Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Complete Family Reunion For New Year

Today, my other sibling from Masbate will be arriving shortly but with the boyfriend. My parents are all anxious, that my younger sister will be announcing that she is getting married. Hahahhahah! Well, I hope not because we know she has a lot of plans for herself and for the family.

We won't be preparing much though but this new year's eve shall be something. It is only in this occasion that we get to be complete, from my parents to their grandchildren. Yepey!!!!

We have to however plan what we will do tomorrow and how we will get to Samal Islands this weekend. Will classes start on Monday? Huh?! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I haven't made my lectures yet but what the heck, IT IS PARTY TIME!!!!! CHEERS TO FAMILY AND TO THE NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year!

It is December 31 and the family is all busy now, preparing for the new year's eve. Our stores are however open to cater to late shoppers.

We just have to close early to beat the traffic but I can't go on with this blog until I greet my blog-friends and readers a happy happy new year!!!!

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Happy New Year Graphic Comments

New Holiday Eye Glasses For Everyone!

I am a near-sighted person. So, I would usually stay within a closer distance to see clearly or else, everything is a blurry vision.

I had my first eyeglasses made before when I was high school and addicted to reading that even at dim light, I would still read pocket books.

But as I age, my eyeglasses don't work anymore. I had consulted optometrists to check on the usual eye strains and they would now say, the problem is due to my work. You see, I have been a teacher for more than a decade, and reading and computer programming have been routine works to me. So, I have a new set of eyeglasses again.

But recently, I learned how to drive a vehicle. So, my eye vision has become a problem. I was even hesitant to go through eye medical exam for my driver's license as I might fail. But, since I will get now my driver's license in the coming days, I have to get new eye-glasses that will protect me while driving but still wearing these glasses with style! That however can pose a problem.

The roads lately have been packed by heavy traffic because of the holiday season, making the road more dusty and difficult to drive. I am just so anxious that I don't drive much. So, good thing that Holiday frames are in that I can purchase them online. They have wide variety of stylish and quality frames that may start at $8.00. I have picked this:

These eyeglasses are of metal half- rim frame with polarized magnetic snap-on sun lens. I can just switch between sunglasses if I have to drive or to my reading glasses. Cool!!!!! This great site allows me to customize my order to meet my unique needs at very reasonable rates. Now, who can beat that?

One can order online through a credit or debit card. Their glasses are all of anti-scratch coating, and full ultraviolet protection and you can upgrade your glasses at very minimal rate. They can ship your ordered glasses within reasonable time. And you can order a number at a flat rate of $4.95. If you are dissatisfied, you can return your orders and get refunds. Wow, that is worth every penny, right?

Most of my family members are wearing eye glasses. I will sure ask them to check this site! Why don't you check this site too? You will sure be amazed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers' Getaway

Since Christmas Day, we were busy printing the blog shirts that we missed the mass. Bad me!!! We were preparing these shirts for the bloggers' party for the Soccsksargen area last December 26. We were hoping we would reach 20 or more but only 9 came. We just consumed the night with eating, singing, and blog-talking.hahhahahhahha!

I had the chance to meet Ayel, Sheng and her hubby, Rick, Ate Jinky of DOLE, and Borge of Davao City and then there was Sir Avel, my sister and partner. Of course, we would not miss exchanging gifts and giving of prizes. Each of us had individual indoor prize.Hahahhahha! We printed blogger logo shirt as prizes too.

We went home around 1 am, though my colds worsened but I sure had fun!

But we get to sell some shirts and got orders too. Do check our new prints. They are ready for customization for your own colors, and sizes. You can check my other blog for clients' testimonials and other print styles.

My sister and I sport our own proud-blogger prints!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!

It is Christmas eve here in Gensan, and the road was fully packed. We closed our store very early today as we head home, knowing that we still have to cook for Noche Buena. My other sister who is in Masbate called us up, crying though as she is quite away from home. We are complete here, except my other sibling. We really miss her but come, this new year celebration, the rest of the family will be complete.

