Friday, August 28, 2009

Stylish Driver: Me

Now that I learn how to drive, I have to get some sunglasses that will protect me from sunshade and dust otherwise I may be heading to someone else's bumper or wall. But since I am myopic, I may be getting sunglasses that will help me better see.

Optical stores are elsewhere but there sunglasses that are simply quite reasonable in rates. How You Can Start Spending Smart? You can check on online and offline stores that for one, sell $ 8 Rx eyeglasses.

I am a fashion chic. So, I normally mix and match my accessories with my outfit. My favorite high fashion eyeglasses then that will make me my driving more stylish will be the ones below.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Finally Conquered the Road

I have been practicing motorcycle driving since last year but not really had the guts to drive it without my mentor.

However, since my mentor is away and I have to travel far for work, I had no choice but to drive it myself. I finally had the chance when I joined my former school in their intramurals' pageant. My younger sister who is just a teenager and has learned driving the same time I took the big bike.

But, since I have the driver's license, I could only drag the bike. hehehheheheh! Gosh, I was all all cold, in and out while I drove the motorcycle in an early evening. hahhahahahah! So, as soon as we reached our destination, safe and sound and cold, I texted my pop that we are all ok. Hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

I was all proud of myself that I asked my younger sister again to wander around the city on daytime. Indeed, you learn better from hands-on drill.

I am still afraid to drive but I just have to overcome my fear. Come tomorrow, I shall drive the bike myself to work. May God be with me again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Blog Needs a Domain

When I started blogging, I was quite an amateur with the ins and out of starting and maintaining a blog. However, my sister's college buddy, Twerlyn, guided me with the nitty-gritty of blogs. This site is my first baby but until now, I could not find a domain for this blog. I guess I would only miss my traffic rank that I will rather maintain the free hosting than go back.

How do you select the right web host anyway? I had been an information technology teacher for a decade before I moved to a different job but I oftentimes tell my students and other sister who is also into blogging that hosting features will have to be considered before choosing the right web hosting provider.

I definitely consider these criteria: price, security, space, support and add-on perks. So, it is nice to know that there are web sites that offer reviews and ratings for web hosting providers and web users.

Web sites now are aggressively used by business to promote their company. And, the use of e-commerce can be to the full advantage if properly used and maximized. Oftentimes, they use dedicated server for full use and support. We cannot simply ignore the wonders of internet promotion.

Thus, if we need to look for the best or most appropriate web hosting, we can check on for their accurate ratings and more.

Creating a website is easy. It is actually maintaining it that makes the job tougher.

I Will Miss My BFF-Sister Again

with my sister, Tammy on a nice ramp day in our store

I shall miss my younger sister, Tammy again as she and her baby will have to visit Manila to see my younger sister. They may be a away for a week or two. We oftentimes argue and wont agree on similar stuffs but I get used to bickering with her or dining with her whenever we can. Gosh! Family members can sometimes be a pain in your lovely ass, but family is family, so you can only love and endure them both. hahahhaha!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aging is Natural but It Sucks for Me!

I am officially out from the calendar and I notice my age when the young ones would say "Older Sister" or "Aunt" to me. Also, when I got skin scratches, they remain scars already unlike when I was younger, they simply disappear without a trace.

But, I do notice wrinkles on my forehead and some ugly age lines below my eyes. Worst, my cheeks are gradually sagging. I feel beautiful inside but the outside says otherwise.

Aging is the very reason why old ones go through cosmetic surgery just to control or reverse their physical attributes or aging. And, I pretty know that there are cosmetic procedures that have gone wrong, causing either unwanted death or serious health condition.

But, do you know that there is now Non surgical cheek enhancements, that are safe and guaranteed effective. No need to go through the terrifying experience with blades and other surgery equipment. More importantly, this procedure will only require injection of your own body fat or dermal fillers to improve your sunken cheek. They are tested first but, if they won't go well on your check, they can simply be reversed.

You have to be careful though and make sure that this procedure is done by competent cosmetic experts. Will I try this? I will definitely consider this one.

I Need a Vacation

My sister, Tammy, will soon leave for Manila to attend to the new business my younger sister plans to have.

This will make our boutique unman although my mom usually attends to customers whenever she is free. I will soon leave my job, so, somehow, I have to all my best to make my business work.

My partner has his job, and after 11 years of everyday work, I will soon have my vacation and do anything at my bidding. Would that be a relief?! I hope so. My mom has persevered from our furniture business, I can take her endurance and wisdom as my guide.

Then, I can go back to doing what I love, biking and jogging.

I Love Movies and More

Whenever I can, I read a lot of good books and watch nice movies. Sometimes, I repeat viewing them and still have the same fun like the first time.

