Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Way to Earn Online

I thought blogging and earning at the same time could really be that easy. My, it's over a month since I started blogging, but earning is really a big crawl. Every day, I checked my email accounts just to see if there are opportunities available to earn. So, I am just lucky to come across a new way to earn online through reading paid emails. In less than a minute, you can earn even small bucks by reading emails and by visiting sponsors sites. So, if you want, do click on the referral program of E-Mail Pays U banner.

I am tagging Lermz

Spread God's Love

I have been a Christian as the entire family is Christian. We strongly uphold and believe that nothing is really possible without God's providence. We thank each day for His blessings of life, people, work and everything. Bringing up a son is quite difficult for a first-timer like me. And, so I constantly pray that I may raise him well as a good Christian and be a blessing always to everyone I meet everyday.

I thank people who regardless of our religious faith, touched me in small or big magnitude. I feel glad that I could help spread His good news even through blogging and I am even more glad that ministers, preachers, fellow Christians or not, can still meet online, upload sermons, watch sermons online. I must say, life is more difficult these days, a prayer, can indeed lighten our load, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So, I invite everyone online to listen to God's love and mercy through

Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh Geez!!! Im Turning 31 Years Old! - The only place for Myspace icons, Orkut avatars, and profile codes
Orkut Graphics

My birthday this June is soon to come and I just really dread it. Being 30's has its good points also. My reasons:

1. I am quite confident of myself and what I can do compared to a decade ago.
2. My views are respected by others even if they are wild and outer-space type.
3. I am settled with my job and family (though applying for a new job is really harder at 30's).
4. I am more to taking care of myself, fitness and all, and
5. I get wiser and more beautiful....... (10 years ago, I could cry over fat bellies and pimples!!! and just worry what others may say, now, to heck with them.)

So, Thank God, I am 31 years old, healthy, beautiful, sexier inside out and loving life more!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girlie Tag

I got this Girlie tag from Cel, tnx.

My Foundation: liquid foundation from Avon or Oil of Olay and Ponds Cream for everyday use
My Mascara: I dont use any, they sting!
My Blush: Avon
My Day Cream: Oil of Olay
My Lipstick: Careline
My Essential Beauty Product: Ponds or Olay or Dove
My favorite Make-up product: Avon or something from US (I forgot the brand)
My Perfume: Victoria's Secret, Treselle or any sweet smelling scent
My Nails: Sometimes, I just clean them myself or go to the parlor every other week
My Feet: Dove Pro-age or Cocoa butter of Uniliver
My hands: Dove Pro-age
Women I admire for their beauty: Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster and veteran actresses, local or not who still emit their beauty and grace in spite of their age.
Women with the best Sense of Style: Nicole Kidman, and others who are just beautiful in anything they wear.

How about you Tam, Tanya, Maureen, Angel?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Cake Personality

You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.

You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.

People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

This is really true for me. Eating chocolate cake is next to staying in heaven!!!

I am Sexy

You Are Boyish Sexy

You're the kind of girl who gets along with all the boys

Whether it's holding your own in a game of touch football...

Or kicking some major butt while playing Xbox.

You hang with the guys easily, while still keeping your girly sexiness.

This is really me. . . How about you?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Consuming the Endless Days

I was not at all Internet - person before but having too much time at hand, could really drive you crazy.

So, what do I do to maximize my free days before school class starts again? I have the following list:

1. Blogging, blogging, and more blogging
2. Watching movies, funny and freaky ones
3. Doing my handicrafting of accessories
4. Checking my emails just to see if opportunities are open for me (still, wala pa rin, hay!!!)
5. Visiting the same two malls here in GenSan just to cool off (hindi heat-proof bahay eh)
6. Driving my son crazy with my yelling and cuddling (he gets too hyper most of the time)
7. Texting anyone who has the load to respond
8. Eat meriendas with anyone at home
9. At night time, watch cd's again and blog again

What an exciting life!!!! I am thinking of Aerobics - Taebo, perhaps, that will can be added in my busy list. Well, until next blogging

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Hailed Spag Recipe-Who Wants To Try? myspace graphic comments
Myspace Worlds Best Comments & Graphics

I have been making the same old recipe of my spaghetti for 10 years ( no wonder, I have mastered it, geez!!!). I am quite glad, my friends and family were all kind and generous enough to praise my spaghetti. I would want to cook for all people I meet personally or virtually. So, here is the treasured recipe, passed on to me by an old friend.

