Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Conquered the 30-foot Wall

My old college classmate and friend held a 30-foot wall for climbing stationed inside a local mall here in General Santos City. My family members ( exactly five of us) were quite excited to conquer the wall that my kid had climbed 3x while the rest of us had our first and last attempt today. LOL!

Funny though that my younger siblings had reached the end of the wall while I was stuck one board away from the finish line. LOL!!!! Gosh! I got too scared first with all the crowd swarming the place but I did overcome it but when I was way too farther already, I got my head all spinning with height. Yikes!!!! My phobia kicked in thus, I gave up! Only when I reached the platform that I felt my fingers all numb and legs wobbling.

But, we sure had great time. I guess the bottomline for any endeavor is for us to have fun and to push ourselves as farther as we can.

Fun safe recreation is always nice to feel recharged. Thus, we can always try any adventure like USA online casinos   with our loved ones or friends and simply forget that we have stressful or bad days.

It is only disappointing that the wall will be dismantled today so, we can't have  repeat climbs in the future. We can however, wish that there will be another event as good as climbing these tall and scary walls.

Busy Writing andd Meetings For Me

Our classes are finally done and it has been weeks since I consume my time reading, movie watching and blogging among other things not to include that I  man the store every day too. Thus, I can only have too many time on hand. LOL!

I did finish reading the first book of Twilight Saga and now I am almost done with the second book but the reading gets stalled once blogging and article writing demand my time.

So, after long days of writing and reading, I rented some cds for movie viewing at home. Although, after that I can only go back to my notebook.   LOL!

I can't wait when I can have my vacation and just enjoy the time with my siblings and kid. Until then, I only have my hands quite full.