Tuesday, February 10, 2009

21 Ways and More How to Become a Millionaire

As a working mom, I know how difficult it is to balance family, social life and work without sacrificing one or another. Although, I wish I can just stay at home and be a fulltime mother and housewife, that is however, a difficult choice.

I held a very good job position before but with the economic crisis every year and as my basic pay increased, my net pay had gone smaller and became more insufficient. So, I worked harder as a teacher, took more overloads than the usual workload but at the expense of not seeing my kid grew. That was indeed a terrible drawback to me as a mother.

Now that I had to leave my job and old home for seven years and start a new one again at a lower pay rate, my budget has been draining, most especially that I am into masteral schooling. And so, I started to find means how to earn an extra living. My friends then introduced me to paid blogging and Adsense. I am earning indeed but the earnings are to meager for me to fully appreciate my blogs. So, I seek for ways how to improve this.

In the process of searching tips and techniques for online income, I had seen some bloggers earning more than 20K from their blogs alone. And, I could not contain my envy and wonder of how they exactly reach this amount.

But finding the right techniques for online income is quite difficult. I had my fair share of scam websites who promised me earnings but had gone all in vain.

When the family started to put up the boutique, our biggest problem was to draw customers into our store. Advertising on prints costs us a lot and since I started blogging, I advertise my business online. Believe me, more of our customers are people who I met through blogging. Now, they help me market my business through their blogs. I could not thank enough the wonders of internet.

Now, I am only happier that there is a book that would actually help all of us to maximize internet and generate additional income amidst the crisis we are in. The economic conditions that we are now are worst, but I won't resort to giving up, I find ways how I can improve my finances.

The Credit Crunch Income book shows how we can extra income in the most legitimate way. The books speaks of 21 ways how we can make money online. I personally do some of the techniques, like paid blogging, Adsense, and Affiliates. They bring me extra income and I can see that through my bank account. Best of all, there are legitimate people who can attest and confirm that indeed they are earning online and making more money than other people. Through them, we can learn too.


The book speaks of these 21 great ways how we can earn extra:
1. paid niche blogging
2. selling skills online
3. affiliate marketing
4. software and widgets
5. sell on Web 2.0 properties for profit
6. flipping websites and blogs
7. virtual assistants
8. teleseminars
9. PLR products
10. Your own affiliate programs
11. membership websites
12. Camtasia Studio
13. your own product information
14. become a Youtube star
15. email newsletters
16. podcasts and video shows
17. online auctions
18. finders/referral fees
19. Web 2.0 marketing
20. using public domain materials
21. print on demand books

I have tried a few but I only discovered that MORE can still be done. The author of this book has been earning millions only within five years of online services. What other confirmation do we still need?