Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chicken Pox in the House

My partner had grown chicken pox and he had been complaining about his painful stomach and and fever the other night. We thought it was just simple change of weather and food, but, yesterday, he had grown blisters. Yikes!

So, everyone agreed it is indeed chicken pox. We were just anxious since there are kids in the family. So, I immediately bought some anti-virus and anti-bacterial spray just to neutralize the air. I asked my mother if my siblings and I had our chicken pox before. I had my kid immunize of chicken pox. Consequently, I don't worry much.

We now isolated him in a separate room and asked him to put on a mask. However, we had to ask him to still work on the shirt printings because of pending job orders. We only hope, no one gets infected and he would get well soon!