400g pasta (of your choice)
2 cans of 380g spag meat sauce (can go with mushroom or sausages)
1 can condensed milk
1 bottle of sweet - spicy katchup
2 cups tap water
1/4 kg ground beef
diced garlic
diced onions
diced bell pepper (green is better to be distinguished from the sauce)
2 tablespoon oil
salt/pepper/seasoning to taste

Pasta -
1. Boil to cook your pasta. (Read the cooking instructions of pasta, PLEASE. Dont overcook or undercook it as you will taste disaster!)
2. Rinse the pasta with a tap water and drain. Separate it in a clean bowl.

Sauce -
1. Saute garlic, onions in an oil in your big pan.
2. Mix your ground beef with pinch of salt, pepper and seasoning into your pan. (This will make the meat tastier and less stink-smelling)
3. When the meat is brownish in color, mix your meat sauce, katchup, 1/3 of milk (lesser or more depending on your desired taste) and water. Bring to boil.
4. If the consistency seems ok and the taste seem better, you may add salt and pepper to your taste.
5. Separate now the cooked sauce in a bowl or you can mix this with your pasta.

VOILA! Dig in then! Let me know if you get this recipe right, if not, dont bother hahahahah!

You may want testimonies of this great sweet-spicy-yummy pasta, you can link to Jhonkie and Tammy( they are family, just an added info).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fashion Handcrafting and Blogging Mix

With too much free time at hand, my sister and I, decided to start a little business which interests us both, fashion accessories.

I was quite hesitant at first since, I am not that artistic, anyway, great artists started from scratch, so, I just dug my fingers in and started the designs of the earrings which I think I might personally want to have.

So, in between blogging, I have filled my time designing unique earrings and cellphone accessories.

I shall be glad if my friends-bloggers could comment on them. They can be sold at very cheap prices and can come in different designs. The prices may range from $1.00-$2.00 excluding freight. Do check my link for complete list of pics.

Huuray!!! PayPerPost Just Approved Me!

The days of waiting for PayPerPost are all finally over as they had approved my blog only within a week of submission!!! Great, indeed!

When I moved to General Santos City, I was out with no job at all. So, I asked my friend, Lerma how I can earn online because I dont want to leave my son at home. So, she introduced me to PayPerPost. I was all lost at first, not knowing really what to do. But, she patiently guided me around blogging and PayPerPost. Being new to blogging made it difficult to start with postings and linking with other blog elements and individuals. But I struggled to improve my blog, I met new friends in the blogosphere and helped me around blogging.

I submitted at first my blog to PayPerPost before it was 30 days old. But, the PayPerPost team was kind enough to give me their reasons for the decline, but I didnt lose hope because, other bloggers-friends of mine, confirmed that PayPerPost is really reliable and open for many opportunities. So, I just waited, wrote more and more . . . Now, I am a PPP Postie and great in blogging!!!!

I really love to write. I stopped this when I started teaching but having my long vacation has given me 24/7 free time and this allowed me to write only through a newer medium, blogging!!! Not only that, I could meet friends all over the world and earn at the same time.

What should I do with my PPP earnings? Hmmm, I have been wanting to have a new laptop, perhaps, I will soon buy it. Then, of course, girl's stuffs like fashionable pants, blouses, jewelry, makeup . .. . ( with these listings, I have to go for mooooore opportunities!).

So, fellow bloggers, newbies or not, hats off to PayPerPost and to all the Opportunities they can give us. For your opportunities and/or blog activities, do check their site payperpost.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crazy About BLogging

Blogging is as addicting as food, beauty or sex. Geez! Do you also believe in that? For me, it really is! I could spend fours just about blog hopping, surfing and networking!!!! So, I want to have this picture below for every one who is as crazy as me or worst about blogging.

So, I am tagging Tam, Jhonkie, Twerlyn, Cel.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Blog Opportunities Take Time

My blog was just approved by blogvertise under probationary status though, as it is not 60 days old yet. =) As in my previous post, blogging to earn really takes time . . . Well, all I could do is just write more and wait more. . . .

So, to all amateur bloggers, just hang on to that keyboard, you will soon get approved and paid. .. .

