Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lingerie: New Face of Sexiness

Call it vain, call it simple piece  of cloth but for  most women lingerie is personality. Most women would want to look good in and out and that means putting on trendy and stylish apparel and accessories  on the outside and comfy and feminine lingerie on the inside.

While other women love thongs and sexy bra others simply love boxer shorts and lacy undies. I am comfortable with boy – leg and  lacy panties since they don’t give that fancy panty lines.

Normally, my choice for lingerie depends largely on my mood. So, if I feel too boyish and  sporty, I am up and running with my boy – leg underwear and sports bra and I wear office blouse  and slacks, I just put on a lace.

But, what can be your basis for choosing the right lingerie? I can only account the following criteria:

Comfort.  A whole day or night in the office or  party makes it all distracting and buggy when lingerie can be that pain.  So, if you are comfortable with boxer shorts or boy stuffs, then, go hit your sack and enjoy.

Mood. Sexiness is a personal conviction and if I say I look good, it follows too that I feel sexy. So, you can wear your mood through your choice for lingerie

Price. Some elegant lingerie may be expensive and costly but if price tags are no question, then, stuff your closet with some beauty lingerie goodies.

Outfit. It is also wiser to complement your  outfit with the appropriate lingerie. You don’t want people to give high notes on your nasty panty lines or flashy brassiere on a lovely gown.

I Run Away!

Yap, I am out for a week as I enjoy the semestral break to be back to our old home and just savor the city local delicacies and meet up with friends and family.

Geez! I never realized how much I needed the break not until I am out from school and business as I enjoy only my free time with nothing to think about  but fun.

But, tomorrow shall be the end of our six - day vacation as we go back to  our home and our usual routines. And, come November 8, I am back to being a teacher again. Sigh!

But, I can only be thankful that I get to see my friends again and kin.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Aid Your Child on Learning

Now it is semestral break, most families are simply relieved that they have a week or two to rest and bond with the family. But, more importantly, the break shall help families to search for interventions on their kids' learning difficulties.

Parents or other house members who have ample time may teach their kids personally, but, somehow, with house and work loads, there can be meager time to assist the kids in their school activities and academic exams. Further, parents or other home tutors may not have the right or appropriate skills in teaching the kids. So, the pressures can be even higher and disappointing.

So, another medium to helping the kids is through Online tutoring where you can find help on difficult subjects like Algebra 1, Algebra 2. You can also find Chemistry help or Statistics help.   And, best of all, it offers Free math tutoring online for fast and correct Math answers.

School places a lot of pressures on the kids and even on parents. But, knowing what and where to seek help, learning can indeed be easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

I Need a Breather

It has been a week since classses were done and though I have all the time to rest and have  fun, I am definitely bored!

Most of my free time now is simply consumed by updating my blogs, attending to the family business and just watching watching movies. I have been wanting to resume with my jogging but since I am getting all the awkward calf muscles, I decided to stop. Now, I am even more bored, lazy and simply fat. Tsk tsk tsk !

We will be leaving for a week of vacation next week and I can only be overwhelmed as I get to see old friends and colleagues again. Well, until then, I just have to savor the break.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making a Career of Your Passion

You can be quite lucky and blessed if you get to pursue a career from your passion. In my case, I am always inspired to teach that can be traced back as early as my middle schooling and until now, I never really get fed up with it although I now run a business but at the same time, teach.

It is quite dragging and difficult to go to your job everyday when you are not at all personally motivated. There can indeed be different reasons why you keep a job and these may include compensation package, working environment, career growth among others. But, when you are not all happy and intrinsically motivated, everyday work is quite a challenge and pain.

Thus, if you think that you wish to pursue a career for a specific industry like engineering, cinema or even modeling, then, go follow your dreams and you can never go wrong. Well, of course, you have to evaluate all the  perks and downsides of your choice.

So, if you want to be among the  male or female models, then, look for a legitimate and able - to - help  model agency  that can indeed make your dreams realized.  

A career from your passion can  be easily pursued and can guarantee fulfillment. And, with the right time, company and resources, you too can have a blossoming future ahead of you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Filipinos Celebrate Early Christmas Holidays

Whenever September kicks in, most of the  Filipino communities start to put in Christmas decorations, and you bet that Christmas songs are on the air. Needless to say, Filipinos have four (4) months to prepare, enjoy and celebrate the holidays. We start buying gifts for our godsons ad goddaughters, write  holiday cards  and book family reunions among others.

Filipinos are known for happy and jovial moods and whenever there are occasions, holidays or otherwise, it is only natural that Filipino families and friends bond together for celebration. I guess, it is by this culture that the entire year of the Philippine calendar is packed with endless government and religious holidays that most Filipinos are happy about. We always have a reason or two to celebrate, may it be baptism, weddings, birthdays or simply passing  through exams.

While this culture seems to be harmless, it can be quite disastrous since it encourages people to work hard to spend more and the vicious cycle continues that most Filipino families are really scarce of savings or retirement fund. Further, it also enforces passive attitude towards work since holidays fill most of the working days.

But, this culture can be quite an overstatement, it defines and enlivens us. In fact, as early as now, we are anticipating loved ones and friends coming home for family reunions.

I simply love being Filipino but best of all, I love Christmas more.

Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Find the Best Job

Finding the best job is no easy feat; in fact, companies may have considerable great turn - over when it comes to keeping and hiring employees.

But, how do we really find the best job for? Well, I can only think of practical reasons and here is the list:

  1. Consider your skills and knowledge. Finding a job basically starts from writing your resume and making through interviews. In as much as you want the best job, employers want the best persons too for the job. So, matching your skills with your potential job can be a start. A job which requires skills and experience way out of your league can only add a lot of pressures which can eventually make you unhappy and dissatisfied. 
  2. Consider pay and position. Depending on your skills, your position must be suited for these. And, with this position comes the corresponding compensation. So, if you think that your worth is well paid, then, go for it. 
  3. Consider career growth. In an interview, you are normally asked what are your career directions or plans. You too can ask the career pathing for a given position. So, if you see that you like where your potential position be heading, then, go for the job but if you simply stagnation (which I doubt), then, career path can't be a potential issue. 
  4. Consider working environment. You can ask for the number of turn - over and why employees leave. Possible reason can be unacceptable working environment, culture, and management. 
The bottomline for finding the best job is to consider your personal conviction and professional development. It is easier to go to a job if you love your work and everything else about it including your pay, working environment, colleagues,and all otherwise every working day can be dragging and draining and you can be one of those highly stressed employees who wish to just jump off  the board.

I'm Back to Exercise!

I decided to resume with my morning jogs last summer and as much as possible, I wanted to do the jogs every morning. So, this regimen is complemented with weekend kickboxing and aerobics. This is my form of keeping my weights down and relieve me of stress. 

But, sometimes for endless reasons, I miss my exercise and just continue dozing in dreamland. Consequently, with this stop, my bulges resume their growth too. Sigh!

So, in spite of the late sleeps, I gather my strength to wake up early and be on my running shoes and it is somehow a blessing that classes are almost done encouraging me more to sweat and be fit and fab. Yepey!