Monday, February 2, 2009

Golf Vacation, Anyone?

My family and I are into sports. We find these as our relaxant. We tried badminton, basketball, war games, and outdoor climbs among others. These games not only bring you to sweat but they also make you more relaxed and completely away from your usual routines from work and social functions.

I have a very busy schedules too. You can say I am indeed workaholic and very passionate about it. My works bring forth heavy and difficult pressures on me, physically and mentally. These too stress my family members as we struggle between our time for work and family.

We indeed need a vacation! Summer is soon to come. And as a teacher, it means vacation time from the hurdles of classrooms and requirements. This a time also for my kid to rest from school.

What is my dream vacation anyway? I wish that I can be in a place like in the historical sites in Germany where there is nature as a background with wonderful lakes and landscapes, and beautiful spa services.Best of all, I wish I can try other sports. I have been wanting to play golf, but some say, this is only a game for the elite. I hope then that I can have a Golf Vacation or in German, they call it Golfurlaub.

This golf vacation will teach us the fundamental and advance Golfkurs (golf course) lessons by very patient and expert trainers on wide gulf field with complete hotel amenities. They can even teach golf for handicaps and children through Platzreife or a playing test before you can play golf in Germany.

I checked a Geman golf portal, and they offered this golf holiday where you can enroll to their golf academy and learn to play golf like a professional. Next thing you know it, you may actually play golf in places like Italy or Spain among others. Best of all, they offer wide selection and collection of golf articles and equipment and peripherals that indeed can help you learn and master this craft.

This website is written in German but I simply used a website translator and I could right away understand the content. I have to say, they are indeed the expert in their field. I look forward then to having that holiday with them.