Lost in PayPal Translation

It has been a month since I applied for PayPal account but never really knew how to go around it as I dont have any mentor at regular rate. I was kept on being blocked whenever I reached the Bank Account panel. Worst, the bank's website where I applied my online account wasnt really that helpful at first. . . So, I was even more lost!!!! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Funny Picture Comments & Graphics

Good thing, I checked the local bank branch, inquired and read more the updates they made on their website. Now, at least, I know where I should be heading (after days of pressing headaches!!!)

Well, good luck to me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Get Your Blog Known and Paid Through Social Spark

I have been wanting to look for opportunities to upgrade my blog and get it known but to get paid as well for the things I love to write about. I am so lucky to find Social Spark a handy tool to notice my blog and get paid at the same time.

It is a tool for social media marketing, blog marketing and advertising where advertisers and bloggers all over the world can meet at any time and any place. I have created my Social Spark account in a snap!

Its ethics revolve around:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

or for other details, you may click on

So, if you want also to maximize your time, love writing and blogging about everything that interests you and want to earn at the same time, login now to

Widen NOW your blogging opportunities and get connected and paid right away. Best regards.

Just Filling the Day myspace graphic comments
Myspace Hello Comments

I have been doing nothing except, updating my blogs, watching cd's and updating my Friendster account. My sisters Xeria and Tammy had introduced me to great funny pictures from Zwani site and I just want to share these great pics to all my fellow bloggers. Have fun! myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Funny Picture Comments myspace graphic comments
Myspace Funny Picture Comments myspace graphic comments
Myspace Funny Picture Comments

Free Web Domain for Your Blogs!

A fellow blogger had recommended this site, Hyperwebenable which turns your blogs into websites with your own website name like at no cost at all!

So, I am recommending this site to fellow bloggers who are interested. You may click on the banner, Free Website for Your Blog.

Give me your feedbacks too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog Template Upgrade - What An Irritating Experience

I wanted to upgrade my blog template to 3-column design, but as I did the change, I somehow, lost the elements and the links I have labored and endured for at least a month. This really pissed me off. . .

It is only relieving, that, I was able to backtrack the changes I made and preserve my old template and its elements. But, this doesnt solve yet my problem. So, may I know from my fellow bloggers and blog experts, if there is a way to upgrade the template design without losing the elements I have created?

Cant wait to hear your suggestions. Thanx a lot.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Challenging Mountain Climb

My college friend, Donald had invited me a week ago to a Mountain-River-Ocean Adventure in Kiamba, and I right away, said "Yes" as I have been wanting some fun while in General Santos City. So May 14, 2008, we went to Kiamba, an east-coast municipality in Sarangani Province. What we tought as a 2-day affair was actually 4 days! So, I only worried as I packed only for 1-overnight sleep and 2-day food! Good thing, Donald helped me out with his ever-complete mountain climb stuffs, and the rest was fun.

There were other 15 climbers from Sarangani Province, and whew, I was all fascinated by their stuffs, from bags and tents to their portable burner. I only wanted to have all those basic essential as I want to climb and conquer more mountains.

In day 1, at 10:00 am, the trail started with a 1-hour-very-stiff climb to Sitio Falil, where families of Tiboli tribe reside. We had the chance to see a coffin made from Lawaan log, where a 70-old dead man had been lying in for 2-months. According to their priest, this burial ritual has long been practiced for 70 years. I could only laud them for preserving their culture. We had our compact lunch uphill the sitio in their school compound. The next trails led us to a more exhausting, leg-cramping walk (I only climbed twice in Zamboanga with 4-hours tops!). The hot sun drained us more, we had to quench our 2-liter water and refill them from the springs along the way. And, WOW, the water was all flowing, sweet and cold!!!!

The next hours of walk were all tiring, we would wish, we did not come at all. We traversed one river to proceed to the base camp. Geez, I could only catch my breath. But then, as we continued and when we were on one summit, and viewed the rest of the mountains we traversed and the panorama of Kiamba mountains, all our exhaustion could go vain, so we just continued, moved on! When, we reached the last stop toward the base camp, and saw the muddy, all stiff and dangerous climb down hill, I could feel my knees tremble of fear!!!! I could only pray that my son, Yuri, will be taken care of, just in case, something would go wrong. The 1 hour walk to base camp, took so long and fearsome!!!! It was 6:00 pm, and the trail became dim and futile, I could only hold on to my trail pole and other climbers to guide me.

