Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too Early for the Next Day

For 5 consecutive days, I have been sleeping early morning already. I have been dropping EC's for my second blog and just lately have been answering my exam in my masteral in IT. Goodness, we went home early 1 am today after completing all my 34- question exam. My classmates and I had to stay in a nook place of Dunkin Donuts to complete everything. I had to write for my other classmate as she didn't feel well. You can say, my arm is all sore for the enduring write-ups. But, now that I am done with 2 subjects, I can concentrate on the remaining project in my masteral and then, teaching next week, and then business everyday, and then blogging. . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! These are all endless!

What a busy lady.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Print SHirts for Order and Sale

For Sponsored bloggers!

For cutie bloggers!

We searched for tshirts with blog prints during the MBS but they were too expensive. Consequently, we decided to sell our own blog prints. As posted in my other blog, I shall sell funky and proud blog shirts for everyone to boost. Here are prints for your orders and critiques.


They can come in different sizes, colors and can be of opaque, emboss, or rubberized or ordinary prints. Price for small, medium and large shirts is only Php 180.00 and 210.00-230.00 for XL and XXL shirts. If you are interested, do visit my store or leave me a message through

Store Name/Contact: Kreativ Sisters' Shoes and Apparel
Old Reyes Terminal, Santiago Blvd.
General Santos City, 9500

If you are outside GenSan City, I can mail this to you plus the freight.

Brain-Breaking Masteral Exam: Waaaaaaaaah!

Since the semester has ended, our professor for Advance data structures had asked us to wait for our bring home exams through email. Gosh, I only received the email yesterday afternoon and the deadline will be tomorrow at 1 pm in NDMU, Marbel. I forwarded the exam to my friends and had asked for a group study to answer about 10 problems and 24 more essay and objective questions. Even if I stayed almost 1 am in the morning last night, I couldnt ask my old brain to comprehend all the technical stuffs of the books.Sob! Sob! Sob!

This is indeed what I hate in schooling, the exam that pressures my small brain to do miracles.Hahhahahahha! Oh my! I am done only with 1/4 of the questions and with 30% accuracy rate. My classmate even offered to buy my answers. Goodness!

I have to say, schooling now is better for younger ones! Their brains are more flexible and alert. For an old lady like me, I keep on experiencing dementia. Yikes!!!!!!

Any brain-teasing tips?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cool Blogs that I Love

Thank you Ate Merlyn for this coolest award and Lollii-pii for my other award. These are long overdue but I thank my friends for remembering me. So, I want to extend these awards to great people:

1. Psyche
2. Tammy
3. Cee
4. Twerlyn
5. Elaine

Monday, October 27, 2008

Have You Lost Your Important Files?

Entrecard Enthusiast

As advice by Elaine, I can promote my blog traffic through entrecard drops. So, for the past 2 days, I painstakingly drop EC cards from my inbox just to see how this will affect my blog. But, since I have two blogs now, with my other blog on business recreation, I have to hurdle the time and effort of doing the drops. I only hope this will really do wonders.

What do you think, EC top droppers?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2MBS: Ang Kanindot na Istorya-Part 2

Winners of the Domain Hosting Raffle and I am One of Them. Yepey!

With Aileen Apollo of Google Team.

Bloggers from Davao for the Fellowship Dinner

The Erotic Presentation of Teatro Ambahanon of RMMC

On Oct. 25, Jhonel and I left early for the MBS in Family Country Hotel. The weather then was however gloomy though we were short with sleep because of the voluntary works we did for the summit, I was quite excited of the possible things that can happen on the day.

Around 7 am, only the speaker and Sir Avel and Elaine were around, so we did the rest of the preparations. Around 9 am, the bloggers from the rest of Mindanao poured in and we couldn't help but pose with other bloggers as we gave out their registration kits.

I have to say the venue was all packed with around 150 guests and bloggers came together for the convention. I am all-ears too as I listen for tips from the speakers and other bloggers. I got to ask my own question too on Page Rank. Hehehehheheh! Pirting Kulba! Hahahahha! As they spoke, I then outlined what I should do with my blogs and how I can further monetize them.

