Thursday, February 5, 2009

Longest Idle Time

My Only Picture from the Hundred Shots I Took
at Durian Garden, Polomolok

As mentioned in my previous post, I joined my kid and his class in an educational tour. We quite woke up around 4 am since we we were expected to be in the assembly venue at 5. Of course, I had to check my mails and opps first.hehehhehheh! My kid had to persistently remind me that he would be late. I just couldn't my smile of his enthusiasm.

We however left the place around 7 since other parents came in late. First in our IT was the visit in a very nice and educating place, the Durian Farm in Polomolok. The stay there took us less than an hour and then we headed straight to the Del Rio Splash Resort in Marbel. Since we arrived that place at 9 am, I just watche my little boys wandering around the pool and the playground. I didn't bring any reading material since I asked myself to really spend time with my kid.
My Kid and Nephew who look like a BIG 10

Problem was, he was indeed enjoying his time with the waters and his friend while mommy had simply daydreaming and watching over him for more than 6 hours since we had to go home at 5 pm! Gosh! I could not count the number of times I looked at my watch, hoping that soon, our bus would arrive to get us back home. Being restless and always working makes me uncomfortable if I am left with nothing do.Sigh! hahahhahah! Idle time is not indeed part of my system.Tsk!Tsk!Tsk!

But, I simply enjoyed seeing my kid having fun, and taking his pictures and my nephew's. We had the chance to wander off the resort, and indeed that place is worth visiting!