Thursday, December 23, 2010

Be Smart with Your Web Hosting

Another year has passed and a new one will soon come in few days and with new year's resolution await everyone, we have to attend to our other needs including website's hosting, traffic and content.

For one, I need to renew web hosting for my five blogs and hope that no conflict and problems shall arise this 2011 since it may mean affecting readability and access of my blogs.

So, when you think of picking the right web hosting service, you can consider the following criteria:

  • price 
  • reliability
  • bandwidth
  • technical support
  • features like email, ftp, shopping carts and etc.
  • disk space
It will indeed help you if you can compare and evaluate from web hosting reviews and be more informed as to what is the best web hosting provider that indeed suits you best.

When Service Goes Beyond Humanity

Sometime in October, the SOX Bloggers community had the chance to visit the B'laan community that contributes largely to the coffee industry through the processing of the most expensive civet coffee. However, we had to traverse several mountains until we reached midway of Mt. Matutum.

Seeing how far and remote the community was and that their needs were simply limited to food, we just need to help. So, we promised to be back Christmas Season to bring forth Christmas gifts. But, angels are among everyone because another fellow SOX Blogger and a Rotarian, Lynette Gallinero, invited her RC group to render a Dental - Medical Mission. So, last December 18, the SOX Bloggers along with the Rotary Club  of Polomolok brought forth bags of school supplies, goodies, clothes and medicines to two rural communities of Polomolok.

It has always been my passion to help especially to the forgotten community, so, with all the stuffs we could carry from our boutique, we hurdled them with happiness and hope.

the RC officers and Interact students doing bayanihan to load the gift bags to Palakasam community

with fellow blogger, Ariel and RC Presidents Xavier Bayan and Rey Transporto giving our gift bag to one of the families
the Palakasam mothers prepared hot and steamy arrozcaldo, feeding the families including the SOX Bloggers and RC officials
long and winding travel and difficult roads didn't stop these people to help

serving over 25 families on medical and dental service

The whole day travel and extreme roads and weather to two remote communities of Polomolok had  made the mission all entirely meaningful and when we saw sincere joy from the families especially the kids when they saw the gift bag, medicines and candies, they affirmed us true meaning of service and humanity. 

 the SOX bloggers with Rotary Club 101 of Polomolok on  community mission
photo source: lynette

the Kinilis community on medical and dental consultation and medicines giving with Rtns Doc Grace SalazarCelema Grino and Melani Deypalan
After the successful event, we quite wish that the RC Polomolok 101 and SOX Bloggers community be partners again in their rendering of service to Polomolok and hopefully to the other SOCCSKSARGEN areas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

SOX Blog Fest 2010, One Event You Should Not Miss

The SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS once again is making history as they hold another big and exciting bloggers' convention for every potential, newbie and seasoned blogger in the region. While we seem to know practically everything about the power of blogging, the line - up of speakers include special points on internet security (Do you want to know how your online accounts like Facebook can be all hacked in few minutes?), blog animation and videography, tourism on new media, Google mania, new media on politics and economics, SEO techniques and blog monetization and more.

With an expected number of  100 participants that may come from various area of SOCCSKSARGEN, this event on December 11, 2010 at Royal East Hotel is simply bound to succeed with guaranteed overwhelming fun.

BlogFest SOCCSKSARGEN Countdown

As of December 5, around 80 registrants overwhelm the list and with few more days, the number is simply be filled in a flash. So, if you want to be one of the privileged attendees, get a slot and mark December 11 a big holiday.

So, with my sister Tammy and  partner Arnel,  the BLOG FEST 2010 is sure event I wont miss for anything.

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

Websites may be created for personal and commercial use and irregardless of how these sites are put to use, it is quite imperative and important that the websites are first and foremost, reliable at anytime.

There are free web hostings that can be openly used, however, since web hosting use resources, the free web hosting may mean forced advertisements into your website or that reliability and speed can be compromised.

If you want full control of your websites, it may be enough  to invest a little to get a full control of your valuable website. So, what can be your criteria to select the  best web hosting   and really maximize any penny that you pay. I cited the following basic considerations:

1. Reliability - Your website should be running 90% - 99% at all times otherwise your web hosting comes short of what is ideal;

2. Bandwidth - We define bandwidth as the quantity of files transferred. So, if your website takes time to load, then, your readers can simply leave your site for faster ones.

3. Technical Support -  Your web hosting provider must provide 24/7 support and with time zone differences, it can be quite cumbersome if the your web hosting provider is unreachable during weekends or evenings.

4. Features like CPanel, MySQL, FTP, Email and others - depending on your need, you can verify all the requirements with the inclusive services of your provider.

5. Disk Space - Depending on your site, you may only need a small space, so, don't pay extra for unwanted disk spaces. Normally, a 120 - page website with associated files only take around 5MB space.

6. Price - with the inclusive services and perks, evaluate if you get the worth of your money. There are also other web hosting providers who provide money - back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied.  You can check on reviews and identify those providers that indeed live up to customer's demands.

When Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Unites Every Filipino

Last November 14, 2010, the entire Philippines along with boxing fanatics worldwide cheered as Pacman had shown another best fights in the boxing history as Pacman conquered the Mexican tornado, Margarito for Super Welter belt championship.

And as expected, the roads were clear and almost mute while most Filipinos tuned to pay-per-view or local viewing of Las Vegas - hailed fight.

In fact, only Pacman's fight becomes a neutral ground for every Filipino; crime rates decline, political and social bickering stop.

While we wish that Pacman can fight every day, I can only hope that the efforts of Pacman to unite his countrymen can indeed go deep seated otherwise all his efforts simply come and go.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wanting My Own Place

We have been staying with my parents since I decided to go back to General Santos City and although we have our very own house in Zamboanga City, I am still adamant to stay here in General Santos.

But, staying with your folks do have its good and bad perks. For one, privacy is something I have to endure although I am only happier that my folks and siblings take care of my kid whenever I am away and busy in work.

So, if resources shall be allowed, I can only resume with the construction of the stalled house just around the family lot. And, we hope to have our own space to do whatever we want at our own bidding. For one, I want to have our own   address plaque to boost.

Nothing can be more relieving than having our own place with a chic  address sign   that we can be proud of. Perhaps, with   address plaques and numbers, we can indeed claim that the house shall be called our very own home. 

For now, we can only stay put with our kin and just try to live with them smoothly and consider the good perks more than anything else.

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers Meet Up with Author of Postscripts from Mindanao

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers with Ms. Wilma Villanueva (seated center)

Dubai - based Tupi - hailed  authorWilma Villanueva happened to be in SOCCSKSARGEN  and gladly, our  blog community founder, Avel Manansala, invited Ms. Wilma to meet us up. So, we all convened at Piyesta Resto Bar and had a good time.

