Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Entertainment for Us

When December came, the mood in the Philippines is always festive. We can't wait enough for reunions, parties and long vacations with families and friends.

We consume the long days with movie marathons, and exhibits while others go for recreational events including Online gambling, indoor sports, beaches and shoppings. 

When work and school resume January 4, it is only high time when every one gets to have fun during the holidays after a year of hard labor, economic recession and tragedies.

Our family in Wisconsin did battle the long winter but overall, they had great time during the Christmas break. We sure want our loved ones to enjoy the holidays in any way they can.

My youngest sibling and her fiance did come for the holiday. We only maximize the holiday breaks for any fun stuffs.

Sarah Geronimo Concert Blog Contest Grand Prize: Me!

The blogger - winners during Sarah Geronimo Concert in Gensan City

This is quite too late for a post, but I failed to mention that I indeed won from Sarah Geronimo Next One Concert in Gensan  through my entry.

I have won gift certificates, VIP concert tickets and I simply had fun from hearing beautiful songs from great artists. 

I have to thank Michael Wee, the concert producer and owner of Grab a Crab and Coffee Club and Bariles for initiating concert. 

I can't wait for the next concert again. hahhahaah!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Be a Sensible Patient

Who does not want to look good and feel good? I am pretty sure that everyone clamors for this state of feeling and wanting.

With the fast – changing lifestyle, sensible diet and regular exercise seem a struggle and futile. No wonder there is a dramatic increase of obese or overweight people nowadays than the time when TV or computer was not invented yet. 

With entertainment technology and fast food, weight problems have become a global problem not only among the old but also among the young ones who are supposed to be active and athletic but now have gone obese.

The struggling endeavor for weight loss through strict diet or tedious exercise with less visible effects makes people go for cosmetic surgery including liposuction.

However, although cosmetic surgery is optional for some who have exhausted all means to gain that desired weight loss, a cosmetic surgery is only the most preferred solution. Patients however, must go for qualified physicians since there are cases of plastic surgeries that have gone wrong.

Plastic surgeries have dramatically improved too that there is a thing like smart liposuction. One can easily experience fast – healing, less – scars and more effective liposuction from sono bello.

What gains increasing popularity is the  use of  laser – assisted body sculpting that can go through difficult areas where traditional liposuction can’t make through. Further, since it is heat – based, it encourages the body’s natural healing that makes the patient recuperates within 48 hours. 

Physicians of smart liposuction claim the following benefits from this procedure. They are the following:

  • It offers the smoothest, best body-contouring results.
  • It entails only a short recovery time.
  • Minimal discomfort is involved.
  • It is safer than traditional liposuction.
  • It tightens the skin around the treatment area.
  • It is more affordable than traditional liposuction.
  • The results are permanent.

Patients  then must assess well the pros and cons of this procedure and if they must seek the professional advice of their doctors before they subject to any cosmetic procedure as risks are always there when any surgery is involved.

It is then imperative that we are better informed than experience evitable ill consequences.  

Finally Done with Twilight Saga

While everyone else had done reading this quite famous book, I just had the entire four books read during the entire week.

The e-books were given to me by a blogger - friend a year ago but since I had no time and had no patience reading, I simply watched the movies. But, after seeing New Moon and quite lost with all the scenarios, I went through the hard prints. Gosh, the book is better understood for a more vivid scenario. ahahhahhah! What can I expect anyway? LOL!

I finally finished them in between school classes,  business, blogging and all. I had to miss checking my test papers though just to finish reading. And, I must say, it was all worth it. Hurray!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Religious Chistmas Comments

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big and Tall Clothes

It is quite frustrating that some apparel stores only cater to medium - sized people. Sometimes, customers would have to customize their purchases to fit to their statistics.

This is quite true for us since my kid is quite big for his age. I have to go to scout harder for his clothing. We have to scout for quality kids' stuffs too since substandard stuffs don't last for his weight and mobility.

It is however, nice to know that there are Big and Tall Clothes for Big and Tall men. Further, they have accessories, Big and Tall jackets, shoes and more.

Our big customers would normally feel disappointed that our fashion boutique don't offer plus sizes. It shall be a great news to them to know that there are online stores for best buys.

Acting as Saleslady

My cousin - store attendant was absent today. So, we endure the frenzy moves of orders left and right. Gosh, I could feel my fingers went numb and complaining.

My feet and shoes are all drained and stained. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I am only counting the days that everything would be over and that we can resume to our usual works.

Every night we have to stay until 12 to close. I must however, stay up longer since I have to write for my blogs. hahahhaha!

I simply feel so drained. No wonder, most of the sales persons are grumpy. Their work is pretty tiring if not boring.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everything New!

