Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Love Blogging

I have been blogging for more than a year and since I like to write, blogging becomes easier. But, what I appreciate more with blogs is that anyone can use it for advertising. I normally sell my stuffs on line but companies now go for Blog Advertising to widen their readership and market.

I did Paid Blogging for a year too and it helps pay the bills and lighten my financial obligations. Somehow, blogging works for me because I can do it whenever and wherever I am free .

Blog Advertising

We are Sales Ladies

I never imagine that being a sales lady can be tedious and tiresome. My sister and I joined our boutique for a mall exhibit that runs from September 28 until October16.

I shall be oficially unemployed tomorrow so, I shall my sister in manning our stall. We get stales sales but at least, we managed to pay the rent but shoulder our own meals. waaaaaaah!!!!

We could only be hopeful that things will be better in the coming days.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love Silver Jewelry

Indian-influenced design. I love this really!

I remember a young lady saying that she prefers Silver Jewellery than gold ones since the latter are for the oldies. However, I prefer the silver because they don't call the attention of the thieves and they complement my jeans-and-shirt working outfit.
This ring will match my star necklace and earrings.

Silver Bangle with Amber Egg with ornate leaf and swirl mount

I have a dozen of silver stuffs that include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and belts and intend to collect more. I normally buy from local stores here in the city and they come at a pricey rates but they beauty is all worth it.

However, I am searching for more unique silver jewelry, and I simply found a great site for this wish. I found cute Silver Bracelets and Silver Bangles that will be a good match to my existing collection.

Amber Dragon pendant

The site was simple to use and the pictures are all vivid that the style and craftsmanship of the silver jewelry stand out. I personally like the pictures above. I have them placed under my shopping cart. Best of all, they offer free delivery within United Kingdom and international shipping and guarantee money back for defective or wrong order. That is indeed assured customer satisfaction.

Their jewelry are marked "925" or to mean that they are all pure silver. Their collections are not produced in large quantity. So, you won't find them ordinarily in retail stores. The collections are highly designed with much care and precision that you won't regret spending for these beauties. Can they compete with gold accessories? I am highly positive that I can't wait to have them kept in my box.

As soon as my savings will suffice, I will get the stuffs above. Yepey!!!! I can't wait to tell my folks in Wisconsin to get the stuffs for me. Perhaps, I can convince my husband to get the stuffs for me instead.

Employee-Employer: Me

In between office assignments, I would stay in our store, but all working with office papers needed for final printing for my employer. But, I took a break with cleaning all the store's fashion accessories. I have to rub them with some solution and clean rug for a more presentable display.

It was long overdue but I simply did not have time and my sister, Tammy, was all busy too. tsk! tsk! tsk! Come October 1 when I am officially unemployed, I would have more than ample time for the store and for my kid.

I hope business would be better in the coming days and our mall space will start rolling.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doing My Motherly Roles

My kid is pretty excited that I shall eventually lose my job. hahhahaha! I asked him frequently what we will do once I stop working, he simply replied, "We shall go wandering Mommy even without your salary." I find that quite sweet though, coming from a 7-year-old kid.

I quite did not do well as a mom since I was all occupied by my work, day in and out. Now, that I decided to just go part time work and stay with my business, I only pray that I can do more as a mother.

For a change, I check his books for assignments everyday instead of just asking him or my nephew. That way, I wont be missing any school work.

We still do our story telling ever night and stay with my PC only after I attend to his needs first. Are these improvements? I hope so.