Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Mall Store

facade for our Kreativ Boutique to be situated at Gaisano Mall Atrium's 2nd Level

We officially start our mall store construction today and we hope to have it officially opened by July 8. The toil is quite tasking, however, this has been our long - overdue wish, to be more publicly visible.

So, come next week, we shall be requesting for other details to include hang tags and customized bags. Until then, we can only sort out other nitty gritty of this renovation and finally be ready.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Im a Strained Teacher Again

This new school year, 2010 - 2011, is another year added to my decade of being a teacher and while this job is truly underpaid but overworked, I remain a committed servant of education. I had been a full - time teacher for 12 years but decided to cut back on my workload that I chose to become a part - time teacher instead.

So, since last semester, I have been rendering 15 hours of teaching work every week on subjects like programming and computer theories. This however means I have to still read a lot, and work with my computer practically every day resulting to chronic back pain, headache and strained vision.

I started with jogging and taebo last summer to help me get healthier bones and correct my back aches while I only take pain killers for the headache. However, the strained vision is left unattended that even triggers the headache again. I had my  eyeglasses before to correct the teacher's eye syndrome but I outgrown them that I need new  eyeglasses  again appropriate for my present visual requirement.

My age does not at all alleviate the problem and since I can't undo the consequences of nature or resign from my work, I can only find ways to remedy my concerns.

 Since the school year has just started, I have a long time to endure unless I find a nice and elegant pair of eyeglasses soon.

Model Wannabe

My husband compelled me to do a wacky photo opp with him and since we were in the fine beach of Isla Jardin del Mar, I simply obliged. hhahahahha!

So, I got these nice shots of me with all big smiles and unprofessional stances. I can never really be comfortable as a photo model. hahahahhaha!

Not Wanting to Age

It is a typical sentiment that we don't want to be at our youth's end as it may mean lumpy weight, ugly skin, health implications, and psychological lapses. Thus, experts suggest that healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet may contribute to keeping aging at bay and reduce risks of medical conditions.

One possible cause of aging is oxidative stress that happens when the free radicals in our human body surpasses the body's own ability to neutralize or detoxify these free radicals. Oxidative stress may happen when there is a lack in antioxidant or from an over supply of free radical reacting  with major components of cells, including DNA, lipids, and protein, resulting in cellular damage.

Further, oxidative stress may also be the cause of  serious diseases including atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer's disease, fragile X syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome.

With these serious implications, it  is imperative that interventions like supplements can help us address oxidative stress. Anti - oxidants like Glutathione can be an excellent supplement to combat oxidative stress and boost our immune system.  Further, the substance called penny stocks can be an effective supplement to combat free radicals. It is also known to be an excellent anti aging product as cell degeneration is contained.  Studies on preventing oxidative damage can be viewed  at  and they provide product information on the benefits of containing oxidative stress.

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology Oxis International, Inc. (OTCBB: OXIS) is the premiere provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine and through their patented synthetic manufacturing process remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide.

You can also see  Oxis on Twitter or  Oxis on facebook   to get regular updates and  get connected with latest innovations and studies to combat oxidative adverse implications.

Away with my Kid

We had this chance last summer to visit my younger sibling in Manila for a week and while we savored the change in environment, we somehow made use of our time mall hopping and recreational activities.

My kid was only more happy to try ice skating in Mall of Asia and bungee jumping in Market - Market. We culminated the trip with a two - day stay in Pureto Galera.

We did promise that we shall come back and try other things we missed. Nothing beats a good escapade after long years of work.

Better Blog Hosting for Me

This blog has been up and running since April 2008 and I never really imagine that my interest for blogging shall extend over a year but because of its unimaginable perks, harnessed writing skills, new friends and more insights from reading other sites, I  am definitely in love with blogging.  I

I have four other blogs that are oriented on different niches of fashion, business, education and family and fortunately, I have these blogs with their own domain names except for this first blog that seemed to get stuck with blogspot appendage.

Claiming a domain name was easy with Blogger and so far, I never really have any serious trouble unlike when I had my blog in Wordpress hosted. I got the typical features of a Wordpress hosted blog but with my desire to improve it more technically, the hosting is quite vain and restricted.

So, if I were to require a  domain hosting  for this blog, I shall only look for something that will  give me full access to my blog plus the ability to incorporate third - party applications among others at very considerable price and superb convenience. Further,  I expect that the domain hosting will be reliable from any technical glitches.

I have had paid for my Wordpress domain but definitely dissatisfied, but, I can only maximize the one - year hosting, then, I shall reconsider whether to keep it or deactivate the account.

It is indeed imperative that before any online subscription shall be made, I should check recommendations first among the experts. For now, I can only sigh and accept the fate of my distressed blogs.

My Photo Opp

A day before our family friend left for Zamboanga City, we brought him to Isla Jardin del Mar for the fine sand and clear waters. And what seems to be a nice place was only burdened with the stiff road that only guests with wheels can enjoy this place.

But, the long day was somehow nice as the staff was all accommodating but the water receded, so, we ended up with photo sessions. I got these nice collection of pictures with friends, sister and my kid.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hating My Mental Gaps!

I am back to teaching and I only had few days of rest as I had my time filled with blogging and article writing. And, with all the busy time in business, writing and family works, I could not find the time to attend to little things, so, I end up forgetting things.

So, after I decided to lie low on writing, I have enough time to rest but my recreation is limited to reading and watching movies only. My classes are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays as the school rearrange my loadings. I could have two more subjects but I gave up the evening loads to attend to my family.

Stress can indeed consume someone else's energy; good thing, online recreations like  USA online casinos are around to help address stress and get recharged. After long days of work, it is always fair to have safe fun with friends and loved ones.

I hope since I am back to my usual works, I have enough time to rest and not forget things anymore.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Photo Shoots

A family friend decided to join us so he can help with the construction of our supposed – to – be mall space, however, we and the mall owner had a little miscommunication with  the type of materials to use. Thus, we decided to put hold first the construction until we get a more viable option using only the meager resources we have.

So, since the family friend would have  to leave for Zamboanga again, we decided to bring him  to the beach center of Region 12, the Glan beaches.  We did go to the newly opened beach, Isla Jardin del Mar, but we were all surprised by the difficult and stiff road to our target beach. We used only motorbikes as means of transportation and because of the uphill roads, we were forced to walk a few meters just for the vehicle to make through. LOL!

The place however was nice and quiet but we could not take the swim since the waters had receded! Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!  My own kid could only wallow in complaint. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! So, we ended up having only photo shoots of us and the place.

In the late afternoon  though, the higher water showed up, so, the rest of the family hit the water while I ended up taking their pictures!
The travel back home took more than hour as we took pictures of the provincial capital, ate “balut” among other things. But, above all the inconveniences, we did have fun!

Back to Teaching Again

It has been awhile since my last post here, you see, I have been busy with the store, article writing, mall wandering,  exercises, and family works. Geez! I never realized how busy I was. LOL!
But, since classes will officially start tomorrow, I shall make my update now before I get caught with the school’s draining frenzy! I only teach parttime, so, in between classes, I have to be in the store to man it.

The kids at home will also have their class, so, basically, the new school year is already up and running until March 2011.

I shall handle Java programming again, but this time, the coverage shall be on the fundamental concepts and along with this, I shall teach Programming Language, although I find this subject quite boring. Hahahhaha!

Now that I am done with article writing, I get bored already reading  and watching movies. I guess I just have to get used to my old routine again and sleep early as hit the bed past midnight but had to wake up for my morning jogging.
So, this evening, lights shall be out by 9pm!