The book was highly commendable since it illustrated the undiscovered beauty and misconceptions about Region 12. And, writing the book while in abroad made the  cause for Mindanao more commendable.

We can only be more excited to wait for another book from a very proud Mindanaoan, Wilma Villanueva.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Help Your Kid on School

While there are some students who fare well in academics others actually struggle and their learning difficulty can be both challenging and disappointing to parents and students.  While it is true that intelligence is not fully measured by academic performance, learning difficulty however can affect and influence social relationships as pressures from parents, peers and teachers continue to build up.

But, as parent or guardian, you can intervene in your kid's learning difficulty through offline and online tutoring services. For one, if your kid has difficulty on Math questions like Prime numbers, you can search for effective online help.

Further, if other subjects like Science poses a problem, then  Chemistry help, Physics help, or Geometry help can be another option.

Chemistry was once a torture to me when I was a student, thus, it can be a relief to have Chemistry homework help.

Learning is never the sole responsibility of teachers and students, parents and guardians must however contribute to help.

My Zamboanga City Escapade

My kid and I had the chance to go back to our old home in Zamboanga City for a week vacation and with only six days to fill, we were dead beat with all the events we went through with friends and family.

joining other SOX bloggers in their Barter rummage

With SOX bloggers and other Mindanao Bloggers Summit Organizer and Attendees 

with Bucoy clan reunion

in one of my childhood friends gimmick at Park 88, Pasonanca

It was a draining but fun week for us and we could only hope to extend the vacation but since classes are up on November 8, we can only bid goodbye to friends and family again.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lingerie: New Face of Sexiness

Call it vain, call it simple piece  of cloth but for  most women lingerie is personality. Most women would want to look good in and out and that means putting on trendy and stylish apparel and accessories  on the outside and comfy and feminine lingerie on the inside.

While other women love thongs and sexy bra others simply love boxer shorts and lacy undies. I am comfortable with boy – leg and  lacy panties since they don’t give that fancy panty lines.

Normally, my choice for lingerie depends largely on my mood. So, if I feel too boyish and  sporty, I am up and running with my boy – leg underwear and sports bra and I wear office blouse  and slacks, I just put on a lace.

But, what can be your basis for choosing the right lingerie? I can only account the following criteria:

Comfort.  A whole day or night in the office or  party makes it all distracting and buggy when lingerie can be that pain.  So, if you are comfortable with boxer shorts or boy stuffs, then, go hit your sack and enjoy.

Mood. Sexiness is a personal conviction and if I say I look good, it follows too that I feel sexy. So, you can wear your mood through your choice for lingerie

Price. Some elegant lingerie may be expensive and costly but if price tags are no question, then, stuff your closet with some beauty lingerie goodies.

Outfit. It is also wiser to complement your  outfit with the appropriate lingerie. You don’t want people to give high notes on your nasty panty lines or flashy brassiere on a lovely gown.

I Run Away!

Yap, I am out for a week as I enjoy the semestral break to be back to our old home and just savor the city local delicacies and meet up with friends and family.

Geez! I never realized how much I needed the break not until I am out from school and business as I enjoy only my free time with nothing to think about  but fun.

But, tomorrow shall be the end of our six - day vacation as we go back to  our home and our usual routines. And, come November 8, I am back to being a teacher again. Sigh!

But, I can only be thankful that I get to see my friends again and kin.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Aid Your Child on Learning

Now it is semestral break, most families are simply relieved that they have a week or two to rest and bond with the family. But, more importantly, the break shall help families to search for interventions on their kids' learning difficulties.

Parents or other house members who have ample time may teach their kids personally, but, somehow, with house and work loads, there can be meager time to assist the kids in their school activities and academic exams. Further, parents or other home tutors may not have the right or appropriate skills in teaching the kids. So, the pressures can be even higher and disappointing.

So, another medium to helping the kids is through Online tutoring where you can find help on difficult subjects like Algebra 1, Algebra 2. You can also find Chemistry help or Statistics help.   And, best of all, it offers Free math tutoring online for fast and correct Math answers.

School places a lot of pressures on the kids and even on parents. But, knowing what and where to seek help, learning can indeed be easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

I Need a Breather

It has been a week since classses were done and though I have all the time to rest and have  fun, I am definitely bored!

Most of my free time now is simply consumed by updating my blogs, attending to the family business and just watching watching movies. I have been wanting to resume with my jogging but since I am getting all the awkward calf muscles, I decided to stop. Now, I am even more bored, lazy and simply fat. Tsk tsk tsk !

We will be leaving for a week of vacation next week and I can only be overwhelmed as I get to see old friends and colleagues again. Well, until then, I just have to savor the break.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making a Career of Your Passion

You can be quite lucky and blessed if you get to pursue a career from your passion. In my case, I am always inspired to teach that can be traced back as early as my middle schooling and until now, I never really get fed up with it although I now run a business but at the same time, teach.

It is quite dragging and difficult to go to your job everyday when you are not at all personally motivated. There can indeed be different reasons why you keep a job and these may include compensation package, working environment, career growth among others. But, when you are not all happy and intrinsically motivated, everyday work is quite a challenge and pain.

Thus, if you think that you wish to pursue a career for a specific industry like engineering, cinema or even modeling, then, go follow your dreams and you can never go wrong. Well, of course, you have to evaluate all the  perks and downsides of your choice.

So, if you want to be among the  male or female models, then, look for a legitimate and able - to - help  model agency  that can indeed make your dreams realized.  

A career from your passion can  be easily pursued and can guarantee fulfillment. And, with the right time, company and resources, you too can have a blossoming future ahead of you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Filipinos Celebrate Early Christmas Holidays

Whenever September kicks in, most of the  Filipino communities start to put in Christmas decorations, and you bet that Christmas songs are on the air. Needless to say, Filipinos have four (4) months to prepare, enjoy and celebrate the holidays. We start buying gifts for our godsons ad goddaughters, write  holiday cards  and book family reunions among others.

Filipinos are known for happy and jovial moods and whenever there are occasions, holidays or otherwise, it is only natural that Filipino families and friends bond together for celebration. I guess, it is by this culture that the entire year of the Philippine calendar is packed with endless government and religious holidays that most Filipinos are happy about. We always have a reason or two to celebrate, may it be baptism, weddings, birthdays or simply passing  through exams.

While this culture seems to be harmless, it can be quite disastrous since it encourages people to work hard to spend more and the vicious cycle continues that most Filipino families are really scarce of savings or retirement fund. Further, it also enforces passive attitude towards work since holidays fill most of the working days.

But, this culture can be quite an overstatement, it defines and enlivens us. In fact, as early as now, we are anticipating loved ones and friends coming home for family reunions.

I simply love being Filipino but best of all, I love Christmas more.

Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Find the Best Job

Finding the best job is no easy feat; in fact, companies may have considerable great turn - over when it comes to keeping and hiring employees.

But, how do we really find the best job for? Well, I can only think of practical reasons and here is the list:

  1. Consider your skills and knowledge. Finding a job basically starts from writing your resume and making through interviews. In as much as you want the best job, employers want the best persons too for the job. So, matching your skills with your potential job can be a start. A job which requires skills and experience way out of your league can only add a lot of pressures which can eventually make you unhappy and dissatisfied. 
  2. Consider pay and position. Depending on your skills, your position must be suited for these. And, with this position comes the corresponding compensation. So, if you think that your worth is well paid, then, go for it. 
  3. Consider career growth. In an interview, you are normally asked what are your career directions or plans. You too can ask the career pathing for a given position. So, if you see that you like where your potential position be heading, then, go for the job but if you simply stagnation (which I doubt), then, career path can't be a potential issue. 
  4. Consider working environment. You can ask for the number of turn - over and why employees leave. Possible reason can be unacceptable working environment, culture, and management. 
The bottomline for finding the best job is to consider your personal conviction and professional development. It is easier to go to a job if you love your work and everything else about it including your pay, working environment, colleagues,and all otherwise every working day can be dragging and draining and you can be one of those highly stressed employees who wish to just jump off  the board.

I'm Back to Exercise!

I decided to resume with my morning jogs last summer and as much as possible, I wanted to do the jogs every morning. So, this regimen is complemented with weekend kickboxing and aerobics. This is my form of keeping my weights down and relieve me of stress. 

But, sometimes for endless reasons, I miss my exercise and just continue dozing in dreamland. Consequently, with this stop, my bulges resume their growth too. Sigh!

So, in spite of the late sleeps, I gather my strength to wake up early and be on my running shoes and it is somehow a blessing that classes are almost done encouraging me more to sweat and be fit and fab. Yepey!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to Find Your Best House

My biological family had our fair share of moving from one home to another and for different reasons, my parents were able to purchase and relocate to properties that best suited our needs. And gladly, for more than a decade, we finally take roots in a very accessible and prime location in one of the very promising and emerging cities in the Philippines.

But, when you decide to find your own place for yourself or family, thorough care and thinking is only needed. You don't want to waste your resources, compromise your work or your family's old life for a wrong home.

So, what are your criteria in selecting a property? Here is my short list:

  • Consider your budget. If your are on a tight budget, living in a prime location can mean ripping off your pocket and bank. So, you can start your search with  referrals from friends, or from directories for less - prime areas. If you are just around New York City, then, go search  Wilmington NC real estate for their listings. 
  • Consider your location. Your budget can still be cut  deep if your home is way farther from your work, school or other locations that you and your family highly need and frequently attended to. Thus, evaluate well your options, your smart choice can start from reviews from trusted real estate experts, home owners and your own prime need.  Wilmington NC real estate can be a good head start. 
  • Consider future innovations and opportunities. Knowing the city's urban planning can help you have a foresight of what should be established in your probable home. This way, your future is assured that it will still provide the best possible channel for you and your family's convenience and safety. Wilmington NC homes  are your start for strategic planning. 
Having your own place is a smart choice as it provides security, privacy and investment for you and your loved ones. And, choosing the best house is only critical. 

Tapestry of Tuna and Culture: GenSan's Pride

On September 23, the 42nd Tuna Festival held a new event dubbed as Intertribe Tuna Exhibit and we could only be proud as we witness different ways how tuna, our main aquamarine source that mostly fuels General Santos City's economy. And, with this abundance, General Santos City is also known for its rich agriculture, great people with worldclass talents, Manny Pacquiao and national artists, Melai and Gerald, and lately XB Gensan dancers.

General Santos City is home to different tribes, the Muslim, Ilonggo, Visayan, Subanon, Kapampangan, Tagalog and more.  And, with that, our city is simply woven with  rich cultures that made the city more vibrant and colorful.

Today, September 26, is the culminating day of the celebration and the day is filled of grand events from morning to evening as a showdown of our rich culture and pride.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Web Conferencing: Add Edge to Your Business

Before businesses were constrained by geographical disparities and meetings were set in a limited and traditional arrangement where attendees needed to travel to one location to attend a meeting. When decisions were needed from key note individuals, their presence was absolutely necessary.

 However, these days, thanks to internet technology, in-person meetings are not so much a requirement. That is because business establishments can maintain a personalized relationship with their partners, suppliers, employees, and other business associates through the use of  Video conference  services.

 This state - of - the - art technology allows people from all over the world to meet via an internet hook-up, thus eliminating the need for travel and all the associated travel costs. This provides a substantial boost to employee productivity, with no down time due to travel needs.

Web conference  service allows companies to enjoy virtual meetings where attendees can participate from anywhere across the world. This technology enables companies to maximize computer and internet technology for open and ready communication. Further, attendees in a virtual meeting can respond with one another and face issues and make prompt decisions that can lead to increased efficiency.

Web conferencing    allows for many service such as power point presentations, sharing of conference control and multiple presenters, sharing of word and excel documents, tallying for hand raising votes, whatever it is your company needs. More importantly, even while their costs are reduced, companies can maintain a collaborative relationship with their stakeholders, make fast decisions, and keep employees up to date and involved in company decisions.

 The Conference Group is a full feature Web conferencing   service provider, with an easy to use website that is informative and easily demonstrates the different services available, which can be tailored to your company's need. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

When Should You Have a Career Shift

I have tried programming works along with teaching but got more stuck with administrative works as I headed the computer department. Then, with all the drain, mental and physical, I decided to just continue with regular teaching works. But, this alone made me not stop looking for a non – academic job, thus, I eventually earned the position, Project Officer – Executive Director for a Non – Government Organization.

But, as I did these most recent jobs, my siblings and I started the boutique business and since then, we were making history as young entrepreneurs. So, I decided to resign from a high – paying full time job and just settled with our business. Now, I do part-time teaching (to keep me updated) and do full-time business.

So, when do we actually consider career shifting? Personally, I only have a basic answer, if your present job does not make you happy and career growth is not possible at all, then, career shifting is a more viable option.
When you are just forced to wake up and attend to your job, every day becomes a burdensome toil and this can only pile to your present stress and add to your disappointments. You become less productive but more cranky and  inefficient.

Consequently, you will do yourself and your employer a favor, if you consider resignation and just retire or have another work.

It can be a risky decision, thus, if you are willing to go through this risk, then, go file that resignation letter.

Project: My Week’s Wishlist

I wish to start this project of writing my wish list and try to meet them and see actions done. I would like to redirect my attention and energy on achieving this wish list, so, that lame excuses wont supersede the desires.