My cellphone is quite busy too, sending holiday greetings to friends and loved ones. Of course, I won't miss greeting my blog friends and readers!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Payday Loans, Anyone?

Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Days From Christmas Day

It shall be 2 days left before Christmas, and we are indeed pretty excited. I guess, it is not about receiving gifts but the fact that the family is around for this special occasion makes the day more fun and love-filled.

The kids in the house are as excited as the elders. Hahhahahah! My son had asked me to tell Santa what he would want for Christmas. I guess I have to court Santa pretty hard.Hahhahahha! I hope Santa won't be pissed off by the holiday rush now that everyone is buying gifts everywhere.

My mom is enthusiastic, she had the meat ready early this morning. I thought it was Christmas eve already.LOL! But, wishing every blogger, friend or not, a merry merry Christmas!!!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Parties Everywhere

We had a great day today as early morning, the store was flocked with teenagers. Indeed, we had great sales from party-goers.

In the afternoon, we too had our party. So, today, our work day is officially over. We just spent our party in the school lobby with the usual program of playing and singing. I had to leave early though as my son was all stubborn, driving every one crazy.

We still have our masteral classes though tomorrow and then, VACATION IS ON! HURRRRRRRRRRRAY!

How Does Christmas Affect You?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reunions are Piling Up!

This is the very first year since I left to another city that I am home again. You can say a lot has changed. I started really reaching out to old friends and venturing on new experiences outside my comfort zones. Hahahhahaha! Sabi nila, I am a total LATE BLOOMER!!!

Now that holidays are coming nearer, get-togethers from high school and college among other things are set. I might as well keep my holiday weeks filled with these reunions.hahhahahah!!!! One other party that is too alluring to ignore is the Soccsargen bloggers, a community of bloggers from Region 12. This is a first since the success of MBS2. I shall of course tag with my sister and partner and my blog shirts.Hurray!!!!

At least, all these shall be my breathers from very exhausting work and sched!!! Cant wait to groove!!!

How is Your Holiday Season Amidst Economic Crisis?

Monday, December 15, 2008

SCAM Money - Making Sites!

Apart from blogging, I tried other means to earn extra online just to maximize my time while I go online. So, in the course of my blog hopping, I tend to check affiliations of other bloggers to income-earning sites. You can say, I almost tried all. Hahhahaha!

But, what is so lucrative is this $100 paid-to-read emails. So, trusting I was that I subscribed. But, when I reached their minimum payout, I started inquiring more than once how I can get my payments but to no response at all. This indeed made me more doubtful of the site's legitimacy. So, I inquired online and simply got devastated that the I one I subscribed in among other things is a scam. Do check this site for the complete list. You too could be a victim!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Helping Your High School Students Love School

I had tried teaching in high school before for a semester and I could vividly remember how difficult it was to teach students. We tried various means to impart lessons. And, since I handled Computer Programming, I can say it was fun at the same time challenging, especially for slow learners or students with different learning styles. Classroom instruction is so conventional and predictable, that majority of the students get bored. I liked the challenge though but it was not indeed cut for me. So, I was moved back to collegiate teaching but I humbled myself for the courage, and enthusiasm of high school students for trying various strategies just to get the idea passed on to the students.

But what really help these students when they are at home or free from school? Reading books can be boring and draining to them. And then, I came across of Brightstorm, an online education website that help youngsters love their subjects at their own pacing and comfort.

I had the opportunity to Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt as a teacher, just to try their courses and I got approved right away. I was given a promotional course of any subject that I liked, and I chose Geometry. I was quite amazed how the tutorials were designed such a very good tutorial course on practically almost every subject offered in high school. The teacher was so great, that I cant help but be focused on what he was teaching in Geometry. If my high school teacher only taught that subject the way that Brightstorm teacher did, I will sure get more than a 1!!!

The tutorial was cut into major topics of the subject, thereby focusing only on the core contents. This made the topic delivered in much fun, interesting and clearer way through real life and real time examples. It is truly impressive since youngsters now are more visuals than imaginative. Take it from me, I have been a teacher for more than a decade. So, you can Sign up for a free.

