Monday, February 2, 2009

Beware of This Scam Website

I have once written in this blog, see related article, that I was fooled in broad daylight by a scam website, EmailPaysU (or something) that asks members to read emails for $100 each. I know this is so good to be true but as trusting as I was, I actually subscribed.

With that experience, I right away checked in the net if BUXPTR where I was also a member is also legitimate. The site I checked did not include at all this website. So, I continued with my membership. The site looks very legitimate with all the testimonies of the clients. But, when I reached their minimum payout, BOOM!!!! I couldn't actually withdraw it. So, I emailed them several times but to no avail. With this, I checked if there are articles on scam websites particularly this one. Goodness! I had read that all the members complained of the same issue where I am in.

The Culprit!

In short, I was a total fool to actually believe. So, fellow bloggers and readers, spread the word and be warned as this site looks very legitimate and asks for upgrades at certain amounts for immediate payout. Don't be trapped like me! I wish there is someone or an organization who shall actually screen these sites and make them responsible for deceiving people!