So, for this week, I wish to do the following:

  1. Watch Resident Evil 3D – this I have done already;
  2. Complete the long – overdue novel Tuesdays with Morrie – Done too with buckets of drawn tears;
  3. Resume my jogging on Thursday – urggh!!!
  4. Update my blogs especially the abandoned Wordpress blog – this is easy but I just have to find the time;
  5. Get a body massage – I hope somebody will take the cue and bring me for a free body massage;
  6. Go to a parlor – a foot spa and pedicure will suffice;
  7. Enjoy heavenly food treats  - the local’s raving halo – halo from Razon’s can be enough.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make Smart Choices on Your AC Needs

Most people find solace in the comfort of their home. Consequently, homes need to be comfortable and soothing; offering relief from work stress and other pressures. This is especially true in this long, extended summer. Just when we thought we were finished with air conditioning, it appears that summer is just not over yet. Air conditioning problems should be least of what concerns us under these circumstances,especially when we know that there are competent air conditioning providers. There is no reason to stick with an air conditioner that is breaking down and not cooling properly but still using up more energy. 

If you live in Phoenix City, Arizona or just around the area and are in need of heating or cooling systems, then, rely only on the best Arizona heating and cooling   specialist: Jay's Comfort Team. They assure their customers only satisfactory and delightful Arizona air conditioning service that customers can be happy with and be grateful of that they are just in their neighborhood as they sit comfortably, cool in their homes. 

You can fully maximize your air conditioner and heater if they have been properly selected and assessed based on your household needs.Thus, planning for your air conditioner and heater can save you the trouble and even ensure you big savings. 

At Jay's Comfort Team, the staff from the customer helpers to skilled technicians, are committed the full satisfaction of their customers or they will get a full refund on unsatisfactory services, certainly that is confident of this firm!. With this commitment, they guarantee same - day service responses, providing staff with master - certified technicians, no hidden charges. Clearly it is understandable that they have a zero - complaint record with Arizona Registrar of Contractors and it helps that they have a 24/7 live customer support.

Arizona air conditioning is easy to address because Jay's Comfort Team simply provides a variety of services which include water heaters, heating systems, heat pumps, installation, repairs and sales of accessories. From their site, you can use their discount, rebate and coupon promos. 

So, if your home, office or business requires air - conditioning and heating services, get only the best air conditioner provider in Arizona. 

Fun with SOX Bloggers at Music KTV Bar

We were invited early evening to join the SOX bloggers' meeting at  the opeing of Music KTV at Sun City, General Santos City. They had their soft opening last Sunday, September 12, and while it still needs polishing, the entire bar is worth visiting.

There are KTV spacious rooms good for 8 - 14 persons that may range between PHP 200.00 and PHP 300.00  per hour.  And, if your  barkadas or buddies simply need a place to relax and enjoy while having fun singing and drinking, then, this new KTV bar must be one of your top list.

We quite like their sumptuous food and different cocktail offers. Soon, we will visit this place for another fun time singing and dining.

Music KTV facade

Fellow SOX bloggers at cocktail session

enjoying the singing session with upbeat and touchy collections

Perks of Friendship

This can be an overvalued concept but friendship is oftentimes misused, ignored, abused and forgotten, intentionally or otherwise. Like an adage, "No man is an island.", everyone just needs everyone. And, lucky are those who have true friends who stand by you through thick and thin.

What can perks  can friendship bring you, well, let me re - stress the obvious:

  • They listen to you when you are all moppy, sad, drunk and pissed off;
  • They honestly critique your wardrobe, decision, partners, and lifestyle;
  • They lend you their helping hand and even pocket to save the day;
  • They make your special occasions more beautiful and lovelier knowing that your loved ones are happy for your happiness;
  • They fight for you just in case others badmouth your name or simply cheat on you;
  • They will simply stay loyal even through physical distance and concern and love remains over time.
  • They simply keep you sane with all the wacky jokes on a bad day just to keep you smiling and hopeful; and lastly,
  • They make you appreciate life and love better.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Prevent Aging

There is a new science designed to study aging which is officially named as gerontology. This branch of science divides the theories about aging into two extreme groups: aging is natural and programmed to our body and aging is caused by damages through time.

Regardless  whether this aging theories are true or not, there are ways to however prevent or restrain aging. Here are the bare essentials:

  • Exercise to keep a normal weight and prevent bone and muscle loss;
  • Take plenty of food rich in anti-oxidants to protect you from free radicals;
  • Keep your cholesterol low to protect your arteries  and heart;
  •  Re-energize from stress.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle (limit smoking, drinking, deprived sleeps and alike)
Aging can be quite evident in our body as we see changes and downgrades in our heart, arteries, lung, brain, kidney, bladder, bones, muscles, sights, hearing and skin.

It is then imperative that we put a high note on our health as we age, thus, having recreational activities like playing indoor, outdoor or online games like online casino slots for online slots real money   can be quite relieving and helpful. Amidst busy and hectic life, taking a break seems the last thing in our mind. Worse, we  get used to having a fast - break life and the stress tempts us to smoke, drink or do something else.

So, if we really want to contain aging, we can only go for pro - aging ways: healthy lifestyle and safe fun.

Lessons Learned from Novel "Tuesdays with Morrie"

book cover of the novel 
photo source:

A fellow blogger, Sheng, brought this book with her during a local blogging community and I was all tempted to read that I asked to bring this book just in case I have time in between to  read. 

I thought the book was simply a work of fiction but the novel was about a professor's struggle and triumph over his fatal disease and his student's personal struggles about the true meaning of life. 

From start to end, you will see and feel wisdom, wits and humor and love of a dying person and teaching bare essentials that are oftentimes ignored. Thus, it left me crying from cover to cover.  This is indeed one book everyone should not miss.

Read the synopsis as excerpt from

Newspaper columnist Mitch Albom recounts his time spent with his 78 year old sociology professor at Brandeis University, Morrie Schwartz, who was dying from Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). Albom, a former student of Schwartz, had not corresponded with him since attending his college classes sixteen years earlier. The first three chapters begin with: an ambiguous introduction to the final conversation between Albom and Schwartz, a brief flashback to Albom's graduation 20 years earlier, and a brief recount of the events Albom experiences between his graduation and the point where he becomes prompted to return to his professor.

Albom is a successful sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press after not attaining his childhood dream of being a pianist. After seeing Schwartz on Nightline, Albom looked up Schwartz's phone number, and called him. Much to his surprise, Schwartz remembered him even though he hasn't seen him in 16 years. That prompted Albom to travel from Michigan to Massachusetts to visit Schwartz.[1] They arrange to meet on Tuesdays. A newspaper strike frees Albom from work and allows him frequent flights from his home in Detroit to Schwartz in Boston. The resulting book is based on Albom's recount of Schwartz lectures, quotes, experiences, and conversations. It is interspersed with frequent flashbacks and allusions to contemporary events between each visit.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Laws Hit on You

No normal or sane individuals would wish to be convicted or accused of anything he did not do. Thus, when circumstances, intentional or otherwise, hit you or your loved ones and they require legal actions, it is only smarter that we seek  a good lawyer to back us up just as  good and competent  as the  Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Normally, we try to abide laws whenever we can, may this be traffic rules or community rules but when accidents or others simply drag or tempt you to do something bad like brawling among others, you can only wish that things did not happen as they were.