But, the other significant info from the summit was the call for responsive blogging for and about Mindanao. I am quite pessimistic of our Phil. government that I also blog negative stuffs only about our country. I guess, bloggers must also uphold that proactive and reactive approach to what we should communicate especially about Mindanao. With this in mind, I had my perception reshaken.

The rest day was a glory of freebies, food and endless utters among us. Hahahhaha! I even won 1 year domain hosting from HURRAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I just have to start another blog on parenting to specifically categorize my writings and invite more interests.

The night concluded with Sashimi cocktails with our GenSan's best, TUNA!!!! I have to say our guests simply keep on coming back to the Sashimi table for a refill. Hehehheheh!

We also enjoyed the erotic and expressive dance performance of RMMC, my employer-school with 1 student of mine in the show. The performance was so great that it stirred hot flushes on my cheeks.Mahirap talaga pag conservative. Ay mali!!!! Hahahahaha!

I congratulate the organizers, bloggers, sponsors for they made my first MBS attendance something to remember and be proud of for the rest of my blogging days. Cheers!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are You Popular? Then Be Counted in Lainy's Big Day

In the 2nd MBS, I personally met the sweet and friendly woman behind Scotty's Princess, Elaine and she generously shared her success tips in blogging so it be monetized. In the process, she invited me too in her birthday blog contest. So, I am just honored and grateful that friendship can also be formed in blogosphere.

Lainy, here is my wish for you. May the good Lord shower you with more opps, heheheehheh, and more opps!

Here are some of her banner and sponsors that are worth seeing.

The Designer Chic | AZ Blogging | My Blog Says || Your Partner Online | Twerlermz BLog | Happy Family | My Kawaii Life | Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me | Twinkletoe Writing Space | Everyday Life | My So Called Life | In The Eyes of the Beholder | A Woman Under God's Grace | Random Ramblings | Briggs Time for Escapades

Her other blogs:

Our Journey To Forever | Lainy's Musings | Kuerdas | The Certified Fashionable Chic

2MBS: Ang Kanindot na Istorya-Part 1!

I had the chance to join the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit here in GenSan through the kind reminder of Lainy. I was part of the volunteer group of the Soksargen bloggers. Through this, I happened to meet great people in real life: Maam Vilma, Psyche, Vyne (our youngest blogger in the group,she is only14 years old) and Lainy. Two days prior to the big day, I had the chance to meet the bariles man, Sir Avel and Maam Myla of the City Mayor's Office. My days were already packed with schooling and business but I gave my time to help out because I was pretty excited of the summit. So, even my partner, Jhonel tagged along with me and helped in the preparation and in the picture taking .

We stayed late with the group preparing all the kits. My hand was all sore, cutting the tape for the posters and sorting the ads and freebies for the kits. But, then we were all brought by Sir Avel to Grab a Crab Resto, and WOOOOW! KALAMI! I had the prime time of eating delicious sea food. I couldn't resist the aroma, preparation and taste of their meals. We just love the place and I was told that their meals are very affordable in spite of its elegant ambiance. Feeling ko, ang yaman ko tuloy in that place. Hehehehhe! Of course in between works, we had the chance to pose with other fellow bloggers from Davao City, and Marbel. Feeling ko rin VIP ako. Hahahahah! We then exchanged how to increase traffic and popularity to our blogs. The story still continues. . . .

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Conversation Likes for a Charity

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning How to Drive

I am quite scared of driving especially on busy roads. I knew how to ride a bike some decades ago but I never had the courage to try riding it on busy road, much more on a public highway. Geez! It really gives me a creep.

But when I was given a mountain bike, I gathered all my fears and tried it on national highway. I waggled a lot on my seat but then I just get used to driving it. Hurraaay!

I am however, trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle. So, right after we close our store, I swap seat with my partner, and I steer the vehicle. I just get jumpy when I am on a crossroad already and incoming vehicles are on my lane. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Good thing, my teacher, is just prompt on taking the steer. Perhaps, with practice, I can master all these and conquer the road, then I can have my own motorcycle, then I shall next drive our van. Yepey!!!!

