Monday, August 30, 2010

What to Need for Your Website

When I started blogging as a medium to release my stress, I only made use of blogspot’s free hosting. However, blogging becomes a supplemental medium to earning income too that having a domain becomes a necessity rather than a simple whim.

Since the traffic of this blog is considerably high, I find it difficult to shift it to customized domain hosting. So, I have my other blogs with own web hosting already where subscription is done only once with annual subscription fee at meager cost. However, I would like to shift the web hosting of my last blog to a different entity since its management is quite limited and frustrating.

When you own a website or when your company has one, make sure that you go for the best web hosting service provider. It is only essential that you have full control over this site but if you want a third party to do the dirty works, having a managed hosting will do you better.

Further, just in case you want your server and all its precious data to be in secured physically and virtually, you can go for colocation arrangement too.

I wish to start new blogs but this time,  I shall scrutinize my web hosting partner more.

Happy Birthday Pops!

This is a big day for everyone else at home but more so for my father who turns 60 years old. He may be quite enjoying the perks of 20% discount as a senior citizen on practically everything but I guess his old age freaks him out.hahhahahhaha!

So, to celebrate his big day, we simply have  dinner at home with all his loved ones around. We will soon upload his birthday pics and we only wish that he can live longer and have less grumpy days ahead. hahhahahah!

Happy birthday tatay!

How to Write Your Thesis

Professionalism is defined by others by the number of years spent in education and with that the more years you spent in your schooling, the more professional you are. Normally, professionals advance their studies through graduate programs including masteral and doctorate studies. But, most programs require thesis writing as the culminating requirement to earning a degree.

When I earned my diploma on Masters in Public Administration, most of the academic requirements include paper works and with comprehensive exam as the deciding factor in earning the degree. This is also the case in my other masteral program, Masters in Information Technology.

Thesis writing is a very draining and difficult ordeal for any student to hurdle though and if one is not adept in writing, thesis making can be quite a struggle. Thesis is not simply an overnight work; it goes through periods of writing, research and more rewriting and these may entail a considerable amount of time. As a thesis adviser and panelist before, I had seen different issues and constraints when students wrote their papers. A few number warranted impressive grades because of the thorough investigations and well – written research papers. But, a significant number wallowed in shame and disgrace as their theses works were stamped with “FAILED” marks.

Normally, when you prepare for your thesis writing, it is quite imperative that you get a mentor to assist you in your area of study. Your mentor can best guide you with your thesis writing and actual research. Don’t feel dishearten, however, if you and your mentor don’t agree on your actual works; remember though that his expertise can help you through with your research process.

Further, seek the approved outline for thesis writing from your school; seeing this outline will help you chunk your works into tiny works that can be done throughout your research study and later be aggregated. Thesis writing can be a dragging task and the urge to procrastinate can be tempting. But, with a timetable, a mentor and an outline, you can gradually finish your paper on time.

More importantly, make sure that your content is well supported by facts and evidences. Thus, keeping notes of references and resources can help you better when you document your ideas. Incorporate as well supporting tables or diagrams for better understanding and comprehension of your study.

Indeed, thesis writing is a painstaking job and it is no joke not even to hardworking and diligent students. Thus, if you see that you just don’t have the time or skills to write your own thesis, may it be an undergraduate or mba dissertation or media dissertation, you can acquire third party services to work on your thesis writing.

Their services are warranted as professional and quality and you can be assured that your thesis paper will pass with flying honors. Any topic or area of research including law thesis topics can be efficiently covered.

Writing is hard work but help can be sought and the end-result of writing, may it be personally done or otherwise, can be overwhelming.

My Top Influential Blogs

Blogging is my passion and when I started in 2008, I have quite enjoyed the perks of having blogs: new friends, countless gimmicks, free concert tickets, additional earnings and great wisdom and humor from other bloggers.

So, I won't at all pass the Writing Project for 2010 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and give my  list because my nominees simply have great blogs with heart and soul that can simply make readers weep, laugh and most of all, love life.