It is December officially and we are just too excited to wait for vacation and experience more time for family and rest.

But with the coming new year, we have this feeling of deja-vu too to hope for better life, new ventures, more posts to write, new blogs. I had started a blog in Wordpress but the theme is still generic, so I shall soon work on its Wordpress theme.

I wish better life for my loved ones, good health for everyone too. But, most likely, our boutique will be at the mall, so, this requires greater pressure as we need to have regular new stuffs to beckon customers. My food business will be in place too.

New year shall be a new busier year for us.

I Am Dead!

Forgive my title but this is really what I feel. I am dead tired working day in and out. I attend to the family in the morning, head to the boutique store in the morning, go and teach to my afternoon class, go to our food stall every late afternoon, blog in the evening. I simply sleep around 1 am and sleep for 5-6 hours.

These are my regular activities not counting the other things I have to do for the store or class. Geez!!!! I am no superwoman and I am simply drained.

I found hobby that can get me relaxed, reading Twilight Series. Hahahahah!!!!

Wish me well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Am Older and Bigger

Medical studies show that as a person gets older, he gets bigger unless he lives a healthy lifestyle and with regular exercise.

This is pretty true for me because as I age, I find it difficult to lose the extra bulges. Worst, I get heavier each day because I don't jog anymore and I spend most of my time before my computer or TV. Having a food store only aggravates the condition.

I could not blame others who go through plastic surgery to shed off that extra bulges. Looking good contributes to feeling good. Thus, this is only explains the passion most people have for plastic surgery.

However, there are also plastic surgeries that have gone bad. Although these are rare and isolated, they can scare away potential patients who would want to consider cosmetic surgery but too afraid to handle the risks. It is then, important that they only consider qualified and competent plastic surgeons who really have the appropriate trainings.

I was able to witness one video of how traditional liposuction removed unwanted fats. It was quite gross and painful. And since the surgery is quite serious, the patients require longer recuperating time.

However, technology on cosmetic surgeries have improved already. One of the safest and most effective media in weight - loss surgeries now covers laser lipolysis a.k.a smart liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction, smart lipo does not use suction. It makes use of tiny cannula covering the laser to liquefy the fats and then, they are drained through a tiny incision. With this method, most patients can right away resume to their regular doings like work after 24 hours. The pain is less to moderate within 48 hours and normally, patients simply go through a local anesthesia.

Smart lipo has greater advantages over traditional liposuction. First, the cannulas are small thus, the incisions are smaller too producing only small scars. Second, smart lipo can work on difficult areas like chin, upper arms, waist, face, and male breasts. Lastly, the heat energy from this method makes body's natural healing works, making the treated tissues tighter and smoother.

Adults who have good health and stable weight within the year can apply for this procedure.

It is now easy to look for Smart Lipo through the competent hands of physicians from sono bello. The clinic performs greater numbers of successful micro laser assisted liposuctions and laser sculpting than most clinics. The procedures indeed guarantee permanent fat loss at safest way and reasonable rates.

It is only imperative that potential patients know the benefits of smart lipo and that the physicians are qualified otherwise, they may risk their health and lose much from jeopardize plastic surgeries.

Cosmetic surgeries should make us look good not the other way around.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Basketball is Just My Thing!

Coca-Cola Tigers vs Talk ' Text on December 5, Lagao Gym, General Santos City

I am hardly a sports person. Other than watching Pacman on the big screen, I can only settle for basketball games. I guess, I got this liking from the influence and inclination of my close male friends and husband.

Geez, I can never nudge them an inch when they are already hooked to basketball plays. I can't blame them because excitement is usually intense that I would somehow feel my heartbeat drum together with the cheers and boo's of the audience.

Basketball is quite a game among Filipinos and naturally, it has become a favorite past time other than watching teleseries or betting on lotto.

So, when I read through GenSan News Online Mag that another big event shall be coming over to Gensan, I can only be pretty excited since two (2) of known PBA teams, Coca-Cola Tigers vs. Talk 'n Text Tropang Texters in Gensan will bring the hype of the PBA game on December 5, 2009 at Lagao Gym.

I give tributes to all its generous sponsors, General Santos Local Government and PaperView Office and School Supplies for making this Christmas Holiday much brighter and fun. This city has become more and more known because of national artists and VIP's visiting our beloved GenSan.

The place shall be sure jammed with supporters and fans of these two great teams. Best of all, two of the key players are hailed from SOCCSKSARGEN namely, Koronadal City's Kenneth Duremdes, 1998 MVP Player and now, coach for Coca Cola and Gensan's Francis Allera, small forward for Coca Cola team.