Just recently, an acquaintance just had her trial hearing on the case of  fraud and with all the evidences against her, it can be quite difficult to save her.

Worse, the legal systems in the Philippines is quite dragging, slow and bias but if you simply have a good lawyer, then any case can be won.

Now, that I am into business, my lawyer friend can only advice me not to let others use my  personal check, or credit guarantee for others, or perform illegal business transactions, all which I happily abide.

Pursuing a legal case is expensive, tiring and draining and it does not only affect the accused or the accuser but also everyone else around this person. Thus, to have a trial that is short and speedy and fair can only be highly desired.

How To Make Your Weekend Productive

The Philippine President, Ninoy Aquino, marked September 10 as a non - working holiday in celebration of Eid el-Fitr, a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan or fasting.

So, when long weekends are ahead of us, how can we make these long days productive. Here are my suggestions:

  •  read your long overdue novels;
  • take your loved ones to a family swim;
  • prepare a good picnic with friends or loved ones;
  • go camping or hiking;
  • travel to another city by road for few days;
  • finish overdue works;
  • enjoy classic movies;
  • hit theater houses;
  • play boardgames with kids or friends;
  • a nice sit on a baywalk;
  • sun tan and beach swim; 
  • gardening; and
  • well, the list can go on. . .
Whatever we do this long weekend, the bottomline is that we have a relaxing and relieving time alone or with loved ones.

How To Write Good Essays

Writing is never easy; in fact, it is a painstaking and dragging task that can make you go nuts and cranky. But, when deadlines are at stake, you simply have to go through the enduring process of writing essays.

However, best essays are not made out of nowhere. It requires tremendous strings of works and without proper guidance and knowledge base, all your writings can go vain.

One of the things that actually hinder a writer to write is his lack of self - esteem when it comes to writing with correct grammar and convincing content. However, this downside is not impossible to address. A review on your English basics or constructs can give you a head start. Also, having a short course in English can help you professionally.

When language is fully addressed, then you can go to the nitty - gritty of writing essays. Most of my A - grade essays are not done without a solid effort. Normally, with a given topic, it is a must that I gather several resources to support my essay, may it be a Narrative Essay or a Critical Essay. I have to screen out facts from unsupported theories, so, that conviction in my essay can be evident and sensible.

With all the readings, they can be quite overwhelming, thus, when I read several resources, I make sure that I note important points and observe citation rules. And when you do this, make sure that you observe citation format only allowed by your school or by your institution.

After having all the notes, I review and analyze them and see how the ideas can complement and support one another. Further, I identify which argument or point is more convincing and must be well emphasized.

With knowledge of what to write and how to write it, I make an outline of how ideas can freely flow in my essay and how I can support my argument. It is quite imperative that when you write, may it be a personal or an impersonal write – up, your ideas must be organized, and clear. To achieve this is to prepare and follow an outline. Feel free to revise this outline should you think that the change can contribute better.

With an outline, you can now write your essays. Make your title and your introduction catchy, convincing and interesting since these will invite your readers to read the rest of your essays. Make sure too that you only discuss one point per paragraph and that all the body of your essays must complement with one another. In your conclusion, re - stress your arguments and wrap up your essay well.

Lastly, after you make your essay, review it for grammar or typing errors. An essay becomes more professionally looking if it is error free.

So, should you need to write Compare and Contrast Essay, Justification write – ups, or practically anything, you can put your skills to action. But, if you simply don’t have the time or the skills, then, having a mentor or a third – party service to do the essays for you can be of great help.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why I Should Not Miss ASAP Sessionistas in Gensan

In celebration of Tuna Festival 2010, the city government along with the sponsors makes the month-long celebration extra splendid and beautiful as it holds another grand  and heart - filled concert on September 10 at Lagao Gymnasium by internationally acclaimed and renowned Filipino artists, the ASAP Sessionistas who captivated every one's ear and soul from all ages and cultures because of their own renditions of old and new songs that can make you love life and love again and again without really having to say, "You are sorry."

And, when Bariles holds again another contest for this much - awaited concert, I can't help but pitch in why everyone should watch ASAP Sessionistas live in Gensan.

1. Juris  on  "From your true passion, big dreams can come true."

Big stars are both born and made and for some, they can only persevere. This is the very case of MYMP's Juris who is hailed from Davao from a family of doctors; while completing her pre - med requirements in Ateneo, she realized that she is more apt and passionate about music that she later joined MYMP and made a new wave for Filipino music as  she touches the masa with her soothing pop and accoustic -  genre performances.    Who would not miss her lovely and sweet voice for her rendition of  "Sa Yo Lamang" for the movie of the same time who makes your heart ache for your dearest loved ones?

2. Sitti on " Gifts and talents know no race or cultures."

Sitti Navarro or just known as Sitti is of Tausog and Samal descent and was an honor student, a leader, a beauty titlist and  a Filipino Bossa queen. She is an epitome of all - in - one package of beauty, brains and bags of talents. Indeed, when one is only determined and with strong - positive character, anyone from any culture or race can make a difference in any chosen career with unquestionable pride and dignity.

3. Aiza on " Enjoying honest life and loving it." 

I have been a fan of Aiza even when she was still a talent of Eat Bulaga in 1980's but what make this young lady more loved is the fact that she is not at all scared in spite of what others must say, especially with declaration of being a tomboy. She practically grew up in the big screen and on stage but never did I hear her brat about her accomplishments nor criticize other artists and with talents of singing and guitar playing, she captures an international audience that she is now dubbed as Asian Acoustic Sensation. She may have tarnished her limelight as a movie star, but, she sure has the brighter glow as a musician - a great singer and a songwriter in spite of her age.

4. Richard Poon on "Do all and be all."

Experts say that most men don't fully utilize their potentials; Richard Poon, however, makes this findings all an overstatement. Richard is a crooner - an excellent songwriter, singer, and music arranger. And, if your old folks simply love Jose Mari Chan, then, Richard Poon is the younger version and his  music and great talents won him several Awit Awards and earned successful solo - concerts leaving his audience in great awe and pride for having another Filipino artist with remarkable gifts and world - class talents.