I am pretty sure your kids who despise high school or middle school will get the help they want without being embarrassed by focusing on the subjects they need greater help and boost. If my son shall reach middle school, I will indeed try this on him.


Friday, December 12, 2008

OMG! Classroom is in Davao

Unlike my usual weekends of heading to Koronadal City for my masteral classes, my entire class shall be heading off to Davao City this morning to join the FOSS for SME's. It is a half-day-open-source program, that is credited to our masteral class in IT.

We are however excited to be there but, the exhaustion shall be unbearable because of the 6-hour travel to -and- from Davao and GenSan City.

Tomorrow, we shall however report back to Koronadal for our other class. You can say, my weekend is not a week end. hahahahhahahah!!!! This is indeed my very busy life: teacher, student, blogger, designer, and ek. . . ek. . LOL!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

National Hero through Pacman Pacquiao

As I type this post, the entire GenSantos people, and the entire Filipinos are waiting for Pacquiao and dela Hoya's dream fight. My, we cant even go to our store, to man it. I was however felt obliged to finish my exam questionnaires as semestral tests will be given next week.

Picture taken from http://www.philstar.com

But as undercard fights are still on, I cant help but smile over the excitement of everyone and impatience here at home, except my son, who was adamant to watch his cartoons. Heheheheh!

Of course, as Generals, we are proud and will always be hopeful that our Pacman will sweep the boxing arena with graffiti's and all again. . . Crossing our fingers then. . . Funny that this is one of the rare occasions when almost ALLFilipinos unite for one cause and one person. hahahhahah!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Best Friend's Loss

As I attended to my classes today, I was surprised to get an early message from one of my best friends in my old home. Her mother died of diabetes complications. It was indeed devastating as we have been friends since grade school. You can say, we are siblings.

We were very close before that each other's house had become home of the other. We were separated on several occasions by education and by families but those didnt hinder the friendship. We still keep in touch and bond whenever I get to see them in their place. Among my other 3 friends, she is closest to me. I am only disappointed that I cant be with her at this most difficult time. I only pray that she and her family will recover the loss soon and that my aunt, her mother, will eventually rest her soul and meet her Creator.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Holiday Reunions

This is what I like best in Christmas, REUNIONS! I wasn't much of a social person before, so I only had limited close buddies. But, then, things have changed, and so I am rocking my world beautifully.Hahhahahahha!

Now, that I am back to my old home, my college friends and close and new buddies here shall be painting this town red all season of December. Of course, reunions of high school and college batchmates are already set up. Then there is the party of Socssargen bloggers which all excites bloggers here in Gensan. Gifts are added leisures but it is always the get-together that makes holidays or any occasion more appreciated and loved.

Do you agree?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cleaning: Made Easy

I don't like cleaning my place but since it is the only home I have, I have to clean it or else, I end up triggering my allergy and my son's. But, it is always a difficult struggle to get rid of dust from window screens, cushions, beds and innermost closets.

We have purchased our very own vacuum cleaners, but they too were heavy and didn't last long. This only aggravated the conditions of our allergy, making us ill and uncomfortable. So, our house must be dust-free at all times, otherwise, we are regular customers of pharmacy, catering to our allergy medications.

Good thing, there are now vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines that can help solve our dust problems. This great store offers wide variety of vacuum cleaners, big and small, to suit our unique needs. And what is better to hear is that their machines are of reasonable rates. We can even order online with free shipment if we are in US and our purchases reach their minimum of $50 dollars. Now, we can even avail of their 10% discounts among all their machines. Isn't that great?

Their company was even rated almost 5 stars for their quality machines and services. I checked their site and I even liked their own lines of cleaning stuffs for stains or pets. Now, this is something worth checking for. Do try them, and every penny is really worth it!


Unpredictable Weather

For a over a week, Gen Santos has been experiencing erratic weather conditions, from extreme heat in the morning, to gloomy and heavy rain in the afternoon. We would usually end up with bad colds.

The weather affects business too as it keeps our potential customers from visiting us. We hope to finally have a stable weather in the coming days.