So, my short list includes:

  • Ganda Ever So Much - If I want my day to be more comic, alive and witty, I just don't miss reading the entriess from this blog. His honesty and transparency and even criticisms can indeed rock your  funny bone and make you do uncalled self - meditation because of his profoundness, intellect and humor. 
  • Kikay Much - Everyone is vain and if you are in search for beauty tips, entertainment gadgets, fashion trends, you won't miss this fashion - beauty site that is simply filled with personalized and true - to - the - bone reviews of a certified fashionista herself. You will simply have the urge to try anything  she writes. 
  • AlexisChua - you will be quite amazed by the monstrosity of intellect and passion from this blog and to know that he is just fresh from college, you may wish all leaders and young ones share same passion for anything he loves, politics, technology, community, economics and Philippine development to top his list. 
  • Ako si Rabsky - This blog is like reading Vice Ganda's punch line and if you want to take a glimpse how the Kabataan see the present Philippine state, you will be quite surprise how this blog brings out the truth with funny icing on the top. 
  • Gensan Gems - I like this blog because the author  presents the less known recipes and wacky adventures in South Cotabato one should not miss. 
  • A Thousand Ships - this is a photoblog and not only that you get to see amazing and unique and personal pictures, you shall be amazed too with all the vivid and interesting stories behind these great pictures too.
  •  Digital Exposures - another photoblog with captivating pictures and the images are enough to ignite your imagination and passion. 

These blogs are worth reading and visiting; go check them yourself and you will discover more!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wanting My Own Ecommerce Site Too

We are officially one month with our Kreativ  Boutique  situated at Upper Level of Atrium, Gaisano - General Santos City. We practically sell anything fancy and fad and that includes pants, shirts, blouses, shoes, bags, belts and fashion accessories for men, women and young ones.

However, with the need to promote the store and encourage more sales, I indeed created a Facebook account to serve this purpose and I have been wanting to have my  own e-commerce site to make online shopping more possible and efficient.

E-commerce has indeed defined a different tapestry for shopping where business and transactions can be made beyond the four corners of any physical store. And, with boundless limits of Internet technology, ideally, a store's website can reach to as many people across nations and towns. However, having a good e-commerce site with  efficient ecommerce web hosting  requires tremendous marketing to promote a good amount of traffic to any online company site. And, if this marketing is well taken care of, it is equally important that security on payment transactions should be assured too. Further, online customers  can have their shopping carts and tracking of their online purchases. I wish to have customer support too just in case queries or feedbacks shall be placed.

With technology hype, it is only smarter and more effective to make use of this technology to the advantage of any enterprise, private or otherwise.

Thus, as soon as I can, I shall make my own e-commerce site with all the basic shopping functionalities required.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Robinson's Mall: Mas Maganda Dito, a Totally New Shopping Haven

When the family decided to relocate to Zambonga City, we were quite used to seeing different malls from local owners but the shopping experiences were limited if not satisfying. We would have to travel elsewhere to experience a more exciting and pleasing spree and to have known and purchased national and international brands would make me feel that Filipinos are also capable of experiencing shopping, window or otherwise, at  a global and trendy taste within the meager pay of most Filipino workers.

Thus, when we had to move back to Gensan in 2008, that same old feeling began to rejuvenate again not until September 30, 2009 when  Robinsons Place General Santos opened its doors to the general public. We were among the few who waited and were captivated by the grandness and elegance of this globally renowned shopping mall and to have it within the confines of my beloved General Santos City,  I can't keep my jaws closed! Well, who won't be especially for a fashion fanatic like me who wants elite brands and reasonable prices as my major aphrodisiacs.   Indeed, Robinsons Mall's tagline, MAS MAGANDA DITO, is not at all an overstatement, it is an epitome of a totally different shopping experience that every General can be proud of.

From morning to evening, Robinsons Mall is a vibrant sanctuary for all ages and the Generals along with tourists can take pride and delight from the spacious parking space, free  mallwide WIFI access, trendy and comfy 3D movieworld, fresh and complete supermarketvaried  and grand department store, elegant but pangmasa food court,   sumptuous-filled ALFRESCO resto-bars, exciting amusement for kids and kids at heart,  high-end sensorized facilities   and great customer service that you can't help but feel you are in a world - class shopping mall with a VIP stature. This grand shopping mall is house to over 100 national and local food and retail players offering various novelty items and services within anyone's budget.

