Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make Your Kid High in EQ

I am a proud mother of a healthy and nice young kid. I could still remember when he was all shy before and could not at all relate with his playmates and other older family members. I have to blame our house arrangement before since our old home was quite far from the neighbors and our relatives.

But, one thing we strongly taught him was to be generous with his playmates and other individuals. We used to hug and kiss him too and say "I Love You!" whenever we have the chance. Now, he has grown to be very sweet, independent, playful and loving.

He may not do well in school but I know that my kid is quite smart. I equally value his IQ and EQ. IQ is nothing if the child is disoriented or sad.

We oftentimes see him in contests and he would willingly join without being told. That is indeed a very good transition from the lonely child he was been.

See the recent play contest he joined while we were on our store exhibit in Gaisano Mall - Gensan. He is on gray shirt and shorts. He did not win from this paper dance contest but we praised him for his courage and enthusiasm.