Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Store Needs Promotions!

Our store facade on day 3.

We are done now with our first week and the sales was average but this new week has been very very bleak. We can only find ways to promote the stocks and this may mean trying marketing strategies like sales, discounts, layaway plans, retailing, and cheap products that the general public can afford.

We are also considering to have store promotions once it reaches its first month to further promote the store and thank our patronizers with stuffs like Promotional bags, caps, ashtrays, cubes, pens, holders, mugs, Promotional Tote Bags,  covers among  others and offer for VIP customers gifts like flash drives, memory sticks, and compendiums.

The economy may continue to inflict pain among companies and as part of marketing strategies, promotional items can be considered. This way regular customers shall feel that they are important and valued and new customers shall get acquainted with the company's products and services.

Having a new store can mean more pressures as operational costs should be addressed and any help is only more preferred. I have seen various companies sell their products up to 80% off or sell at higher rate but with freebies to complement the stuffs or free coupons of other products and services. Our store is no different from other entities; we have to make sure then that people shall remember us and that we can increase the possibility that we will make future business with them.

How to Relieve Stress

Even if we  work or not for all its definition, we get to become all drained and stressed physically or otherwise and doctors and other experts strongly claim that stress can lead to various  health complications including heartburn, ulcer, hypertension, infertility, PMS, obesity, skin problems, diabetes among others.

There can indeed a number of factors causing stress:

  1. divorce
  2. death
  3. unemployment
  4. social pressures
  5. work pressures
  6. marriage/relationships
  7. separation
  8. illnesses
  9. and the list goes on

But, with all these possible causes and effects, we can only find ways to relieve ourselves of stress. We can:
  1.  find a recreational activity (i.e.. badminton with loved ones or friends)
  2.  go for a short vacation/break;
  3.  enjoy a satisfying body massage;
  4.  go for fun walk on the park;
  5.  watch your movie faves; 
  6. read your overdue novels;
  7.  meditate through yoga;
  8.  take coffee breaks with friends; and
  9. more 

The list can continue but it will do us better if we get recharged from all the burnouts and take a break from the causes of our stress.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wanted: Fun and More Fun!

Teaching and attending to business operations are never easy; I have splice my time between these two and to top it all, I still have my writing works as a form release although they can become quite a drain too.

I used to read novels, and watch movies to get recharged from all the work pressures and to still get the energy to attend to family duties. But, at the end of the day, I still feel that my feet are all dragging and my back is becoming a drain.

So, with meager time left, I can only visit fun online sites for safe and exciting entertainment sites including  USA casino that provides safe and excitement - filled games that may allow you to win bonuses and monstrous winnings. So, anyone within the states of America is highly welcomed and you too can be a lucky player.

It is always imperative to take rest to get energized otherwise any work can be a big drain.

SOX Bloggers Reunion at Store Opening

our Father Blogger - Avel Manansala, beauty blogger - Romarie Cunanan, Hannah - our cute, petite young blogger, my sister Tammy - sexy blogger

With Sir Gilbert - our Professor blogger while giving my store preview

 Mars, Sir Gilbert, Romarie and Kuya Orman Manansala - our ganda blogger to the max!

with Ate Jinky - our Grand Mommy blogger with Ms Gensan  Romarie as our second buying customer

 The best thing I love  and appreciate as a SOCCSKSARGEN blogger is that my community is solid irregardless of the blogger's background. We simply welcome anyone who writes on blogs and whenever we have gimmicks, everyone is invited to join. Thus, this has become my extended family that I wont miss inviting  them during our store opening. Only a day before the opening that I sent my invitation and a good few came and joined us in our celebration. 

Then, Sheng and husband Rick did join us in late afternoon while Aiza came to visit us the following day. I can only be grateful that my community has become a source of friendship and inspiration that anyone can be called a family, by blood or otherwise. So, many thanks guys and ladies and I shall be expecting our bloggers to see us. Cheers again! 

Our Mall Boutique Has Finally Opened

Our facade on opening day while waiting for guests and opening ceremony

Our honorary guests, Avel Manansala - Media Consultant of City Mayor's Office and Romarie Cunanan - Ms. Gensan titlist 

probing customers checking on our stocks

Last July 18, 2010, we finally opened our store situated at Gaisano Gensan. We were supposed to open it July 8 but because of construction delays, the soonest date was 18, thus, in spite of unfinished cabinets and other aesthetics, we somehow realized successfully our opening day. 

We have various apparel from abroad  and of varying prices  since we tend to target the upper and middle class. We can only be hopeful that the rest of the stalls shall be filled up, so, the public can be attracted to seeing the second level of the mall and check our stuffs. 

We however would want to level up our promotion to increase our sales and we can only be thankful of our friends and regular customers to help us do our marketing. 

For now, we are only happier that finally our dream has been realized. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Have Fun During Rainy Season

How can you have fun during the rain? Summer is officially over in the Philippines as El Nina  supersedes the hot weather of summer; however, along with this are the risks of heavy rain, rain - attributed illnesses, and  passive lifesytle.  For one, I missed my morning jogs because of my colds and the periodic rainfall.

But, what can you actually do when rain seems hard to contain. You can actually try the following  activities:

  1. play board games with siblings or  friends;
  2. play solo or with friends in online games, On line gambling or other entertainment sites; 
  3. run your all - time favorite movies;
  4. listen to old music playlists;
  5. respond to or send  emails, letters, backlogs that need long overdue actions;
  6. finish your stacked novels; 
  7. lavish once again in a rain play with your loved ones.
Who says you can't have fun when rain holds you hostage? That can be a high time to do things that long have been forgotten or missed out.  So, stay indoor, relax, have fun and enjoy the cool breeze of rain with your fave novelty and bundle up with your loved ones!

Bloggers Gimmick Again

In Piyesta's Opening where owner - blogger Donna was our main hostess

The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers Community has long been created and could be traced back to 2008 and everything else that followed is simply a long thread of friendship, party, fun and more fun.

In a few hours, we shall convene again for a travel forum with professional travelers from across regions shall commence the evening. Of course, exquisite dining and fun - filled talks shall overwhelm again our time.Until then. . .

I Need a Break

Since the start of  classes, I have been feeling drained and consumed by reading and writing academic notes to fill my weekdays until Saturday. I only teach parttime but my workload requires supplemental readings that my free time are still devoted to more research.

I do my daily jogs to de - stress, however, with my late sleeps, waking up early becomes a big toil too. Gosh! I really need a way to recharge. Since I spend most of my free time online, I get to hang around with entertainment sites like  USA online casinos. With few bucks, big jackpots await the lucky winner! There is nothing more energizing than spending a safe but fun time alone or with loved ones.

Experts say stress leads to aging faster and getting sick; I guess I have to have fun quite soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Sick Again

With the onset of periodic rain amidst extreme heat, it is not unusual that our immunity gets downsized. Most of my family members are sick too of colds and we can only dread the symptoms because along with rainy periods is the dengue hype that consumes a good number of patients already which to date has 4 deaths.

Colds is typically characterized by sore throat, running nose, sneezing, fatigue and cough. My research says that nothing cures the cold virues but only subsides the symptoms which mean taking over - the - counter medicines to address the running or decongested nose, sore throat and alike. Some symptoms may last up to 3 weeks but typically symptoms may persist 7 - 10 days.

We can only take enough rest, and home remedies with lots of fluids.