Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Find the Best Webhosting

When you decide to start and / or create your website for personal or commercial reason, it is your basic goal to reach out to your target readers and to be visibly online for  24 / 7. Thus, it is quite important that you have a reliable and efficient  web hosting provider to make sure that you don't get robbed off just in  case your readers can't access your website.

Depending on the nature of your websites, personal or commercial, you just have to find the right web hosting service that suits your budget and needs. But, as you do this, you can consider these criteria:

  • reliability
  • storage
  • technical support
  • customer reviews
  • price
  • add - on features
  • bandwidth

There are efficient but  cheap efficient web hosting providers that can be quite suitable if you are just starting  a business or simply creating personal blogs. You may wish to look for free webhostings but normally, there can be forced ads on your websites to pay off for free web hosting.

So, with a little search on net for the right web hosting providers, you will sure find one that can totally nail your needs and your website(s) shall sure be felt anytime at anywhere.

Thank God for Coffee Dream!

My morning starts with a steamy creamed coffee as I do my usual surfs on the net, read my emails,  update my blogs, and prepare for schools and when I simply need a break from a long day, the aroma of hot coffee is enough to stir my drained and dragged afternoon. So, I quite welcome the presence of local coffee houses but I was quite disappointed when I had to see the old Coffee Dream in KCC closed down for months. The old place was my haven for my usual coffee share, a slice of special cake, net surfing as I wait for friends and family to bond with.

The new Coffee Dream, KCC Mall of Gensan

It was indeed a delight  to know that Coffee Dream would re-open and when the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers were invited, I could only happily accept the invitation.  And, the new interior of Coffee Dream is a total surprise from the dim and authoritarian aura the old Coffee House had.  And the  new interior is the response of the Coffee Dream founders to renovate their 33+ branches nationwide to cater to younger generation.

And, with the old taste but new look and more coffee and side dish menu, the new Coffee Dream shall once again swept off the Generals and other coffee drinkers especially that they are blended to suit Filipino taste. And, what can be more interesting is the fact that they acquire their coffee from local coffee breeders, thus, helping too our economy and fellowmen.

Coffee Dream's side dish selection 

I love coffee selections from Starbucks and Krispy Kremes but when location and price are the restraints, I simply thank God, Coffee Dream is just within my reach.

over sized delightful corned - beef burger to pair your Coffee Dream drink 

So, my order of Iced Strawberry Chill with  a taste of their sumptuous corned beef burger, blueberry muffin and carrot cake, I can only think of one word to describe my Coffee Dream experience, ORGASMIC!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why We Should Lose Weights

There is really no fast rule when losing weights is the issue; in fact, if losing weight is easy, then, diet alternatives and gyms won't go abound. But, losing unwanted weight is not just about having a swimsuit - model body but staying healthy as unwanted fats can constrict our veins and nerves that may actually harm our heart.

Experts say that overweight may lead to the following health risks:

  • diabetes
  • stroke and heart disease
  • cancer
  • osteoarthritis
  • pregnancy problems
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • sleep problems
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • gall bladder disease
  • metabolic syndrome

With all the health risks of being overweight and/or obese, they only highlight the basic but critical complication of obesity: premature death.

Thus, to keep our weights within normal range, it is smarter if we employ active lifestyle like having indoor or outdoor sports for us to shed off extra fats, eat healthy diet with minimal volume,   go through weight loss surgery if medically advised specifically, Bariatric surgery which may require special bariatrics  supplements,    and / or take weight loss safe but effective diet pills.

Whatever alternative(s) we pursue to lose weight, it is extremely important that we seek medical advice and approval before we go through any weight loss program.  Losing weight requires that we have our intrinsic motivation to be healthy and stay healthy. And, being informed about why we should lose weights can motivate us more to be health - conscious buff.

Great Wedding, Great Time with Old Students

My teaching career spans over 13 years and through these long years, I have endless number of students from my five (5) school employers. And, the overwhelming number is simply affirmed when I get to meet my old students but fail to recognize their names.

with my old students, the newlyweds

So, this is quite the case when the bride, one of my old students five years ago, asked me to join them in their wedding. I was just around the neighborhood that I happily conceded. Surprisingly, though, that when the bride and groom met me to hand in their invitation, the groom happened to be my student too 10 years ago.  The two simply met in Qatar in one religious activity and just after a year, they decided to tie the knots.

The wedding was beach - inspired and was held in one of the nicest white beaches in Glan, Sarangani Province. The newlyweds invited me to be one of their godparents and I could only complain because I don't see that my 30+ age falls for the godparents' age range.

the beach wedding 

The entire wedding ceremony was all touchy when the newlyweds gave their personal vows and messages to their respective parents. And, while the rain was lurking around the venue, the entire program went smoothly and successfully  until I gave my own message to the newlyweds.

We stayed over the night in an open cottage and went home after the rain subsided.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Lose Weights Fast

I am way over 30 years old and unlike my younger years, I find it harder to lose weights. Diet is not enough to sustain a lean structure. In fact, if there are unwanted events, I resort to eating and more eating. So, I manage to complement my diet with morning jogs.

But, losing weight is not about staying sexy and looking good but also protecting ourselves from any weight - related illness like diabetes or  heart attack. Further, it may affect self - esteem and social acceptance. In fact, most overweight job applicants find it harder to land a job.

So, how can we exactly lose weights? Most experts suggest the following:

Drink plenty of water  at least 8 glasses a day. Don't use juices to replace water because you only gain unwanted calories and preservatives. Further, if you drink water before and between meals, this will help you feel full restricting your food intake. Take colder water too because your body will warm up more to burn the calories. When you drink a lot, you make your metabolisms work faster making you burn more fats.

Don't skip meals but take regular - sized meals instead. Never eat very full and skip the rest of the meals because not all fats can be burned, making the extra fats all stored particularly around the belly. Thus, eat only sizable meals and snacks including  Luna Bars   and stuff these with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise regularly. There is no fast ways to losing weights except of course going through surgical procedures. Nevertheless, whatever weight loss medium we use, we have to sustain all our weight loss efforts with regular exercise like jogging, walking or aerobics. Do this with friends or loved ones to make you more inspired.

Soccsksargen EXperience (SEX) Tour Rocks

Last February 25, the SOCCSKSARGEN EXperience once again took flight but this year was grander and merrier. And, since we had long weekend with strings of works to do, we just have to join few events including a concert along Al Fresco of Robinsons, zipline on Fifth Mountain of B'lakayo and Foam Party at Royal East Hotel.

We still have to wait for pictures since we missed to bring our own camera and by then, I shall be writing more detailed posts for each stop we had. In fact, my own kid was all delighted with his first zipline experience.

I am only too sorry because we miss a great number of events. But, next year shall be another string of eco - adventures.