I can't wait to cheer for the team and say boo should I see dirty tricks but what I am more excited to do is to have my big smile for a camera shot with these big giants.

Should I miss this big exciting day? Definitely not!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I Must Watch Sarah Geronimo's Next One Concert

I came to know the name Sarah Geronimo when she gave a heart - breaking rendition of the song Broken Vow from the original play in Meteor Rain (Meteor Garden II) when Sancia and Dao Ming Si were parting ways because of Yesha! I could only contain the overwhelming emotion from loss, love and soul of the story, the song and the singer.

I could only wonder with admiration and praise how a teenager and a novice can carry out a song with so much power and emotion.

Since her winning piece of "To Love You More" from Star For A Night hosted by Ms. Regine Velasquez, Sarah rose to stardom and has conquered the reigning title of Pop Princess.

But, just like any other successful leader or artist, Sarah went through a difficult ordeal of regular practices, unceasing singing contests and stage shows as early as 2 years old, and restrained lifestyle from a mediocre family earnings. But, these only directed Sarah to the kind of success she savors now.

And just like the famous author Helen Keller, a blind and deaf author-political activist, says, and I quote:

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.

Sarah Geronimo is an inspiration to the youth that anyone can just dream big and do big in spite of financial limitations or social stature. With unbending will, anyone can do more to overcome his average skills.

And so, when I heard from GenSan News Online Mag that she is coming over again to General Santos CITY for a Sarah Geronimo-the Next One Concert, I feel that I must see this young lady perform live on December 11, 2009 at Lagao Gym.

I am only happier that once again, our beloved producer, Mr. Michael Wee and sponsors have initiated the 5 Reasons why you should watch ‘The Next One Concert’ BLOG Contest where any blogger can win fabulous prizes to this most awaited pop concert.

But, why should I watch this concert, let me present my overwhelming reasons.

1. Sarah Geronimo is an icon for DREAMS and MAGIC. A daughter of a retired PLDT father and a parlor owner, she proved that anyone who simply pursues his dreams in spite of economic limitations or otherwise, can conquer his dreams and make miracles and magic come to life.

2. Sarah Geronimo is an epitome of CHARACTER. In spite of what she had accomplished as a singer and performer, she never failed to remain humble, kind-hearted, dedicated and persevering.

In all the interviews I heard about her, never did I hear she complained about her long and hectic schedules or competitions with other rising singers or bragged about her earnings or assets.

She still remains to heed what her family would say and enjoys every time she can with her loved ones. No wonder, fans incuding me, continue to adore this sweet lady. She manifests values of respect, love for family and others, honor and dedication among other things which other people on and off showbiz fail to exhibit after all the glory and social recognition.

Sometimes, we have to humble ourselves for what we have achieved to really savor true happiness at its most basic definition. Sarah Geronimo makes my mindset this way.

3. Sarah Geronimo is a true ARTIST. As a young artist, she can capture her audience remarkably with the strength of her voice and with the heart of her songs. She can make her listeners feel every pain, joy, hope or loss from how she would deliver the songs. She can make an ordinary old song come to life and her stage energy can only influence you to enjoy the music, to enjoy life. She can perform with others without overwhelming them. This shows a strong sense of respect and humility for other artists.

4. Sarah Geronimo is LIFE. Being old is not easy at all. We seem to complain more and more about work, relationships, time and people. But, Sarah is a reminder of the kind of energy or lack thereof, when we were younger. She is reminder that we too in spite of our age, can have fun with what we do love, that we too can enjoy life because our loved ones are around us and that we can enjoy life because we have it in our hearts, that we can enjoy life through the lapses, and difficulties we have.

5. And lastly, I have to watch this concert because I shall be seeing more than one hope, more than one inspiration, and more than one remarkable artist. Sarah Geronimo and her guest performers, Jay-R, Billy Crawford, Mark Bautista, Simon Wood and Jimmy Marquez, shall be conquering the night and shall be filling us with heart-warming and inspiring songs that we can all use especially through our moments of despair and loss from political, economic and social turmoils the country is in.

They are young artists that make each one of us proud that we are Filipinos and that we have talents with great heart and humility at par with international renowned performers.

I have to see this concert because I am proud that I shall come to hear great songs from great Filipino artists.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bleak Holidays for Some Friends

In the Philippines, Christmas time is a special occasion for reunions and family bonding. Thus, relatives even from distant locations call for a vacation to join their loved ones.

Some of my friends who are way past 30 years old, do check chat rooms and sites for available partners all over the world.

Any one who looks for Jewish singles Los Angeles can check a very good site for potential romantic relationship or otherwise. Also, there are Chicago Jewish singles and more Los Angeles Jewish singles flock the site. Jewish are quite particular with traditions. Thus, if you look for a Jewish partner, do check a good site.

