Sunday, February 15, 2009

Totally Sick But Fully Rested

My kid and I are house arrest starting yesterday as we contracted chicken pox. I had been very busy with my life that I seemed to be grateful that I am sick now.hahahhahaahhah! I finally had the reason to stop working, teaching, and studying. I even finished the Danielle Steel's HRH that I had been keeping in my closet for months, waiting to be read.

My mom thought that I had this virus already but having it now made her have second thoughts.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

We were just contained in one room. Good thing, the laptop that we have been expecting has arrived and its router. Now, I don't have to worry with my blogs and the friends who visit me. Hehehhehehehe! I asked that my pocketbooks from the store should be brought home, so I won't be bored to death, only itching.Yikes!!!!!

I was told this would run until the 3rd week or a month. I seem to be happier though with the thought.Hahahahhah! This is indeed a break that I have been waiting for, only that it has to come this way.hahahahahaha!