An Affordable Distance Education for Health Care Programs

With the increasing demand for medical employees, majority is actually into medical programs. People of different professions aligned with or different from medical orientations. We can't blame them anyway as economic status of the Philippines is getting stiffer and more difficult even for a graduate and/or employed. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are into nursing and other medical short programs so they may be employed abroad. I was once tempted to try nursing too.But, I just don't like memorization and blood a lot.

But, good and quality schools for medical programs are quite a scarce in spite that they are mushrooming around the area. The question is, will these schools guarantee you excellent training and placement?

So, I am just glad to know that there is another medical assistant school to earn a medical assistant degree and more. And, what is good is that, you can earn this even when you are at home or anywhere. Typical schooling setup is quite difficult as it requires you to be physically present. As a teacher for a decade, I know this puts an additional pressure on the student. With distance education, you can learn at your own pace and review the learning materials at any time.

It is projected that opportunity for medical assistants shall increase than the average and claimed to be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next decade, according to United States Department of Labor. Medical assistants shall be highly demanded especially those who have formal trainings.

I must say, St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants can guarantee you the training and experience you need to qualify as a competent medical assistant. Their program was designed and reviewed by professionals to give you the best training, you are not contained by the classroom arrangement, you are not bound by time and teachers as the program is flexible according to your unique needs, you can gain online support for your queries anywhere at anytime and you can earn your certificate in 6-8 weeks. Are these not enough?

They too offer other health care programs like nursing assistant, and nursing aide programs, and home health care courses.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Kingdoms: A Must-See Movie

The Andy Lau-Sammo Hung Big Blast!

I am a fanatic of martial arts most especially if the stars are Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat, and Andy Lau. So, last night after closing the store, Jhonel and I went to see this latest movie of Sammo Hung with Andy Lau.

It is a very good film with its swift moves and brilliant fighting strategies. I then wish I have studied martial arts when my bones were younger.Hehheheheheh. I could have kicked all my enemies on their big asses!

But the film revolved around good values honor, courage, glory and principles. I think these make the story more interesting. So, to those kung-fu fanatics out there, you have to watch this! It is worth every pop corn you eat.Happy Viewing!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is Your True Self?

Cyber Relationship: A Threatening or Welcoming Chance?

I am quite afraid of cyber relationship, so I choose who I become friends with. I only pray that my acquaintances, friends and family wont be a victim of any cyber-related problems. How do you react on this?

College Reunion is Up!

We have been meeting a lot these days so we can set up our first college batch 98 reunion come December. Just this afternoon, we had our ocular visits earlier on 3 possible venues. Of course, we couldn't help but take pictures of ourselves. We just have to set the t-shirt printing for our batch mates. This Thursday, we shall head to visit orphanages and homes for the aged, for reach-out.

Come December, even if we are few, we shall have our first college reunion!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Complete Family Reunion

The all-gang siblings!

The Kumpletos Marias!

It was my youngest sister's birthday yesterday. So, after picking up our 3rd sister from the airport as she works in Masbate as a field engineer, we we went straight to our store and catch up stories.
You can say, the conversation was endless. My mother was just that happy to see all her daughters around.

We invited our father to a lunch in a Chinese restaurant here in Gensan, and then, went to a swimming pool and etc, and etc.

It is very rare that we get to be complete. Last time, we were all together was December 2007. However, she will have to report back to her work come Monday. Well, we have to at least make every moment count then.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Second Blog is Up for Custom Domain Registration

My other blog.
Until on the 3rd day, it is linked as

Since this blog is limited to few opps, I have decided to register my second blog for its personal domain. I just registered it with Blogger as I hope that my other blogger- friends will hook up my second blog and support me there as well.

I will however, blog hop from there and make sure that everyone in my bloggers' list will be included in my second blog.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Masteral Requirements Are Due Today-Waaaaaah!

