Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

Websites may be created for personal and commercial use and irregardless of how these sites are put to use, it is quite imperative and important that the websites are first and foremost, reliable at anytime.

There are free web hostings that can be openly used, however, since web hosting use resources, the free web hosting may mean forced advertisements into your website or that reliability and speed can be compromised.

If you want full control of your websites, it may be enough  to invest a little to get a full control of your valuable website. So, what can be your criteria to select the  best web hosting   and really maximize any penny that you pay. I cited the following basic considerations:

1. Reliability - Your website should be running 90% - 99% at all times otherwise your web hosting comes short of what is ideal;

2. Bandwidth - We define bandwidth as the quantity of files transferred. So, if your website takes time to load, then, your readers can simply leave your site for faster ones.

3. Technical Support -  Your web hosting provider must provide 24/7 support and with time zone differences, it can be quite cumbersome if the your web hosting provider is unreachable during weekends or evenings.

4. Features like CPanel, MySQL, FTP, Email and others - depending on your need, you can verify all the requirements with the inclusive services of your provider.

5. Disk Space - Depending on your site, you may only need a small space, so, don't pay extra for unwanted disk spaces. Normally, a 120 - page website with associated files only take around 5MB space.

6. Price - with the inclusive services and perks, evaluate if you get the worth of your money. There are also other web hosting providers who provide money - back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied.  You can check on reviews and identify those providers that indeed live up to customer's demands.

When Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Unites Every Filipino

Last November 14, 2010, the entire Philippines along with boxing fanatics worldwide cheered as Pacman had shown another best fights in the boxing history as Pacman conquered the Mexican tornado, Margarito for Super Welter belt championship.

And as expected, the roads were clear and almost mute while most Filipinos tuned to pay-per-view or local viewing of Las Vegas - hailed fight.

In fact, only Pacman's fight becomes a neutral ground for every Filipino; crime rates decline, political and social bickering stop.

While we wish that Pacman can fight every day, I can only hope that the efforts of Pacman to unite his countrymen can indeed go deep seated otherwise all his efforts simply come and go.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wanting My Own Place

We have been staying with my parents since I decided to go back to General Santos City and although we have our very own house in Zamboanga City, I am still adamant to stay here in General Santos.

But, staying with your folks do have its good and bad perks. For one, privacy is something I have to endure although I am only happier that my folks and siblings take care of my kid whenever I am away and busy in work.

So, if resources shall be allowed, I can only resume with the construction of the stalled house just around the family lot. And, we hope to have our own space to do whatever we want at our own bidding. For one, I want to have our own   address plaque to boost.

Nothing can be more relieving than having our own place with a chic  address sign   that we can be proud of. Perhaps, with   address plaques and numbers, we can indeed claim that the house shall be called our very own home. 

For now, we can only stay put with our kin and just try to live with them smoothly and consider the good perks more than anything else.

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers Meet Up with Author of Postscripts from Mindanao

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers with Ms. Wilma Villanueva (seated center)

Dubai - based Tupi - hailed  authorWilma Villanueva happened to be in SOCCSKSARGEN  and gladly, our  blog community founder, Avel Manansala, invited Ms. Wilma to meet us up. So, we all convened at Piyesta Resto Bar and had a good time.

The book was highly commendable since it illustrated the undiscovered beauty and misconceptions about Region 12. And, writing the book while in abroad made the  cause for Mindanao more commendable.

We can only be more excited to wait for another book from a very proud Mindanaoan, Wilma Villanueva.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Help Your Kid on School

While there are some students who fare well in academics others actually struggle and their learning difficulty can be both challenging and disappointing to parents and students.  While it is true that intelligence is not fully measured by academic performance, learning difficulty however can affect and influence social relationships as pressures from parents, peers and teachers continue to build up.

But, as parent or guardian, you can intervene in your kid's learning difficulty through offline and online tutoring services. For one, if your kid has difficulty on Math questions like Prime numbers, you can search for effective online help.

Further, if other subjects like Science poses a problem, then  Chemistry help, Physics help, or Geometry help can be another option.

Chemistry was once a torture to me when I was a student, thus, it can be a relief to have Chemistry homework help.

Learning is never the sole responsibility of teachers and students, parents and guardians must however contribute to help.

My Zamboanga City Escapade

My kid and I had the chance to go back to our old home in Zamboanga City for a week vacation and with only six days to fill, we were dead beat with all the events we went through with friends and family.

joining other SOX bloggers in their Barter rummage

With SOX bloggers and other Mindanao Bloggers Summit Organizer and Attendees 

with Bucoy clan reunion

in one of my childhood friends gimmick at Park 88, Pasonanca

It was a draining but fun week for us and we could only hope to extend the vacation but since classes are up on November 8, we can only bid goodbye to friends and family again.