Sunday, February 1, 2009

Effects of Holding Multiple Jobs

I am a teacher by work and have been one for the last 10 years. Ooopps!!!! But my life then was quite a dull. My other deviations were only to work as an administrator and to watch Korean soap operas.Hahahhahahahaha! In spite of these, I seemed to be contented already only that I was frustrated because my IT background was not fully maximized nor supported by masteral degree in it when I was supposed to.

So, when I hit home here in Gensan, I acted like a wild goose on the loose.heheheheheh! I held pure teaching job of 44 hours per week, enrolled in masters in IT and took classes every weekend, started blogging, joined the department's publication and ventured on fashion accessories. Geez! Writing all these works made me wonder where I got all the energy.hahahahah!

Why was I motivated to acquire all these anyway while others were settled with one job and their family? Perhaps, the constant advice of my father before of not wasting my time is the culprit.hahahahahha! I couldn't really stay put doing nothing. Is this a sickness or what?

So, I researched the possible effects of multiple jobs: stress, pressures, work-life imbalance among others.

I could not however redo what I started, I only wish I have more time.hahahhaahha! This only means, more jobs to acquire! Silly me.

But, what do I get from these anyway? I listed my answers below to at least appreciate still my enthusiasm:

1. teaching:
- steady income but happiness of knowing that students have learned from me academic skills or otherwise

2. schooling:
- self-respect and community's recognition that I practice my education

3. blogging:
- meeting new friends/learning from them and earning extra at the same time

4. fashion designing
- pride and creativity to express my concepts and getting others to wear them

5. mountain climbs
- peace and self-reflection

6. etc
- just simple joys

WOW! I seemed to be happy with what I am doing. I wish that I can write mothering and be very good at.I am indeed a struggle on this area. Holding multiple jobs pay off alright but usually its the balance between these jobs and social life that is sacrificed.