It is our last day today of masteral schooling and so requirements must be submitted even if they are not completed. Well, what the heck, we had poured our time on them. I am really getting tired of coming to and from school with the travel and all. I just cant wait that it will be over. I guess, that will be another 3 semesters. WHat?!!!!

Good luck to me. I hope my professor will be that merciful. LOL!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Destress in the Park

Stretch that legs my lady!

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Move little boy, move!

My Monkey Yuri!

After days of manning our store, we decided to go around the city just to destress. We just landed on a kiddie park here in Gensan.

So, while stretching our drained legs, we were caught eating balot ( a duck boiled egg with meat) and Yuri just had fun hopping from one play area to another and making friends.

We just have to be happy about our new venture and savor every moment with family and friends, and life itself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Do You Know that I Dont Know?

Tiring Day

Before and after school, I have to go to the boutique to help out. SOmetimes, I have to do some necklace designing or create gift bags. At the end of the day, I can just feel my lower back aching.

A good rub will really help.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Panama Condo Hotel: Worth the Stay

I always want to travel. I even invited my other siblings to join me in an out-of-the-country vacation next year. We are still scouting for countries where we can have value for the money we shall be spending for the vacation and at the same time, earn some fun experiences, not only in the culture of the new people we shall be with, but with the wonders the country can offer to us, tourists.

I am only glad to come across Panama again. I watched this film about Panama waters, and wow, the place is indeed great. Where to stay in this beautiful country? Check out, Casco Antiguo region of Panama - and specifically to Hotel Casco Antiguo - a condo hotel in the region where you can have valued experience of a tourist but comforts of your home. They offer reasonable price rates anyone can just afford. This is truly an investmen worth pursuing especially at times when the world is in financial crisis. If I shall have the chance to be in Panama, I will surely check out this place.

You can Register for an eBrochure Here and read more of this beautiful hotel. You shall greatly appreciate that you have chosen to be in Casco Antiguo region of Panama.


SOme Outdoor Accessories

Our dream catchers. These can come in bigger sizes.

Our shell necklaces.

Some native anklets and bracelets.

Some marble and sea glass necklaces.

Dream catcher hooks.

We get to sell some good necklaces, bracelets and anklets made of cow bones, marbles, sea glasses, shells, hand grabber, and of dream catchers. We even have to buy for ourselves to sport them with what we wear. I am just proud that I like what I sell and get to wear them.

We have to sell these at competitive rate of that of our competitors with discounts just to invite sale. If anyone of my friend-bloggers will order these in bulk, I can give you a very reasonable rate. Price ranges from $3.50-$6.50 per piece.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

dNeeronties Ask Again, I Answer . . .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hurray, We Made Up Our Loss with Sales!

Today, we had a very very good sales. The biggest by far since the start of our boutique. We are really praying and hoping, we can network wider and earn much higher!

We are still disappointed of the bad experience of theft from us but we wont allow that thing to discourage with our business. Aja, Rosilie!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Reasonable Eyeglasses Await You!

I have a vision problem as I can't see if farther than 10 meters. When I had problem checked, I was told that my lifestyle and my profession as a teacher all contributed to the problem. So, I have corrective glasses since high school.

But, I have been wanting too to have corrective glasses but fashionable ones to sport while I wear and match my clothes and accessories. I guess these eyeglasses are not at available at reasonable prices. So, I am just glad to find out about Zenni Optical. They offer pretty, fashion and quality glasses at cheaper prices. They offer inexpensive prices because they manufacture their own frames and deliver to their direct customers with low or no advertising cost at all. Their customers can actually vouch for these quality frames. All their basic prescription glasses start at $8.00, full UV protection, anti-scratch coating, thin and light 1.57 index lens, lens edge polishing and beveling and with full guarantee. And even if you are anywhere in the world, you can order your glasses and that of your friends and family at only $4.95 shipping charge regardless of how many glasses you have in your order.

I prefer to have this frame from Zenni Optical. This shall look great on my feminine tops and skinny jeans. People around me will indeed notice this eyeglass. Why don't you check out their site at Zenni Optical.

Our Store Just Got Robbed!

