Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day with Mr. D. Pomeranz

My VIP Tickets and Certificate with Ms. Mark and Mr. Bariles
(pic courtesy of kwaster)

The Top 5 Winners to David Pomeranz Blog Contest
(pic courtesy of kwaster)

I finally got my VIP tickets for tomorrow and a gift certificate with an excellent resto here in Gensan, Grab a Crab! Yeeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeey!

Although we were pretty busy with the store's sales, we can't help but be excited with our attendance in David Pomeranz' concert tom, February 14, 2009 here in Gen Santos City.

The tickets were given to us personally by the organizers of the concert, Ms. Mark and the owner of Grab a Crab. We were quite praised by Ms. Mark, the bonding and all but most of all, we were just happy meeting again and joining the concert tomorrow. Huraaay!!!!

We were told that the top 5 winners will be staying on one row, so we can be formally acknowledged, Yikes!!!! I am getting goose bumps again. hahahahah!

But, I know I shall fall in love again and again with the songs of Mr. D!