5. Nina on " Touching the Heart, but Touching the Soul More."

Soul - siren Nina has won several recognitions and awards from the music industry and  at her young age, has made her own marks as a songwriter, singer, record producer and radio/TV personality.  But, what makes Nina a big success is her heart and soul - piercing rendition of every song she sings. She can all make you weep or fall in love all at the same time with cool and soothing voice. As a remarkable pop and R&B artist, she becomes an icon   among the younger and newbie artists. With accomplishments and recognition, she proves to say that " with a heart, anything can be possible."

6.  Duncan on "Flying high with might."

Duncan is already known for his great moves as he joined Gary V in  most of his concerts but his name rocked the entertainment industry more as he joined Southborder whom he eventually left for a solo career. His great apt for singing and dancing makes Duncan a total performer.

These artists are epitome of hope, dreams and life and music is their arena and anyone from any age, race or generation can take pride and inspiration from all these artists. And, to see them all on stage in one night in my own city can only be overwhelming and inspiring.

Life is but a music indeed - full of different genres, moods, stories and styles, but only a remarkable performer can make it more meaningful and worth living. This I learned from these great performers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Recreational Acitvities Can Save You from Stress

Stress is said to lead to different health problems including heart diseases, weight gains, hypertension, infertility and others and one of the remedies to address or prevent this is for individuals to have recreational activities and take breaks from the causes of stress.

Most people spend their time reading, watching movies while others love playing games, may it be online or otherwise.

One of the well – commended online site is a portal for Online Casinos that hold various casinos that worldwide players can play at anytime. Players have full control and ease in finding online games that best suit their forte, liking and budget.

But, what makes this portal so distinguished from other online casinos include these reasons:

  • Support to players by providing tips and guides on winning the games which are categorized from easy to difficult with easy – to – follow instructions;
  • Links to reviews of legitimate and best online casinos to make sure that your plays are worth your time and your money; 
  • Forums for specific game discussion among novice and professionals and industry stakeholders where queries and feedbacks of good and bad experiences can be openly discussed;
  • Welcome bonuses to start with and big bonuses to enjoy more;
  • Services to desired games to help you define your gaming preferences and how you should really play with these games to make a more fun and productive playing experience. Further, you can even have a list of No Deposit Casinos  and simply start having good playing with big jackpots;
  • Current News to update you with updated jackpots, new games, big bonuses and upgrades;
  • Videos of online game guides for specific games, conferences, gambling issues and concerns, interviews with gambling winners and their secrets and more;

  • Bonuses for specific games like blackjack, slots, roulette and backgammon or rummy which you can use from one game to another and top bonuses for poker, casino, bingo and sports and if you are in search for top Casino Bonus, this too can be easily found;
  • Articles on gambling culture offering various short essays on history of gambling, tales of losses and winnings, gambling – related jokes, tips and more to make you appreciate the value, benefits, and downsides too of gambling;
  • Directory of online casinos from where you can choose from and with legitimate and honest reviews, online game sites make sure that you are in for big winnings and favorable fun game;
  • List of partner industries which include software providers, payment methods, poker networks, affiliate programs, fraud protection, licenses, gambling – oriented organizations and legal services to make sure that your online playing is but satisfactory; and,
  •  Schooling of game rules for newbies and those who need to be reminded of the games’ rules and techniques. You can even download their PDF – format ebooks for your game guides.
Indeed, this is total recreation in one click away and if you are  simply in search for safe and fun way to get recharged and energized from draining works or difficult persons, then,  waste no more time searching,  have fun and enjoy.

SOX Blood Drive for Cause

The SOX bloggers along with Red Cross Personnel on Blood Donation Drive at 
Robinson's  Gensan Activity Area
Our fellow blogger, Professor Gilbert Tan, giving his share

The SOX bloggers waiting for more donors (laptop anywhere, huh!)

The SOCCSKSARGEN  (SOX) bloggers conducted this blood donation drive in celebration of Red Cross Month. And, this was only timely especially with the alarming cases of Dengue nationwide where more than 500 cases are from our General Santos City. 

We aimed to have 15 donors and I wanted to donate but for usual reasons (stress, blood pressure, anemia), I could not donate. 

We were only happy that we had around 10 when my sister and I left briefly. So, to all donors, Robinsons management, Red Cross personnel, our many thanks; we hope the donated blood can be of help.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why You Should Read Consumer Rankings and Reviews

With everyone else going online and exploring the benefits of online marketing, as a consumer, you can be quite overwhelmed. Thus, being informed of what to buy and where to buy can be relieving and assuring.
Consumers would rather get worth from their hard-earned money, thus, if they purchase products or services that don’t meet or satisfy the standards expected during marketing, they have every right to get cranky, pissed or cheated.

According to the survey made by consulting firm Deloitte & Touche LLP in 2007, consumers ‘ decisions are directly influenced by the consumer – written product reviews and ratings. And, these reviews and ratings also influence other potential buyers. Thus, if companies need to boost revenues, they have to make sure that their products and services really live up to the industry standards with add – on edge and that they deliver what they promise.

Consequently, Consumer Rankings are imperative and significant as they provide the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Money
    If purchased products don’t function at all or don’t live up to what you expect, it can be great deal of pain to spend hard – earned money on products and services with unsatisfactory performance. You wish you could have purchased or subscribed elsewhere or have read reviews first before letting go of your resources.
  • Maximized Time
    Finding the best product or services takes time if you need to do your research personally but with consumer rankings, your search time can be smaller and guaranteed.
  • Security
    You purchase products or acquire services trusting that satisfactory performance is guaranteed. With legitimate and reliable consumer feedbacks on any desired product or service, you can set your anxiety at ease. 
So, if your search for consumer reviews include best dating sites, then go check review and you know that you won’t feel sorry at all.

Busy Weekend for Me

For others who are employees of any government or private entity, they may be enjoying their weekends already but in my case, I am enduring the  3 - hour stay filling my dues as I do my laboratory assignment.

So, while the students work on their laboratory requirements, I somehow made use of the time to update this blog and wait for them to finish their works. Of course, I get to attend them whenever they call for help. Somehow, it is only depressing to note that not all students share the same passion for learning. That is, while others are breaking their senses doing their laboratory assignments, others are enjoying their non-sense activities. As a teacher, I can only remind them of their duties.

After this long hours of work, I shall head back again to our store and do my other tasks. sigh! But, I can only be grateful that another beautiful day has come and I am still alive and kicking only busier.  LOL!

Support Handicap - Friendly Entities

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

World Health Organization defines disability as anything that includes impairment, activity limitation and participation limitations. These impairments and restrictions can be brought by accidents or by birth and  for some, disabilities may be permanent and these can truly affect how people with disability perform their works or function in society.

Disability is quite difficult to quantify and distinguish as it encompasses physical, sensory, developmental and cognitive restraints. Thus, there is only a close estimation as to the number of disabled in the world; in 2004, WHO estimated 100 million of  lightly to severely disabled individuals. In USA, the disabled group comprises the third largest minority and the Bureau of Census sets the figure to around 51 million disabled Americans.