Life-Saving Cells for You and Your Family

Our body has its natural way of healing. Miraculous or not, that it indeed can do wonders not only to our very own diseases but even to that of others.

I am a pro-life person and so I always advocate means and ways to preserve life. I could only sympathize for my friends and acquaintances who experience life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and mental problems among others. I even need this for my bone problems.


So, we are fortunate that C'elle is there to help and make use of stem cell cord blood for our future cellular therapies or even for our family, like our parents, siblings or children. These cells are menstrual fluid collected during our menstrual cycle. We previously knew that these were unsanitary but with current technology and study, these cells were proven to be used, stored, and processed for cellular therapies. About the Science of this cell service indeed proves wonders how our very own cells can save us or our family in grave need in the future.

C'elle Client Testimonial confirmed how this life-saving service can be very practical especially now that financial crisis is highly pressing. What more can be practical than save for our rainy days? We can purchase for our vanity and passion. However, can't we not do something to save our health or our loved ones? We can subscribe for a very minimum rate and every month, we can have these healing stem cells preserved for our very own use. Subscribe now. The life you may be saving may be yours or your loved ones!


Blog Shirts Ready for Delivery

Through the post of Twerlyn of Cebu City, my blog shirts were known to the rest of the bloggers, it indeed brought me Carlo and Elaine, and now Earth from Metro Manila . She ordered these 8 personalized blog shirts for her contest as prize. Personalized they are, that she made shirts for her son and hubby! I shall send them tomorrow and I know, she will like them a lot.

I cant but be proud of these works of blogging and art. Do check them out. You too can have your own style printed on our shirts. Give us a buzz!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let Us Know You More

Licensed to Drive

I just got hold of my student permit to drive with a professional driver. And, I was indeed elated to finally have the authority to man a vehicle.

I have been practicing for over a week and though, I still waggle on the seat especially on an intersection, at least I get to overcome my road anxiety.Yepey!

My partner was just patient enough to teach a stubborn driver here. I hope to finally drive my own vehicle and service the family. That is indeed a possibility I really look forward to!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cool Police Gears

My father was a former naval officer and I could remember vividly the times when we were brought to their base for a party or other occasions. And oftentimes, I was fascinated by their white flashy uniform, units and other paraphernalia. Great was the passion of my father as a service man that in spite that his kids are all ladies, he wanted still that my younger sibling joined the military academy. Fortunate or not, my sister didn't pass the height requirement, so she ended up a teacher. This passion then was passed on to my third sibling, who expressively objected the idea. Well, my father just gave up, knowing that we are also as stubborn as he is!

But, even if we didn't make it to the academy, we praise our soldiers for their courage and exuding strength. So, we sometimes sport commercially available police-clothings- and- accessory wannabes. I have my personal series of cargo pants, tops and practical gadgets which I know may come handy especially in times of grave need.

When my partner joined the airsoft team, he has the complete stuffs, from pistols, M14, uniforms, head,elbows, knee and hand gears, vest, masks, and more! Whatever real steel and gears that are available for our police officers, an airsoft equivalent is up in the store. And surely, my partner and his friends are just too itchy to have them. And now that I am a player of airsoft, I have my own set of uniforms, airsoft guns, and accessories.

I just cant wait to tell them that we have now the opportunity to purchase some useful gears through 5.11 Tactical Knives. This great site was founded by police officers in Los Angeles who served fellow soldiers but now, they are catering to the general public. They have this great and wide collection of uniforms, footwear, gears, flashlights, units and more from top brands like 5.11 Tactical Series, Maxpedition, Galco, BlackHawk, Surefire, and Under Armour. And, what is so great is that we can order these stuffs online and we are the topmost priority over telephoned or faxed orders. So, we can right away receive our stuffs! We can pay through major credit cards, and every purchase made, freebies go with our orders. Isn't this amazing?

We can subscribe for their email updates and coupons that can be used for our future purchases. I shall indeed have this site checked!!!!

A Loooooong Weekend

Since it is Saturday today, I attended again my masteral schooling in Notre Dame Marbel University. The 2-hour travel has become a routine to me every Saturday.

