Thursday, February 5, 2009

Energy Saving Line

With the increasing economic crisis, where every commodity has gone more expensive, one can only think of ways how to to earn extra and pay less for more. How Much Energy Does a gadget cause anyway?

We have a lot of gadgets from the house, TV's, cellphones, radio, lights, and entertainment appliances, fans, laptop and notebook and more. Our electrical bill has been increasing, and this means paying more.

But, somehow we manage to save on the energy. If no one uses the room, lights then should be off. We wash and iron our clothes by batches so not to waste energy on individual activity. We do not iron house clothes. We hung our laundry so not to iron them much. We ask the kids to play the games only during weekend and only for an hour. We turn off the aircon after 5 hours of use in the evening and just open the windows for the morning breeze. We need these equipment for convenience but we can somehow save energy if we just know how to maximize it.