your complaint. We simply don't pay for anything that can naturally cause us harm. This is a right by every buyer and the company must at least be responsible of its services or products.