Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pregnant Women Are the Most Beautiful

When I was expecting my baby seven years ago, I felt quite funny, moody, sickly and worst, looked quite ugly. I had my morning sickness almost every hour until my sixth month. I had all the problems of being pregnant until I gave birth.

I was previously diagnosed with a cyst on my womb, so I had my tummy open even when I was four months pregnant which made it impossible for me to have a normal delivery.

So, apart from the vertical cut on my abdomen, I had suffered a lot of stretch marks on my belly and on my legs. Seven years after pregnancy, I still have them. I could not even wear my beloved two-piece swimwear because of the stretch marks and incision scar on my belly and abdomen. Now, I wonder why my obstetrician did not at all recommend anything to remove and/or prevent the stretch marks and the scar.

It is now a blessing that with technology and research, there is Beaute de Maman that helps pregnant women reduce their stretch marks, nipple mastitis, facial and body dirt.

What makes their products unique from other brands? Their stretch mark gel contains herbal and botanical ingredients that help increase collagen and elastin. With these ingredients on skin, they reduce the stretch marks. More importantly, these are tested on a number of pregnant that their products are proven to be helping and safe.

Further, their nipple gel is castor-based, thus, it is proven to be healthier for the baby. Best of all, it is odorless, colorless and non-greasy. Your baby will not at all notice the gel.
Their body and facial cream helps unclog pores and reduces blemishes. This cream is good for any type of skin. Why don't you order now? Their products contain no benzophenones, no formaldehyde, no parabens, and no sulfites. Furthermore, there are no animal derived ingredients and no animal testing of products. We don't want to test anything on the poor animals, right? What could be more reliable that having these products tried and tested by other pregnant?

Having carried another life in my womb was always a blessing. So, I don't feel sorry at all that I have my marks because of my baby. I only feel sorry why I have not had these products before. For me, the most beautiful are the pregnant women. They always radiate life and love.