There are a number of dating sites but I have to warn my friends from dangerous sites and advice them to only go for decent dating websites to fill their holiday vacations and more.

We Condemn the Maguindanao Massacre

Election in the Philippines is always marred by violence, deceit among other things. Each politician has his own platform to institute change but corruption for one, is systemic to the Philippine government that total change shall remain a remote possibility.

And with the upcoming election in May 2010, the Philippine history is again disgraced by the passion of people for power regardless of the means.

According to the news, 46 persons, mostly women and mediamen were slaughtered by allegedly people of the reigning political in Maguindanao. We only wish that justice is duly served and that all other election-related incidents in the future will cease to exist.

So, I am posting this black ribbon to sympathize with the bereaved family and that those who are accomplices and main culprits will be brought to justice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Need Some Fun and Rest!

Since the start of September this year, the family has been very busy with our business endeavors. My parents are into the furniture business more than 15 years while we just started with our boutique and just recently, my younger sibling joined me in the food cart industry.

Somehow, it helps that my younger sister, Tammy, helps us in the marketing and sales promotion as I do the management, financial and operational. However, I also do part time teaching and night blogging that time has been scarce that I can hardly breathe with all the things I have to and must do.

When the days are bleak, we spend the time with movie marathon. My sister and I simply love to watch Korean teledramas for hours and sometimes, we find these recreational and relaxing. In most cases, my kid and husband bring me to the local park for an hour or so for soothing isolation. All these help me relax. When we were in our old home, we joined the airsoft games every Sunday where we had to bring our gun replicas, pellets, and war suits for fun and exercise. This recreational activity led us to network with other people outside our acquaintances and friends.

My kid has his own way to relax too. Normally, he joins my nephew and sometimes, the neighbors in games. Also, they watch cartoons or movies after school or simply indulge themselves in PSP or gameboy when school is off during the weekends.
But, we quite love games for fun although my father in-law is inclined to responsible gambling that he would try to go to casinos with his friends whenever he can. He had a renowned reputation for pool games, bowling and cards in the city that when they migrated to US, he had missed playing but when they went to Las Vegas, he and his close buddy simply had the best time.

Casinos are everywhere and you can even play online casinos but not all casinos are better. That is why, it pays off to check reviews of casinos for better and pleasant experience. For US players, there are US – friendly casinos that can welcome them. They can play online slots GoldList and win bonuses from casinos online proudly.

When you are in casinos, boredom is not an option. You have to have fun may it be through traditional casino tables and parlor games to high – end jackpots.

And, if you are looking for casino bonuses, there is a website that can freely update you with the best options with easy payouts.

When we play, we always think of winning. Thus, it is pointless to waste time and money playing for a casino that you will have to wrestle with just to get your winnings.
Also, it pays to go for big casinos because of these reasons:

• Large support staff
• Faster payouts
• Can be contacted by phone or live-chat 24/7
• Have better sign-up bonuses
• No strange terms & conditions
• Larger payout percent

So, fun gambling is ok but only if you are responsible.

What Kind of City Dweller Are You?

You Are a Fabulous and Sophisticated City Dweller

You've got big city taste in everything! You love to shop at the finest stores, eat at the best restaurants, and take in the greatest cultural experience.

You admit you're a snob, but you have to be honest: almost everything is better in the city.

You love that the city is full of beautiful people, and you love being one of those people... even if it costs you a fortune to dress that way.

Life is short, so you might as well live it up while you can. And there's no better way to live it up than in the city.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Am Getting Tired but Restless

Since we decided to have the mall exhibit last September, the days have been frantic and exhausting. We have to juggle between two stores, other work and family.

I did resign from my former eight (8) - to - five (5) job to give way to the family business and family but when the exhibit came and my new parttime job started, I could not find the time to go exercise and simply enjoy watching movies.

The late sleeps, stress and weather won't help too. My allergies occur more than usual and I get to have headaches and back pains more than I should.

I have my medicines and vitamins with me but, with my busy schedule, I tend to forget taking them on time and sometimes completely forgetting them.

Pharmacies in General Santos City and in most urban cities in the Philippines are rarely open 24 hours a day. A client would have to scout for available pharmacies and risks the costs.

So, it pays to have online pharmacies. But, in most cases, prescriptions would have to be secured in buying medicines especially pain relievers because they can be addicting or can cause serious health disorders or side effects.