With this alarming number, it is only imperative that entities set their services and their structures to assist the handicap. These may include setting a rest room for them, a ramp, modified vehicles, specialized rooms and more.

I can only commend more that an entity like  NMEDA   is very active in responding to the needs of the disabled.  

NMEDA or National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit group of mobility equipment dealers, rehabilitation specialists and other professionals engaged in  providing people with disability the opportunity to drive or travel around with ease and comfort.

Every disabled individual has unique needs, thus, an NMEDA dealer or member can help better in identifying and addressing these needs. Family members can make use of typical vehicles to transport their disabled loved ones but without  discomfort and struggle. Worse, driving becomes impossible too. This is where NMEDA dealer's assistance becomes handy and practical.

More importantly, NMEDA has Quality Assurance Program Dealers who are nationally recognized and accredited for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. The QAP Dealers make sure that the services they provide to their customers are only satisfactory and consistent in terms of quality standards.

My family are in Wisconsin and when I check the nearest accredited NMEDA dealers, I found a good list. Thus, if you want your loved ones with disability to be able to drive or to have ease whenever the family needs to travel, go check the  NMEDA Dealers Locator for the nearest NMEDA dealers. You can leave a comment too, so, they can attend to your queries and more. 

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Missing My Jogs!

It has been awhile since my regular joggings and I quite miss but I just don't have the time though with all the works, business and blogging works.

I jog not only to be fit and fab but also to get re-energized from all the long works, and dragging days. For now, I can only keep my running shoes until I can get back and hit the running tracks again.

Perhaps, I  can tag my kid with me again and let him enjoy his inline blades; that way, he can keep his weights down.

 in one of the mornings where I practiced my in-line blades along Robinsons' road

How to Deal with Multitasking

Women are quite known for their adeptness to multi-task and across cultures, women play a quite significant role at home and in the community. And as such, it can't be avoided that they too can feel all drained, dragged and beaten.

As a woman, I play these major roles: mother, wife, businesswoman, teacher, and blogger; and, I can say that 24/7 sched is definitely not enough.

But, how do you actually deal with multi - tasks or roles?  The most practical way is to manage your time and to set your priorities.  Normally, whatever is immediate is done first and if I am in our store, I get to work on my paper works as a teacher first, then attend to business needs in between. Delegating other tasks is also a key to lighter works.

When family duties are called for, I normally do these before and after store, blogging comes last when everyone else is all settled and done with their needs.

Of course, I get to do the things I love: watching movies, reading and jogging.

I guess whatever the roles we play, we simply make sure that we are comfortable with it and it brings us joy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What to Need for Your Website

When I started blogging as a medium to release my stress, I only made use of blogspot’s free hosting. However, blogging becomes a supplemental medium to earning income too that having a domain becomes a necessity rather than a simple whim.

Since the traffic of this blog is considerably high, I find it difficult to shift it to customized domain hosting. So, I have my other blogs with own web hosting already where subscription is done only once with annual subscription fee at meager cost. However, I would like to shift the web hosting of my last blog to a different entity since its management is quite limited and frustrating.

When you own a website or when your company has one, make sure that you go for the best web hosting service provider. It is only essential that you have full control over this site but if you want a third party to do the dirty works, having a managed hosting will do you better.

Further, just in case you want your server and all its precious data to be in secured physically and virtually, you can go for colocation arrangement too.

I wish to start new blogs but this time,  I shall scrutinize my web hosting partner more.

Happy Birthday Pops!

This is a big day for everyone else at home but more so for my father who turns 60 years old. He may be quite enjoying the perks of 20% discount as a senior citizen on practically everything but I guess his old age freaks him out.hahhahahhaha!

So, to celebrate his big day, we simply have  dinner at home with all his loved ones around. We will soon upload his birthday pics and we only wish that he can live longer and have less grumpy days ahead. hahhahahah!

Happy birthday tatay!

How to Write Your Thesis

Professionalism is defined by others by the number of years spent in education and with that the more years you spent in your schooling, the more professional you are. Normally, professionals advance their studies through graduate programs including masteral and doctorate studies. But, most programs require thesis writing as the culminating requirement to earning a degree.

When I earned my diploma on Masters in Public Administration, most of the academic requirements include paper works and with comprehensive exam as the deciding factor in earning the degree. This is also the case in my other masteral program, Masters in Information Technology.

Thesis writing is a very draining and difficult ordeal for any student to hurdle though and if one is not adept in writing, thesis making can be quite a struggle. Thesis is not simply an overnight work; it goes through periods of writing, research and more rewriting and these may entail a considerable amount of time. As a thesis adviser and panelist before, I had seen different issues and constraints when students wrote their papers. A few number warranted impressive grades because of the thorough investigations and well – written research papers. But, a significant number wallowed in shame and disgrace as their theses works were stamped with “FAILED” marks.

Normally, when you prepare for your thesis writing, it is quite imperative that you get a mentor to assist you in your area of study. Your mentor can best guide you with your thesis writing and actual research. Don’t feel dishearten, however, if you and your mentor don’t agree on your actual works; remember though that his expertise can help you through with your research process.

Further, seek the approved outline for thesis writing from your school; seeing this outline will help you chunk your works into tiny works that can be done throughout your research study and later be aggregated. Thesis writing can be a dragging task and the urge to procrastinate can be tempting. But, with a timetable, a mentor and an outline, you can gradually finish your paper on time.

More importantly, make sure that your content is well supported by facts and evidences. Thus, keeping notes of references and resources can help you better when you document your ideas. Incorporate as well supporting tables or diagrams for better understanding and comprehension of your study.

Indeed, thesis writing is a painstaking job and it is no joke not even to hardworking and diligent students. Thus, if you see that you just don’t have the time or skills to write your own thesis, may it be an undergraduate or mba dissertation or media dissertation, you can acquire third party services to work on your thesis writing.

Their services are warranted as professional and quality and you can be assured that your thesis paper will pass with flying honors. Any topic or area of research including law thesis topics can be efficiently covered.

Writing is hard work but help can be sought and the end-result of writing, may it be personally done or otherwise, can be overwhelming.

My Top Influential Blogs

Blogging is my passion and when I started in 2008, I have quite enjoyed the perks of having blogs: new friends, countless gimmicks, free concert tickets, additional earnings and great wisdom and humor from other bloggers.

So, I won't at all pass the Writing Project for 2010 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and give my  list because my nominees simply have great blogs with heart and soul that can simply make readers weep, laugh and most of all, love life.