When we reached the base camp, I saw Donald and Bulingking, our other climb companion, set our dinner and sleep tent. I could only retire on a bench and massage my legs and my feet. WOW! I could still feel my body tremble from the last downhill climb.

We retired with a half-cup liquor to relax me and speed up my sleep. I could then feel that every bone I had was aching and complaining from the 8-hour-day climb!

The next morning was more relaxed, but still dreadful as we have to traverse the almost-90-degree climb uphil. It took us 1 hour to finish it, but we had to pass on our bags to the porter, as they exhausted us more. The next 7-hour walks were lighter, as we would head to Tuka Beach for the supposed snorkeling, but the strong rain changed our itenerary, so we only headed to the beach for evening socials. My feet were all full of blisters from the hike, I could only look forward to sink my legs to the nice beach of Kiamba.

Reaching the final stop in Woodbridge Resort, I just took off my hiking clothes, stayed on my swim wear, and plunged directly into the sea. What a relief!!!!!!!

We consumed the night, with the locals' sugar cane wine, called "Basi." It was sweet, a little bitter but had that warming effect from the wind and the sea-soaked body. We mingled then with the rest of the climbers and just had fun from the climb that just concluded. I hit the bed and dozed right away.

The next morning, I could only bid my new friends goodbye as I had to go back to Gensan. They would still await the snorkeling that still has to happen.

We look forward to the next adventure of climb, water tubing, snorkeling and many more with Kiamba locals and othe climbers. The experience was very great, fun-filled and worth-every-bone-pain experience!!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My First Online Paid Opportunity

I am just new in blogosphere to fill my time and of course to earn a little. I just subscribed for free in Hits4pay. You are paid by simply reading advertisement mails! WOW, I never knew earning could really be this easy!

So, fellow bloggers, why dont you also try this site. Give me too your views on this!

To Do Tag

To Do Tag

Thanks Cel for this how-to-do tag insight. I have been wondering what tag means in blogosphere and how it is actually done. You have just answered one of my pressing blog questions. . . .Gracias!

What should I actually do today? Since, it is always raining, I must:

1. Do my 3-day laundry (they already stink);
2. Watch the soon-to-be due rented cd's (10.00/cd/day is too much to pay for a jobless like me);
3. Prepare my stuffs for a 2-day mountain climbing, water tubing and snorkeling tomorrow (I just bought my 2-piece swim wear, whew!);
4. Update my blog and connect with fellow bloggers(I have to think well what else to write);
5. Bond with my son (he is driving every one else crazy!!!)

I am passing this tag to Tammy, Jhonkie, and Erlyn.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Invading Airsoft Competition

When I started joining Airsoft wargames, I would always be filled with intense excitement, fear and eagerness. Every Sunday when I was still in Zamboanga City, the Zamboanga Airsoft Team would always meet in any of the special war sites that we have. Originally, the team was just filled with muscle-and-gut-filled men, but to date, we have 3 ladies to boost: Mila, Sugar and of course ME!

The first local competition that they joined was the Guera Guera sa Ecozone in February 2008, where the two teams of ZAS bagged the Championship and First runner - up posts. I only watched the action on my warm bench, but as I saw them devoured their enemies with their fearless moves and tactics, I could only feel pride that I belong to this team.

Now, they just won the recently concluded Zamboanga City-wide Airsoft competition with 9 fierce contendors. . . . I missed their competition but seeing their pictures and website,, I would feel as if, I was also expecting and cheering for them. Their Sunday practices, teamwork and friendship really made a difference not only in their friendly wargames but quite evident as well in all the competitions they joined in. No wonder, they bagged too the championship trophy!

Congratulations fellow ZAS. Hoohah!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting HTML Codes for Pics

With all the stuffs bloggers can add to spice their blogs, sometimes one can only have headache with too much websites at hand to pump that blog better.

As I view my friends blog, I cant help but notice good blinkies from the site of Glitters. But, I was all confused how I can attach them to my site, and so, I tried Photobucket. But, geez, they got me more lost.

My sister, Tammy however directed me to, and wow, I got all the codes for my pics in a snap. I got to even create a sample Acrobat cube.

So fellow bloggers, try all these sites.

Happy Mother's Day

Ode to Mothers
– Kristin F. McKendall

Mothers are human, and can only do so much.

