Sunday, February 8, 2009

Class Blog to Go Please!

Since I started blogging, I use this skill and medium to help my students learn more through the net and its resources. I could not give them all as my knowledge is limited too compared to what the world holds.

So, I made class blogs for them, so I can post assignments and notices. But, I wish that I could help them more by giving them online resources that they can just view at any time. College students seldom really bring notes that they do poorly during exams. Hehehehe! Students of this generation is really far different from yesteryears. Agree?

I shall start writing for my education blog to hold programming lectures and articles in Java, C, and C++. This will help me indeed when I shall start writing a new book this summer as a learning module for next school year. I guess, this means, I shall be more busy in the coming days.hahahhah!