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

We had hurdled well our previous semester's subjects as I received all my passing marks. Though, I was quite disappointed with one professor who gave me a lower grade than my groupmate who had submitted exactly the same exam answers with mine. This only showed that the professor had based his grades not on merits but by whom he knows. My groupmate works in the same school where the professor is holding a position. I am not actually grade conscious but of course, I deserve anything that is fairly due for my efforts. Nagyawyaw ang kalag! hahahhaahh!

Well, though this dampened my spirit, I had to attend to my new subjects this semester. We were given earlier some laboratory works on JAVA programming. And, OMG, it really blew off my mind. I indeed wish, I went to IT masteral schooling when I was younger. The programming languages now are all new and so my generation languages are indeed of yesteryears!

I somehow blamed myself and my partner for getting myself to this headache. And, unlike our usual weekend schedules, we have now Sunday classes. Goodness! I cant anymore breath.haahhahahahh!

Our supposed schedule of mountaineering and Kayak adventures in Samal Islands this Dec. 13-14 are now officially canceled as we have our weekend classes. I really wish to stop but then I have gone this far to call it quits. AJA Rosilie! I know this will soon get over, come 3 more semesters, what?!!!!!!!! hahahhahahahh!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy Days for Our Shirts

Because of holiday fever, we have tshirt printing works going on. Our college reunion is set this Dec 27. We originally planned to leave for Zamboanga this Christmas but because I have my role to play in the reunion, I decided to stay. My partner though, will have to go by himself to get some stocks for our store.

Perhaps after this season, we can go back to designing fashionable shirts which I know will be a big blast. Good luck to us then!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Relentless Me

Classes are now on going and so, I am back to hurdling among the many roles I have. I am indeed a freaky SUPERWOMAN in disguise. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Being workaholic and impulsive has its drawbacks. Apart from getting paid more and regretting from bad decisions and facing new adventures, I am actually caught in deep schedules of mind wandering and physical exhaustions. I cant even write more than 1 post per week. Yikes!

How do you stop a restless woman anyway? Help!

Top MTV Tunes?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Was Your Teen Age Memory?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Does Christmas Season Excite You?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long Travel for Our Shirts

With Carlo from Las Pinas

Several days ago, I was quite surprised to receive a mail from a visitor of my blog, Carlo of Ar-wee-der-yet, a travel blogger from Las Pinas. He was asking of my shirts and told him that I can print something special for him. So, he decided to drop by from his trip in Davao.

I wasn't expecting a very young, good looking and well-mannered gentleman though.Hahahhahhaha! Ang ingay-ingay ko tuloy from all the rants and nonsense I had been talking and sharing to him. Yikes!!!!!

Waiting for our lunch

We brought him out for lunch and stayed over in one of the malls here as it was a very hot day as his flight from Davao was rescheduled to GenSan. So, it really made his visit more valuable to us. I missed my classes because it is not a usual occurrence to meet a blogger and make real friendship. Through my shirts, I get to see and hear great people. Yepey!!!

We bid goodbyes together but, I indeed earned a new friend. Thanks Carlo for the visit, you made our day great!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Blog Shirt Prints in Store

With the pressing orders of my fellow bloggers, I have these other blog text prints on your personalized color shirts. We are still making the sheets for the other macho-and-sexy-looking styles. We hope to finish them all next week. We have orders as far as Manila, waiting for other print shirts to give away as Christmas gifts.

Now, these shirts can really make your holidays fun! Order now!

My girlish blog print

My sister's blog style

For Rock-and-Roll Bloggers

On Chocolate Brown Shirt

My Favorite!

Our Previous Designs:

For Blogaholic like me

For bloggers on other stuffs

For Grateful Sponsored Bloggers

If you wish to order, the prices for sizes are as follows:
Small, Medium, Large, Kid's Size - 180.00
X-Large and XX - Large - 210.00-230.00

The price may vary if your personalized designs will take more than 3 colors and several designs but we can always negotiate. Give us a buzz!!!