Thursday, April 21, 2011

De - Stress: Find Your Recreation

Experts say that stress can be attributed to many health risks including hypertension, obesity, some forms of cancer, alcoholism, pregnancy dysfunctions, depression, diabetes among others. Thus, we are highly advised to limit our stress levels and address them in anyway we can.

One of the alternatives to reduce and / or eliminate stress is to find a recreational activity that can be both fun, exciting, health - friendly and sustainable. Others go for movie watching, indoor or outdoor sports, fun time with friends or family, online games  like sports betting.

Any recreational activity can be sustained if is appropriate to your age, schedule and interest. So, if you find it pleasurable  to play online like soccer betting, then, there are good dependable websites.

Stress is a serious issue and only if we take actions to eliminate it that we remain healthy and productive.

Leisure and Business in Davao and Samal Island Resort

My school employer had required his employees to join the company benchmarking in Davao to see the implementation of  5S, a Japanese - originated strategy to good housekeeping. The 5S means (Sorting, Setting, Shining, Standardizing, and  Sustaining) that can be practically applied to individual homes and bigger institutions.

So, we managed to have a generous tour to ISO - recognized school, the Davao Doctors College, and their practices of the 5S are quite evident in the  way they keep efficiency in their school for a few years now. We hope to  exercise such order and commitment too in our own school but it shall take gradual and progressive efforts.

 Davao Doctor's Admission Officer giving us a tour

the STI - Gensan teachers and personnel at Davao Doctor's College for Benchmarking

some wacky teachers on the loose @ BlueJaz Resort, Samal Islands

So, after a half - day tour, we dined at Mang Inasal and headed our course to Samal Islands. We had our  short boat trip to the resort, had our light snacks and had our fun team games and discussed our benchmarking lessons. 

The day ended with a cool swim at their infinity pool and clear beach waters and had a  rock - hard sleep in one of the cottages. Of course, the trip would not be realized without the usual endless picture taking from all sides of the resort. 

On the second day, we took the morning shots before we went for shopping and headed home.