So, my short list includes:

  • Ganda Ever So Much - If I want my day to be more comic, alive and witty, I just don't miss reading the entriess from this blog. His honesty and transparency and even criticisms can indeed rock your  funny bone and make you do uncalled self - meditation because of his profoundness, intellect and humor. 
  • Kikay Much - Everyone is vain and if you are in search for beauty tips, entertainment gadgets, fashion trends, you won't miss this fashion - beauty site that is simply filled with personalized and true - to - the - bone reviews of a certified fashionista herself. You will simply have the urge to try anything  she writes. 
  • AlexisChua - you will be quite amazed by the monstrosity of intellect and passion from this blog and to know that he is just fresh from college, you may wish all leaders and young ones share same passion for anything he loves, politics, technology, community, economics and Philippine development to top his list. 
  • Ako si Rabsky - This blog is like reading Vice Ganda's punch line and if you want to take a glimpse how the Kabataan see the present Philippine state, you will be quite surprise how this blog brings out the truth with funny icing on the top. 
  • Gensan Gems - I like this blog because the author  presents the less known recipes and wacky adventures in South Cotabato one should not miss. 
  • A Thousand Ships - this is a photoblog and not only that you get to see amazing and unique and personal pictures, you shall be amazed too with all the vivid and interesting stories behind these great pictures too.
  •  Digital Exposures - another photoblog with captivating pictures and the images are enough to ignite your imagination and passion. 

These blogs are worth reading and visiting; go check them yourself and you will discover more!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wanting My Own Ecommerce Site Too

We are officially one month with our Kreativ  Boutique  situated at Upper Level of Atrium, Gaisano - General Santos City. We practically sell anything fancy and fad and that includes pants, shirts, blouses, shoes, bags, belts and fashion accessories for men, women and young ones.

However, with the need to promote the store and encourage more sales, I indeed created a Facebook account to serve this purpose and I have been wanting to have my  own e-commerce site to make online shopping more possible and efficient.

E-commerce has indeed defined a different tapestry for shopping where business and transactions can be made beyond the four corners of any physical store. And, with boundless limits of Internet technology, ideally, a store's website can reach to as many people across nations and towns. However, having a good e-commerce site with  efficient ecommerce web hosting  requires tremendous marketing to promote a good amount of traffic to any online company site. And, if this marketing is well taken care of, it is equally important that security on payment transactions should be assured too. Further, online customers  can have their shopping carts and tracking of their online purchases. I wish to have customer support too just in case queries or feedbacks shall be placed.

With technology hype, it is only smarter and more effective to make use of this technology to the advantage of any enterprise, private or otherwise.

Thus, as soon as I can, I shall make my own e-commerce site with all the basic shopping functionalities required.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Robinson's Mall: Mas Maganda Dito, a Totally New Shopping Haven

When the family decided to relocate to Zambonga City, we were quite used to seeing different malls from local owners but the shopping experiences were limited if not satisfying. We would have to travel elsewhere to experience a more exciting and pleasing spree and to have known and purchased national and international brands would make me feel that Filipinos are also capable of experiencing shopping, window or otherwise, at  a global and trendy taste within the meager pay of most Filipino workers.

Thus, when we had to move back to Gensan in 2008, that same old feeling began to rejuvenate again not until September 30, 2009 when  Robinsons Place General Santos opened its doors to the general public. We were among the few who waited and were captivated by the grandness and elegance of this globally renowned shopping mall and to have it within the confines of my beloved General Santos City,  I can't keep my jaws closed! Well, who won't be especially for a fashion fanatic like me who wants elite brands and reasonable prices as my major aphrodisiacs.   Indeed, Robinsons Mall's tagline, MAS MAGANDA DITO, is not at all an overstatement, it is an epitome of a totally different shopping experience that every General can be proud of.

From morning to evening, Robinsons Mall is a vibrant sanctuary for all ages and the Generals along with tourists can take pride and delight from the spacious parking space, free  mallwide WIFI access, trendy and comfy 3D movieworld, fresh and complete supermarketvaried  and grand department store, elegant but pangmasa food court,   sumptuous-filled ALFRESCO resto-bars, exciting amusement for kids and kids at heart,  high-end sensorized facilities   and great customer service that you can't help but feel you are in a world - class shopping mall with a VIP stature. This grand shopping mall is house to over 100 national and local food and retail players offering various novelty items and services within anyone's budget.

Robinsons Gensan  has been our personal favorite from morning to sundown and no other malls have offered and shown social responsibility at its best. It has partnered with various industries like schools, government agencies and other private institutions where Robinson's Atrium and Main Entrance Area  have become favorite spots for grand job fairs, free weekend exercises, school and office functions with great freedom and ease.

with my kid during Goldenstate Little College  Nutrition Month 2010 Celebration in Robinson's Atrium where he won Best Costume for his French Fries fit

My family and I freely  jog along the spacious paved roads of Robinson's Mall while other health - conscious buffs, elders and young ones,  do their walking and Taichi on regular days and free group exercise of taebo and boxing  on  weekends. Families and friends bond and go healthy  in and through Robinsons Place.Only this shopping mall expresses social responsibility with no cost at all!

 with my family in one morning doing jogging and inline blades at Robinson's Parking 
Area with other exercise goers doing their regular Taichi exercise

And, when parties or events itch my feet, I am assured that Robinson's ATRIUM and ALFRESCO guarantee flawless satisfaction. No wonder, it has become a favorite "tambayan" of people who have had a bad or stressed day or otherwise, unwind  and relax with friends and loved ones.

 with sibling and friends on fun party at Robinson's ALFRESCO area

When occasions for  parents, spouses, siblings or kids call for gifts, you won't get disappointed at all from the the wide selection in Robinsons Department Store and Handyman Do It Best store. In fact, we just ravished the toy section for my kid and nephews at way too cheap prices.  And with Robinsons' ALL - OUT Sale from August 1 - 31, we can all find best keeps for my nephew's and father's birthdays.

You can also relax and enjoy more from their monthly gigs including mall tour of national Filipino artists, in fact, they have the following events lined up this August for you and our loved one's taking:

  • August 14, 2010 - JCI Spelling Bee Competition
  • August 15, 2010 - SIDE A Album Tour
  • August 20, 2010 - Ms. Skinfluence Coronation Night
  • August 21, 2010 - Ms. Smile Talent Night
  • August 22, 2010 - National Bookstore Scrapbooking event
  • August 27-29, 2010- YAMAHA Fiesta Exhibit 

  So, if you are in search for a totally different and mas magandang experience of FUN, DELIGHT, SERVICE and ELEGANCE, visit Robinsons Place, and your definition of SHOPPING MALL simply levels up!

General Santos and SOX area are not only  globally known and recognized because of our national sports hero, Manny Pacquiao, or export - quality tuna and agricultural crops,  diverse and rich culture, and brimming economy but also because we have within our reach the wonders and pride of Robinsons!