On the third day of our boutique, we were all excited of this customer wanting to buy a lot of stuffs from us. Since I had to leave for my afternoon class, I left my sister, mother and husband to attend to her needs.

I had been wanting to text them of the worth that customer had bought, but to my dismay, my mother had to text me to that the bag of my sister was all stolen by the big fat woman we all attended to. They ranted on how they were all busy packing the things she originally would want to buy. To their disbelief, the woman was able to grab my sister's bag, with all her valuables.

We were really disappointed as we didnt have much sales for the day and then, this experience happened. They reported the incident to the police already. This is indeed an expensive experience to learn. We really hope we shall have better sales in the coming days to outweigh what we had lost today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall TV Season Just Began

Our Boutique is Now Open! Hurray!

At 1 am dawn of Oct 8, our Opening Day! Beauty pa rin ba?

Some of the stocks all set for the opening day!

I was absent for two days so I could help out in the preparation of our boutique today. We even went home past 1 am earlier just to set things well for the soft opening. My mother was even more excited as she waked me only after 3 hours of sleep. Feeling all worried and excited too, I just checked my mails and visited few blog sites briefly and hit the road to tell my students that I would not be around. At around 9 am, we had our first sales amounting to 300+ from the sandals and little stuffs. I couldn't really contain my joy. Though, in the afternoon, I had to attend to my classes, the rest of the family manned the store. At around 6 pm, we just earned our first day sales of 813.00. If our store can earn at least 1000.00 each day, we shall be doing better then.

Good luck to us!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fellow Bloggers: You Need to Read This on Social Spark Segmentation

Most of us blog because of the paid opportunities and I am always hopeful to get a number. For this reason, I want to increase my blog traffic. I have been writing for Social Spark and just glad that they gave me this one opportunity and when I was about to submit, I was told, I don't have a qualified blog. This reminded me of Scotty's Princess' very problem. So, I right away asked her help. To my dismay, she replied, "That is how SS works." The review and time were all wasted. Then, SS Team gave me this reply on my inquiry.


Hi Rosilie,

Thanks for reaching out to us. It looks like this is an issue with the way the Opp. is segmented. Basically what has happened is that while you met the segmentation requirements of the Opp. when the Opp. was initially reserved, you were right on the edge of being eligible.

By the time that you were ready to submit your post, enough blogs that more closely met the requirements had been added to the system so that your blog was no longer eligible and therefore not able to submit your post.

Please remember that the system checks that you meet all the requirements when you add yourself to queue for a reservation, but the queue does NOT check whether or not you are still eligible or if you can still post for the day when it sends out reservations. It only "knows" that there is a slot open and you are next in line.

This issue has been logged into the Dev work queue to see if there is some way to lessen the impact this might have. However, it will likely smooth itself out as the network grows larger.

All the Best,


Opportunities are indeed for the most popular only.

Boutique Gets Open on Wednesday!

This is our tag and store name, Kreativ Sisters' Shoes and Apparel.

We are now getting more excited as we prepare for the soft opening day of our boutique. Just this afternoon, we set some of our necklaces, bracelets and earrings for display and by tomorrow, we will be in Davao for more exciting stocks. We really hope we can have good sales on the opening day. Well, good luck to us sisters.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Family Dog on Fashion Ramp

Our pride, Gia in her Second Dog Fashion Show!

Gia Sporting an Airsoft Vest! Yuri just couldn't stop petting her.
Fellow Airsofters with their dogs.

We had our first family dog, Pixel, a pure dalmatian, when we got married. I wasn't pregnant yet so, we decided to buy the 1- month-old dog to keep us company. But when we moved to our new home and when she was 2 years old already, we just found her dead on Christmas Day. That broke my heart, as she became a family too to us.

So, to join us, we had Gia, a German SHepherd. She was quite big when we bought her but as we lived through our usual days, we forgot to take care of her well. SHe was all forsaken, and injured like what I was when we were still staying in Zamboanga. So, when I decided to move to Gensan to heal, I brought Gia to her vet for long-term treatment and recovery. I guess we shared the same illness and pains.