Robinsons Gensan  has been our personal favorite from morning to sundown and no other malls have offered and shown social responsibility at its best. It has partnered with various industries like schools, government agencies and other private institutions where Robinson's Atrium and Main Entrance Area  have become favorite spots for grand job fairs, free weekend exercises, school and office functions with great freedom and ease.

with my kid during Goldenstate Little College  Nutrition Month 2010 Celebration in Robinson's Atrium where he won Best Costume for his French Fries fit

My family and I freely  jog along the spacious paved roads of Robinson's Mall while other health - conscious buffs, elders and young ones,  do their walking and Taichi on regular days and free group exercise of taebo and boxing  on  weekends. Families and friends bond and go healthy  in and through Robinsons Place.Only this shopping mall expresses social responsibility with no cost at all!

 with my family in one morning doing jogging and inline blades at Robinson's Parking 
Area with other exercise goers doing their regular Taichi exercise

And, when parties or events itch my feet, I am assured that Robinson's ATRIUM and ALFRESCO guarantee flawless satisfaction. No wonder, it has become a favorite "tambayan" of people who have had a bad or stressed day or otherwise, unwind  and relax with friends and loved ones.

 with sibling and friends on fun party at Robinson's ALFRESCO area

When occasions for  parents, spouses, siblings or kids call for gifts, you won't get disappointed at all from the the wide selection in Robinsons Department Store and Handyman Do It Best store. In fact, we just ravished the toy section for my kid and nephews at way too cheap prices.  And with Robinsons' ALL - OUT Sale from August 1 - 31, we can all find best keeps for my nephew's and father's birthdays.

You can also relax and enjoy more from their monthly gigs including mall tour of national Filipino artists, in fact, they have the following events lined up this August for you and our loved one's taking:

  • August 14, 2010 - JCI Spelling Bee Competition
  • August 15, 2010 - SIDE A Album Tour
  • August 20, 2010 - Ms. Skinfluence Coronation Night
  • August 21, 2010 - Ms. Smile Talent Night
  • August 22, 2010 - National Bookstore Scrapbooking event
  • August 27-29, 2010- YAMAHA Fiesta Exhibit 

  So, if you are in search for a totally different and mas magandang experience of FUN, DELIGHT, SERVICE and ELEGANCE, visit Robinsons Place, and your definition of SHOPPING MALL simply levels up!

General Santos and SOX area are not only  globally known and recognized because of our national sports hero, Manny Pacquiao, or export - quality tuna and agricultural crops,  diverse and rich culture, and brimming economy but also because we have within our reach the wonders and pride of Robinsons!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Need Ecommerce Too

E -commerce is defined as doing business online; it is also synonymous to I-commerce, e-tailing, and e-business. Most people find these terms interchangeably; however, e-commerce covers about selling products online while e-business extends to wider berth and presence online.

E-commerce is said to have started in 1948 – 1949 during Berlin blockade and airlift where there was exchange of documents. But, what seemed to be the first presence of e – commerce could be traced back to as early as 1886 where telegraph operator, Richard Sears (founder of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. in 1893), sold cancelled shipment of watches to his fellow operators and colleagues and ordered more that he later resigned from his job and started his own catalog mail order business. And, since then, a number of commercial establishments find their ways in Internet to sell their products and services online.

This is indeed a dramatic phenomenon and challenge as businesses are left with a pressing question if to have their business presence be felt online too or to have it all online or simply settle for the guaranteed and traditional means of simply having a physical store where customers can head to and interact with the store’s employees in real time.

But, experts believe that e-commerce plays a tremendous role in how establishments pursue their business vision. With the bottomline of having more profit and wider market coverage, e-commerce provides a viable strategy that owners and managers must seriously consider.

Big businesses like Chapters, which has both physical and online store, sells books, CDs and DVDs to customers online, Dell for its computers, McDo for online orders all make use of internet technology to reach out to their regular customers and attract new ones too, and to connect as well with other business partners like stockholders, government entities, suppliers and alike.

To start an ecommerce, you should at least need the following:

  1. Hosting server to host an owned domain that you wish to take control and freedom with. There are several hosting services that you can check around online too.
  2. Website with a pleasing Ecommerce Web Design  and efficient functionalities like shopping carts among others. You can build your own website or hire a professional ecommerce website builder for less worries. 
  3. Merchant account with a bank where your clients can pay for their transactions.
  4. Credit card processor to accept and process payments securely.
  5. Marketing of your website, so, traffic and possible business transactions can be made from this site. You can use pay-per-click, optimization, article marketing among others.  

Ecommerce is a strategic plan and can be used as competitive advantage. With the right medium, people and technology, ecommerce can be a forceful channel towards business growth.

I Am Dead Beat

I have been running like a zombie for over 2 weeks now and my usual routine is still lost in oblivion. I simply have to hurdle through paper works from teaching, business and my kid's stuffs along with my blogging and social functions. Geez! I wish I can just take a potion and be a superwoman or something.

I have been missing my morning jogs too since the start of classes and with all the piled works, I just cant continue even during weekend's toil. Sigh!

It is a new week again but I wish that I can slow down already and rest. Until then, I can only finish on my needed tasks and prioritize what must be.