Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shifting to a New Job?

I don't think this is a good idea to leave my teaching job for something entirely different. I was asked by my friend who is leaving for another job to try her old job. I have been looking for a new working experience since I am all burn out with my teaching although it remains my first love.

I have worked on my job application materials and did my readings since the job is on SME's Development. I shall however take my exam today. I am hesitant already but this is what I have been dreaming for, and the success for my business. As I read more about SME's, I was however more motivated to help my business grow! hahahhaha!

But, I still want to try my luck, still want to go through the application process. Perhaps, if they really don't see me fit, at least, I won't regret trying it in the first place.

But, should I be given the chance to work, I would still teach, perhaps part time, and help others, not my students anymore, but other individuals to help them through their businesses. This could be an entirely new realm for me, but risking and learning may have to be somewhere else. So, best wishes to me then!