But, after months of healing, I was surprised to see her on her second fashion show, all well-groomed, once-a-mother, and taken cared of. I saw that we both had grown from our injuries.

Marriage Vow Renewal

Our Wedding Church: St Francis of Tetuan, Zamboanga City

My husband with Fr. Michael

I had decided to give my marriage a second chance and hoped that things will be better and lovelier. So while I was in Zamboanga City to join the wedding of my friend, my husband and I also renewed our wedding vows in the very same church where we had our second wedding. For the record, the renewal signified our 3rd wedding. We just vowed to be more committed partners to one another. I believed this is important in every marriage, to remind once again what brought the spouses together in marriage and to keep one another through difficult times.

With the making up, I could see my son more happy than going through the days by ourselves. This seems like a good sign.

My Best Friend's Wedding

The Wacky Emcees (they wished, they didnt give us the mic! LOL!)

The gang in the newlyweds house! Posed again!

We are indeed bestfriendsof the bride, our presence would never really be forgotten. LOL!

More Poses!

And More!

Here are some of the pics of the wedding of one of my childhood best friends. We had great fun while my other best friend and I took the center stage as emcees. I was quite nervous at first but as the program started, anxiety faded and only bluntness prevailed. Hahahhahaah! I was even reprimanded by my bestfriend to stop talking. In between talks, we had to pose for our pics that is why I was all laughing the whole time. My, I really had great fun that night.

I sure miss them all and wish to see them again. Perhaps, when Carol, the newlywed gives birth in March, the gang can be complete again.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Final Exam Today - Waaaaaaaaaaah!

I studied last night on my masteral notes, I only ended dozing on them. OMG! I couldnt really finish them all as they are a volume. This is one thing I dont like being a student, studying. Hahhahahahhaha! How ironic!

I intend to study later on the bus, while traveling one hour to Notre Dame Marbel University. I wonder if my classmates had reviewed well?

Well, what the heck. If I am due to fail, then I will. Working and studying at the same time among my many roles are too much handle. I'll just do my best then.

Good Luck to me. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

Problem with WOrds? Use Visual Talking!

I like the idea of using pictures to convey the messages. Glad Visual Talking is there.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank God, It is Friday!

We only have one week left and the semester will be soon over. Hurray! I will have my 2-week rest. All I have to worry will be my masteral schooling and our boutique which shall open on Oct. 8. We intend to go to Davao City this Sunday to check on other stocks to sell. Perhaps, when this store shall open, and I will have my rest from work and from schooling. I get to enjoy then my family, blogging, shopping and mountain climbing. I will be back to my fashion-accessory designing too. These hands and brain will remain busy indeed but shall have fun at the same time.

Afraid to Shop Online?

My family are into online shopping not only that we can search for unusual and extraordinary things we don't usually find in big stores, we also search for reasonable prices. So, we look for websites that sell great stuffs, offer warranties, and provide security on our cards and other payment tools.

Do you also experience fear in purchasing and selling online? We are usually afraid if the online sites we are checking are legitimate to sell, or if it can protect our credit card information and other personal information, of if they sell products with quality they advertise. I had my IPOD purchased online by my sister in-law and when it was delivered, the unit wont function at all. To our dismay, we could not even return it. Thus, we are more careful this time in shopping online.


Good thing, there is a buySAFE shopping advisor where you can check only online stores with good and legitimate ratings. With these, you wont worry at all if the sites are legitimate or not. More importantly, for each shopping transaction you make online, you are guaranteed with a bond up to $25,000.00 and a 30-day ID theft identification.

Now, are you ready for a more news? This buySAFE shopping advisor is completely free to use and with full protection on your shopping. Isn't that great? All you have to do is login to their site free and with that you can manage your account and do your transactions with no risks at all everytime you use Shopping Advisor and its Bonded Shopping Portal!

Wow! This site is really a great tool for our online shopping. I cant wait to tell this to my friends and my family. Why don't you check it out yourself, download the application for FREE and spread the good news? I just did!