Mothers cannot do it all
But surely do they try.
Mothers hear the angel's call,
To comfort all who cry.
Mothers for themselves may fall,
For others they will fly.
Mother's bear the weight of all,
For their children,
they would die.
A Mother's gift extends beyond all bounds of time and space.
Her lovingness and nurturing make Earth a peaceful place.

Happy Mother's Day to all mom's,mom-pretends, acting mom's and soon-to-be moms. I got the poem and pictures above from They speak if not all how mom's love could be that great and enduring.

Every second Sunday of May is attributed to all the mom's in the world. We celebrate this as Mother's Day. But, we should note that we must continually express, Mother's Day or not, our undying appreciation,warmth, care and love to our Mom's, great or not. We cannot claim that all mom's are the best but, I believe when they choose to give birth to us, that alone is an expression of great love. And so, in spite of the bad choices for or actions they made on us, we should not cease in saying "I Love You Mom."

I was not really that close to my Nanay but then as we grow up, as we face life's troubles, I tend to recognize the sufferings she had to endure for me and my siblings. I began to heed what parenting really is when I started to have and raise my own child. So, I only feel gladness and love for my Nanay, who has forgotten her own basic needs just to raise us well, bring us the best education she and tatay can offer, instill in us the love and kindness for the family and others. So, what half I am now, I owe it well to my Nanay. Thank you, my beloved Nanay. You are the best!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Just About Blogging

I never really realized blogging could be fun but really hard and hard work too. As I exchange links with fellow bloggers, I could actually get some tips as to how to improve my very amateur blog. I could not deny though that even I am an IT enthusiast, I am still confused with all the blogging techies. Thanks to my friend-blogger, Twerlyn, she never denied my queries and persistence. Tnx Lyn!

I just got approved from after seeing it on one of my friends' blogs. At least, my queries and all somehow paid off. hahhahahha. This site can also monetize your blog and increase its traffic and they approve faster though.

So to all amateur bloggers and still grasping in the dark, just keep on searching, getting that headaches, but blogging still. Have fun!

Why I Blog?

Why do I really blog? At first, my vacation gives me a number of time, that it is really driving me crazy. So I make use of my 24/7 on blogging. Then, of course, I want to earn extra by simply writing about what I really like. But, as I do my blogging, and trying to improve the basics of my blog, I got to meet new friends, see other opportunities online and just know about other techies.

So, not only that blogging requires passion, but it also entails patience and resourcefulness. But, it is quite fun to meet new people and see the other side of the world!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Raining Days in Memory Lane

It has been days that the sky is pouring and since last week, the weather here in General Santos City has been quite erratic. Although, I love to see the rain but not when you are out looking for fun. . .

Staying in Gen. Santos for almost a month now has allowed me to see old friends from old school. Some never really changed in appearance while others are still a BIG SNOB. But, you would just remember the fun you had when you were in school with wacky classmates. Now, almost everyone has a family and kids to boost. =)

But, it is quite cool and fulfilling to see how time can really fly fast and that old friends are still there. I still hope to see the rest of my college fellows and paint the town red again. . .. .

My Flip Flop

What Your Flip Flops Say About You

You live to have fun, and your sense of humor is downright goofy.

You are a big kid on the inside, and you have a very open heart.

You try to make every day feel like a vacation, even if you have other responsibilities.

Each day, you make a little bit of time to play and let loose.

Your ideal warm weather place: Disney World

Monday, May 5, 2008

Jogging with my SOn

It has been two consecutive jogging mornings that I was with my sisters, Tammy and Xeria and my son, Yuri. WHew, while I jog, they just walk.hahhahha.

BUt it is always nice and cool to spend the early morning, sweating and having fun time with your siblings and sonny, and blogging afterwards. hahaha. my fats are just bulking up after the sweat. thanks for hours of blogging and 30-minute jogging. =)

Have to go then, to burn little fats by walking home. =)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What My Birth MOnth Means

Your Birth Month is June

Peaceful and harmonious, you seek the gentle side of life.

Your warmth and consideration touches many.

Your soul reflects: Friendship, love, and beauty

Your gemstone: Pearl

Your flower: Rose

Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream

My Personality Test

I got this from one of blog hoppings. Cool hahhahha

You Are the Ego

You take a balanced approach to your life.
You definitely aren't afraid to act out on your desires - even crazy ones.
But you usually think first. Morals drive you as much as hedonism does.
You've been able to live a life of pleasure... without living a life of excess.
Are You Id, Ego, or Superego?