Friday, February 20, 2009

Be the Mystery Man and Win!

I am always an avid reader and viewer of mystery stories, may they be on screen or on paper back. They make me think harder of the next event, move with the stunts and events that I feel the story too. It seems that I am also part of their scenario and battle the issues with the main characters.

I normally do not want to be disturbed when I am all engrossed with these stories because I want to know who may be the bad guys and how evidences and clues can actually bring the villains to justice. Reading and watching them makes my time well spent.

So, I am just glad that there is a site that not only shows mystery stories but also makes the reader participate by solving the case and with that he or she has the chance to outsmart the other readers.

The site allows you to read brief mystery stories from their archives and you get to exonerate or free from blame the suspects or incriminate them. But, before you do this, you have to identify clues and get the necessary points depending on their correctness and level of difficulty. If you can solve hard cases, then you will get bonuses to add to your points.

Now, why do I like mystery stories? They do not only entertain you but they really make your brain work harder and with that, they improve your analytical and logical skills. More importantly, these will help you solve real - life mysteries and problems that I get to see from the video.

When you sign up, you get to read more mystery stories, and get solutions and help in identifying clues. Best of all, you can form a league or team to help you solve the cases. You can compete as a family, school, class or team. You can see all the rankings for the mysteries solved. And if you are a writer, you too can submit your own mystery story and get paid!

I shall indeed recommend this to my younger nephews and nieces.