Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Sick Blogger

While having my chicken pox, I am still busy doing my blog hopping and fishing for opportunities whenever I can.hehehehehh! I guess you can never really remove the fish from its hobby of swimming even if it means doing it outside the waters. Gosh!!! Hahahahh!

My sister, Tammy, filed my vacation leave of 10 days (only!) from school. This means rest but it means too getting all my test papers checked while doing my blog hoppings. Hahahhaha! I have to help my kid also with his exams and since he too has chicken pox, we have the entire 2 weeks together, room arrested! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Good thing, I have my new laptop, test papers, and pocketbooks to endure and PSP for the little boy to be busy about.

I only hope the itch won't be that much!Huhuhuhu! Now, I am worried with all the marks on my lovely face.hahahahhaha!!!!