Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Need a Web Hosted Domain

I started blogging a year ago with this blog as my first endeavor. Now, I have more than four blogs. I used the first four blogs for my personal posts while I use the other blogs for my classes. These class blogs were made to assist me in giving out my lectures or assignment among my students. These are indeed a great help to me and to my students. But, all of these blogs are of free domains. At least, I don't have to pay extra for this add-on teaching medium.

My two other blogs on the other hand are web hosted. I quite understand and know the benefits of website hosting that these blogs can be read and remain interactive to those who wish to leave comments or something. Blogs however are not at all safe from attacks of hackers. Thus, it is important that web hosts must protect its domains, whether or not, these are for free or for payments.

But, I definitely need a web host for this blog. Although, this blog has been ranked higher than my other blogs, I must begin to consider its domain hosting.

I also remember that I have to be careful in selecting the right web host. My sister, Tammy, had a terrible experience with her host. But, good thing, I was able to locate a site that actually rates web hosts for any domain under the intricacies of World Wide Web. So, regardless of the type or nature of your site, you will know that there is the most appropriate web host for you.

I had bookmarked this site already should I go for the web hosting of my blog and recommend this to our administrators and students should they want quality web hosts.