One of the commonly used pain killers is Tramadol. Tramadol is the generic form of Ultram. It is an analgesic used to address pains. Patients and clients can buy tramadol online now for some tramadol hcl 50 mg tablets bluebook without the worry of a prescription. TramadolBlueBook was organized by a physician in 2006 to help those who seek pain killers at reasonable rates and more accessible and convenient way. It actually checks if the online pharmacies are credible enough and buyers can compare tramadol prices.

I have high tolerance for pains but I hardly can endure my bone, tooth and back pains that I take pain killers too. But, just like any medicine, any overuse of the drug may lead to unwanted results including death. Thus, I am normally careful with medicines. I read the label, its indications, warnings, and prescription to make sure that my family and I are indeed taking the right medicines at the right dosage and time.

So, if you are searching for pain killers for a valid and legal reason, order tramadol online now.

Do I See PayingPost/Blogadvertisingstore A Scam?

I did first try Payingpost early this year when I was still new with blogging. At that time, the payout was only 50$ with big offers. And, the payout was always on the first day of the next month.

However, the opportunities for Payingpost became scarce until recently when I got a few until I reached their new payout of $100. Problem started to occur when Payingpost now called Blogadvetisingstore did not pay on time. My sister, Tammy shared the same sentiments. Thus, our disappointments were not anymore contained that I told here to seek the help of advertisers since Payingpost would not respond to their support queries and complaints.

After seeking third - party help and days of waiting, Payingpost finally paid as I wrote on previous post. But, after posting this, several other bloggers sought my help and I was only willing to give them the ways.

Unfortunately, Payingpost did not respond to the same strategy my sister and I did. If a blogger will check if Payingpost is a scam or not, you can ask other bloggers if they are paid. But, I discourage myself and my sister to continue writing for this site because in the future, help can be nowhere to get. We were just lucky once, we dont want to gamble again.

You can check the bloggers below for their feedbacks if they have finally received their payments.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Am Back To School!

Today is the first day of school and I felt quite tense since I am now working with my old employer eight (8) years ago. I was to meet my classes and I was quite happy when three (3) of my old students from my previously resigned school showed up in my classroom.

But, one thing about school uniform is that schools tend to be so strict with dress codes, especially for us faculty and personnel. Somehow, we have to be consistently modest with our dress and uniforms especially our undergarments like bras with bright colors.

So, when one is a corporate professional or employee, one can adopt conservative dress styles including the choice of undergarments.

There are undergarments now that are comfortable, sexy, inexpensive but are of safe colors and styles. There are Chantelle bras and Wacoal bras among the popular brands that can be ordered online and shipped within USA and even across the world.

But, if one likes to have sexy lingerie, undergarments for men, swimwear, camisoles, tshirts from different favorite brands, there is simply a site for all of these.

And if you want discounts, gift certificates or special offers, the site provides these at regular periods. Now that the Christmas holidays are coming, there are simply great choices to choose from.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Payingpost Finally Paid Me! Hurray!

After days of being pissed off because of Payingpost passive action, I did take initiative of asking its advertisers for assistance. One of their advertisers was kind enough to help me get the much needed response. And, after the email, I was paid in minutes, my much awaited payout! Hurray! So, now I recalled all the words I said about this site.

I was however, advised to email again Payingpost and gave a CC copy to the advertiser. Here is a copy my email:

As advice by one of your advertisers, Bidhere that I should email you with a copy of this directed to them, I am again requesting your company to give the payments of $117.00 which is supposed to be paid out last November 1, 2009.

I did write my honest reviews promptly and eagerly knowing that your company is legitimate. I have read your rules and have abided them, I only demand that you exercise your duty as a professional company. I did write you more than once requiring you to at least explain the delay, but you simply ignored my emails that I was compelled to ask from your advertisers their own assistance to check if you are indeed a scam or not. I am only fortunate that BIDHERE.COM was kind enough to give me your contact info since your website contact remain non-responsive.

We all know the power of online advertising, and convincing other bloggers that your company is a total scam and badmouth the sites that your company work for may not at all do good to your company and to all the advertiser your company work for and the potential advertisers who may want to consider your services.

You have explained to my sister, Tammy who recently received her payment after she complained to one of your advertisers that the cause of delay was simply to check on the links, I have waited more than months to expect the payment I am due for all my approved reviews, an appropriate action on your end should have speed up the re-checking and pay us ontime. Further, a reply on my queries could have enlighten me and other angry bloggers and not worsen the situation. I respect your company and its rules and I only demand that the same courtesy is given to me.

All of my posts were approved month(s) ago, and every post is active, there is no reason for you to delay or not pay me at all. I quite understand your rules of changing your payout from $50 to $100 but I shall never tolerate being ignored and cheated.

I have promoted your site and the advertisers' to my family, fellow bloggers and friends in US and in other parts of the world. I don't want to wait that they too shall see you and your advertisers in the bad light.