But, sometimes it is difficult to locate for books or movies that I go Rapidshare Search on certain titles even from ages ago. My other family members are enjoying these easy downloads without worrying with legal issues.

No wonder more and more people are using Rapidshare engine to search music, applications, movies and more. Also, users give feedback on certain links so, one can check if the downloads are all worth the efforts.

I Quit

I made my resignation letter today and shall submit it tomorrow. I know I am becoming impulsive and have the tendency to just drop anything that causes me headache. I have my long patience but if after all alternatives taken and things still dont go the way I expect it, I take off. So, come tomorrow, I shall resign from a very promising job but I chose to take new risks by starting a new business and manage the boutique at the same time.

Am I making the right decision? I hope so.

Good luck to me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Will Be Driving Our Van Soon!

Only the guys in the house drive and since, I travel a lot and wander around from work to store and somewhere else, I got a driver's license and practiced with our vehicles. I started with our two - wheel motorcycle then, our family diesel-powered van.

The family van has been with us since 2005 and over the years, it has endured several battering but the last one was more difficult, since, we had to leave the van behind while the family moved to another city. After seven months of no use, the van gradually deteriorated. We purchased diesel parts from the local hardware but some parts were simply too difficult to locate. Good thing that they are actually sold online at reasonable rates and of guaranteed quality.

The van has travelled a long way but it did not at all falter. The only thing it endures now is the unwanted squeaks from the under.

We Are Having A Party!

With my kid and nephew!

With my nephew on one fun Sunday!

My nephew just shall be turning one year old tomorrow but since it will be a school and office day, we decided to celebrate it on a Sunday.

So, our house is quite packed with little kids and adult buzzing around with the cooking, and playing. Gosh, my migraine is kicking in but this is quite a special day, so, I might as well enjoy the day but endure my headache. tsk tsk tsk!

To my little nephew, Ziggy, happy happy birthday! May you grow handsome, and a good kid otherwise your lovely aunt will pursue your butt with a stick! hahahahahha!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are We All Socially Responsive?

Peace is a global issue and I remember pretty well one book in my graduate studies, defines peace as not just as an absence of physical war but it encompasses several conflicting and persisting afflictions that are quite difficult to solve.

This is the very reason why social responsibility and responsiveness is highly valued among companies, government institutions and private individuals.

So, I want to Spread The Word For Charity by letting you know that will be giving out $20 every time someone blogs about them, $10 for a tweet, and $5 for becoming their Facebook fan. I want to help any way I can to any charity that helps the underprivileged, or the oppressed. I definitely, praise the community efforts of

6-08-2009_6-00-08_pm is actually a search engine of hotels in various countries. One can actually sort the hotels according to their popularity, price, distance, stars or distance. So, one can make sure that he will be getting worthwhile experience from all his travel stays.

There are indeed a number of search engines but if I shall be getting efficient results from my query and shall be helping my community at the same time, then, I shall be more grateful and honored of that unique medium.

There are indeed places that need immediate help. And, any measurement of help can spell a difference.


My Nephew Shall Turn 1 Year Old

This is my youngest nephew, ZG. My kid quite loves to play with him a lot and I love to cuddle him whenever I can.

He will soon turn 1 year old this Monday and the family is quite busy what to prepare and do on his big day.

I was however asked to prepare my specialty, Filipino- style spaghetti.hahhahahhahha!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Philippine Pres. Corazon Aquino: The Greatest Leader By Far

I for one has lost hope that my beloved country, Philippines will still improve from its lame and depressing state as politics is ill and so the prevailing culture that has somehow influenced and plagued adversely the condition of my country.

But, since the death of the nation's 11th president, Pres. Corazon "Cory" Aquino who died at 76, the country is stricken by a very grave loss. I had witnessed how vocal she was on political and social issues even after her leadership. In spite of her being a woman,plain housewife and a widow, she hurdled through several problems as a leader, woman and mother to every Filipino.

After hearing the eulogy of her friends, former subordinates, and even ordinary people, I could not
count the number of times that I cried. She is indeed a woman of prayer and morality that I wish every leader will honestly exhibit in and out of office. Will my country still have hope? I could only pray and work hard to make my nation better, to contribute to anyway I can to institute change. I guess if every Filipino will only set aside his personal motives, this nation can succeed and overcome the war of ill governance.

Tomorrow, August 5, 2009, is a special non-working holiday for the entire nation to give due honor and last respect to a great leader recognized and respected here and abroad.

To Pres. Cory Aquino, it's an honor to have known and witnessed your leadership and motherly concern for our country.

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