I only demand what is due for me and extend the same courtesy and action you did for my sister and for my months of labor and waiting.

Your kind action on this request shall make a difference.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Their Life after Eye Operation

Our vision is one of the most basic essentials in living normally otherwise we experience great discomfort or disability.

I could not imagine life without my eyesight. However, as a teacher and programmer for over a decade, vision constraint is one of my health problems. I was diagnosed with myopia or a visual defect where distant objects appear blurred. So, I have hard time reading and seeing from afar. My husband has farsightedness problem on the other hand.

We wear eye glasses to somehow aid us but oftentimes, this treatment is only superficial and temporary. So, I was quite excited when I first heard of Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedure to correct some major eye problems. This procedure has made tremendous help to anyone who has eye defects.

And, I am more excited that Abbot Medical Options, Inc (AMO), a global leader in laser eye corrections, has started the iLASIK Video Contest to see how lives have improved after the iLASIK procedure.

One can submit, view and vote a video of how iLASIK surgery has made a difference. More importantly, great prizes of $5,000.00, almost the iLASIK market value, shall await the grand prize winner. Anyone ages 21 or above in 50 United States or in the District of Columbia can participate with free registration.

Their great prizes include camcorders and HDTV and their criteria require overall creativity, originality and humor, association with the topic of better vision and popularity.

This contest is really worth the time!


My Sister and I are Busy Bees!

My sister, Tammy and I had long started the boutique business. We did sell RTW's and a number of chic accessories for all ages.

But, having a store is not quite easy. Our time is all filled up with ways how we can reach to our customers and offer them what they want.

Lately, however, we have exhibits at malls and goodness, we have to take turns in overseeing it.

Tammy, also decided to start her own stocks, so we are all consumed daytime by business and blogging at nighttime. hahahhahahah!

I just don't know how we can manage all these when I start my parttime teaching next week. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Love Holiday Months!

When September comes, the mood in the Philippines becomes more festive because it tells that Christmas holidays shall be soon coming. The weather also changes because one can always feel the colder temperature.

And, to go with this festive mood, is the time for Christmas songs and decors on almost all establishments. Of course, I could not help but enjoy the nice mood too.

So, I always sport red outfit, accessories and I simply love this red - frame eye glasses I found from the wide - arrayed of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses from online only at $9.95!

My personal favorite for the Holidays!

So, holidays are always our personal likings. We get to enjoy the occasion and the family regardless of how we celebrate it. Early gift shopping is also part of the usual works we do for Christmas.

I wish to give my old folks some $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses from their collection of New Arrivals. However, I have to scout some other gifts like toys among other things for the rest of the family.

We Are on All Saints' Day

It is November 1 and it's All Saints Day. The Philippine government has declared today and tom, Nov. 2 as legal holidays to give homage to the dead.

However, for most Filipino families, these are the days to gather as family, while visiting their loved ones in the cemetery. Unlike in the old days, when the mood was gloomy, halloween days are however, festive.

One can only see in cemeteries, street parties, singing and drinking (if not at all guarded). For some, they make use of the long holidays in secluded areas for relaxation. My family however, stays at home, prepare Filipino delicacies like biko, suman among others to be offered to the dead after some prayers.

Filipinos do have odd ways of celebrating All Saints' and All Souls' Days but these are opportunities to remember our dead loved ones while enjoying time with the living.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party for Us!

There shall be a Halloween Party around the city and we are quite excited seeing nice hippie Halloween costumes to boot!

The kids sport on these spooky skeleton costumes for the school halloween program. They were simply excited to scare off everyone including the little baby at home.

Hope to get some relaxation from the parties with friends soon.

my kid and nephew on their school halloween party!

I Am Writing Proposals and More Proposals

I finished three proposals last night and a tedious work plan for an NGO. Sigh, I borrowed some movie cd's but I never enjoyed watching them, since I was all occupied filling the contents of my proposals and strategic and financial reports.

I am unemployed but fully loaded with the family business and voluntary works. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

So, this is my motivation: myspace graphic comments
Myspace Work Graphics

My Declining Driving Skills

I have been driving but whenever I can, I avoid doing this. I guess, I am simply afraid of committing road accidents.

But, what I am also afraid of having is the time I will be getting some car problems while on the road. I wish to know some car basic troubleshooting and do some car upgrades to make the vehicle more presentable.

Glad to know that auto parts can be ordered online at free shipping delivery. They simply have wide range of car parts for almost all car brands. Cool! And for any year model or car types, they simply have the choices at full guaranty.

My friend who owns a 1935 Volkswagen would simply love to hear this!

I'm Doing Volunteer Works for Service

I was officially resigned from my old NGO job but I was called to work on extended service since I still dont have my replacement. I was asked if I will be getting extra pay on the services I am doing, I simply said, I am doing the works for service.

I made use of my other times to update on some NGO works and to work on some plans. They are quite draining but I do hope they will get the staff needed since there are some pending projects to be implemented.

Otherwise, my voluntary works may continue for much longer time. These are just ok but when classes do begin and the business takes its peak, it will be harder on both ends.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Kids Are on Vacation!

The country has declared November 1 and 2 as holidays. Thus, local schools have made used of the holidays as inclusive day offs in their school breaks.

My Grade 1 kid and nephew and my fourth year high school sister had their breaks too. Their report cards on the first two quarters were given to us already. I have to say, they did not do well on Mathematics and on our country's language.

So, I can only search for online references and tutorials on Math problems and Math answers. What is most difficult is solving Math word problems. Thus, if students are low in comprehension, solving this becomes a terrible ordeal.

Normally, students hate Algebra and some Algebra word problems. But, with the surge of internet, there are now online tutorials, including Algebra help and Algebra 2 help for all students on a 24/7 online support at reasonable rates.

Subjects now are more difficult than when I was student, but with help and student's diligence, any subject can be handled well.

Busy Busy Days Ahead For Me!

I am officially back from a vacation in Zamboanga City. And although, I had fun with old friends and had my orthodontics treatment which was the very reason why I went for a vacation, I had a terrible travel experience. I had to sit on my butt for over 24 hours from a bus travel traversing 6 cities. Goodness, I could only feel muscle tensions and inflammation.

When I reached home, I could only go straight to my bed and snore for extreme deprived sleep and exhaustion.

But, I am back to my usual days-family, business and volunteer works. I love these more than the usual time with TV.hehheheheh! I guess I am back to business, eh.hahahhahah!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My New Search Engine!

There are a lot of search engine that exist on the internet but when it comes to searching for movies, soft, music and games I can suggest Rapidshare Search for past searching. They are one of the most popular search resources on the internet right now.

If you need something to download you can try Rapidshare search. There are millions of files downloaded every day so, rapid share is really a huge base for downloading big files. They will provide what you are looking for they have prove its popularity by effective work, regular updates and help supports constant users' interest.

My New XOXOXO Purse!

This is my new XOXOXO purse.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Kid Just Wants Tech Upgrades

In the course of our mall exhibit, I asked my kid to be with me at the mall so, we could make use of the time for review and reading practice. But, in between these, he would head to the play area along with his mall friends.

He quite pissed us when he kept on asking about a gameboy cartridge of Power Rangers and now a PSP upgrade of other games. Sigh! He is quite hooked to games, indeed.

All his game electronics were purchased online since oftentimes, they come cheaper. There is one site where we like what we see including some networking equipment, camcoders, cameras, HDTV, Home and Audio systems, LCD Monitors, cellphone accessories, and more.

With holidays coming, he can only ask for more game cartridges and upgrades.

I Am Sick, Tired and Moneyless

We finally pulled out from the last mall exhibit. However, we were all drained and sick from physical exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

I did our store's financial records last night and the recession indeed hit us since the sales were bleak in spite of the operational costs we had incurred from exhibit rent and other expenses.

To sum it all, we did not earn from the exhibits but simply had acquired back our capital. The consolation we have is that our stocks moved and can be replaced by newer trends and we did not actually lose anything from the exhibits except exhaustion and our personal savings from the regular meals at the mall. hahhahahahaha!

I hope that with the coming of Christmas holidays, our store will pick up.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Need To Write Some Business Plans

With recession still hovering our heads and unemployment continually haunts a number of individuals, any hard earned money is too difficult to let go. When I decided to resign from work and just concentrate on business, I wanted to maximize my salary on something worthwhile. Thus, I purchased some food equipment.

However, my previous work and formal education taught me that business is quite a gamble and starting it without a plan is a guaranteed failure if not disaster.

So, a business plan is quite necessary. It is like a blueprint of how your business will become and how you will design it. Most entrepreneurs fail simply because they just follow the trend. This will of course bring revenues but somehow, this is only temporary as supply will outrun the demand. So, it is safer to venture on something rarely marketed.

The business plan will allow you to assess your SWOT and this will help you market your business to lenders or creditors. No one would want to loan their money on a venture that is uncertain. But if a business plan is there where resources are stated and market opportunities are assessed, you can actually have an edge to those who don't have any plan at all.

I need some capital to loan from a bank, but I could not risk my name and my family's future unless I am certain that my business will grow as I want it to be. I just need some time and focus to start the plan before committing business suicide.

Finally Done With the Mall Exhibit

with my business partner-sister, Tammy

Tomorrow will be the last day of our store exhibit. We have been there for 19 days and the sales had been very bleak compared to the sales we had last summer.

We can somehow go back to our old ways but I am beginning to think of ways how I can earn a little with the little business I started.

My sister, Tammy and I can assess our chance should we really pursue. Good luck to us!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Your Blogging Personality?

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Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Mall Exhibit Will Soon End

Our Robinsons' Mall Exhibit with Tammy as the supervisor

Our Gaisano Mall's exhibit

It has been two weeks since we started our mall exhibit, 1 week for Robinsons. We can really feel the impact of recession when I computed the store's sales and expenses, I got a break-even result.

Although, it is not a good news, I find it also relieving enough that in spite the bleak sales, we were able to pay off the rent while selling our stocks.

Tonight, we will pull out our display from Robinsons and this Friday from Robinsons. With stale sales and with competition, our US stocks have remained the least saleable items that I have to put them on big discounts.

I shall however, find a permanent place at the mall to sell off our items than have them unsold in our old place although we save from the rent. Good luck to us!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Online Me

The start of Internet in 1980’s had made a dramatic change not only in commercial establishments but also in homes. The form of company, product or service advertising has taken a major shift from its conventional form of printed and aerial to non-printed. Thus, websites like Google, Yahoo and other commercial web sites proliferate.

But, I could not underestimate the power of blogging as a form of journal website. I had continued my passion for writing through blogs last year. Since then, I never stop writing about politics, health, education, parenting, family, recreation, fashion and more. For blogs to become popular and marketable, traffic is highly required. Thus, I have submitted my blogs to different web directory. Somehow, my blog traffic increases and my readership widen. More importantly, I have met people from web directories who also become social networks and source of endless references for topics that highly interest me.

Further, I have made to promote my fashion store online. My blogs have helped me sell my stuffs and cater to buyers outside my local premises, thus, increasing the likelihood of revenues.

No wonder companies worldwide, small or big have maximized the prowess and depth of internet and its technology.

What I also appreciate from Internet and its web sites are the blogs I make with my students as part of our classroom instruction. Somehow, learnings become more interactive and rich in resources.

I make my programming codes and lectures available online and sometimes, I make use of some tutorials available for added references. That way, students may actually review our lessons and even go advance should they need. They can find resources and tutorials to help them understand our lessons more. But, I make sure that when I give problem, the solution is not entirely found from the resources. This way, students are taught to be more analytical and creative in solving programs.

The tutorial contains different references on the basics and programming codes as sample to support the topic. The tutorial is quite easy to use and may be used as a supplement to text books. And if students and other viewers or readers want to be clarified on certain topics, forum or discussion is there to assist anyone.

Internet's resources like tutorials and e - books are normally free. We just have to be resourceful and vigilant of what is a correct content from fictitious ones. Also, one can acquire software journals for added IT learnings.

Busy Days Again

Since we decided to join the mall exhibit, we have been very busy day and night. Since we have to be with the exhibits from 9 am - 9 pm, we are simply dead tired when we reach home. However, we could not just go to sleep since blogs have to be maintained and updated, we simply have to work late nights until things are ready for the next day.

We decided to pull out our exhibit from Robinsons this Sunday because we were not earning much to pay off the rent and the capital. Also, we shall just wait for the exhibit to end next Friday, and we shall resume to our usual business at our old place.

Sigh, I still have to work on my kid's exam reviewer and business proposals. Pretty busy, indeed.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Want to be Entertained

Whenever I have the time, I use it for reading, movie watching or shop wanderings. But, my partner and kid make use of their vacant time by playing games from PSP, computer or online sites.

So, it is nice to know that there is a new entertainment site, aion that will surely tickle the funny bone of every game fanatic. It is an exciting MMPORG that brings a player to celestial and land epic adventure.

I quite like the characters and armors and powers they possess. Aion takes place in the divided world. The other half is filled by Atreia. Their sanctuaries were once governed and united by cataclysm. But, this once-united world was in chaos and constant war conflicts. Each of this world is occupied by two playable factions, the Elyos and the Asmodians.

After centuries since Cataclysm, fragments of the old tower began to surface that indeed opened portals of a new dimension and darkness. They call this strange place, the Abyss where Elyos and Asmodians strongly battle one another for supremacy. The two constantly search for portals heading to the Abyss but in the process, they get to know more terror that is unrecognizable and only visible from their story books. Thus, the excitement only continues.

My boys would surely love to check this site. The registration was fast and the aion forum get you to reply or start a new discussion.