Thursday, December 23, 2010

Be Smart with Your Web Hosting

Another year has passed and a new one will soon come in few days and with new year's resolution await everyone, we have to attend to our other needs including website's hosting, traffic and content.

For one, I need to renew web hosting for my five blogs and hope that no conflict and problems shall arise this 2011 since it may mean affecting readability and access of my blogs.

So, when you think of picking the right web hosting service, you can consider the following criteria:

  • price 
  • reliability
  • bandwidth
  • technical support
  • features like email, ftp, shopping carts and etc.
  • disk space
It will indeed help you if you can compare and evaluate from web hosting reviews and be more informed as to what is the best web hosting provider that indeed suits you best.

When Service Goes Beyond Humanity

Sometime in October, the SOX Bloggers community had the chance to visit the B'laan community that contributes largely to the coffee industry through the processing of the most expensive civet coffee. However, we had to traverse several mountains until we reached midway of Mt. Matutum.

Seeing how far and remote the community was and that their needs were simply limited to food, we just need to help. So, we promised to be back Christmas Season to bring forth Christmas gifts. But, angels are among everyone because another fellow SOX Blogger and a Rotarian, Lynette Gallinero, invited her RC group to render a Dental - Medical Mission. So, last December 18, the SOX Bloggers along with the Rotary Club  of Polomolok brought forth bags of school supplies, goodies, clothes and medicines to two rural communities of Polomolok.

It has always been my passion to help especially to the forgotten community, so, with all the stuffs we could carry from our boutique, we hurdled them with happiness and hope.

the RC officers and Interact students doing bayanihan to load the gift bags to Palakasam community

with fellow blogger, Ariel and RC Presidents Xavier Bayan and Rey Transporto giving our gift bag to one of the families
the Palakasam mothers prepared hot and steamy arrozcaldo, feeding the families including the SOX Bloggers and RC officials
long and winding travel and difficult roads didn't stop these people to help

serving over 25 families on medical and dental service

The whole day travel and extreme roads and weather to two remote communities of Polomolok had  made the mission all entirely meaningful and when we saw sincere joy from the families especially the kids when they saw the gift bag, medicines and candies, they affirmed us true meaning of service and humanity. 

 the SOX bloggers with Rotary Club 101 of Polomolok on  community mission
photo source: lynette

the Kinilis community on medical and dental consultation and medicines giving with Rtns Doc Grace SalazarCelema Grino and Melani Deypalan
After the successful event, we quite wish that the RC Polomolok 101 and SOX Bloggers community be partners again in their rendering of service to Polomolok and hopefully to the other SOCCSKSARGEN areas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

SOX Blog Fest 2010, One Event You Should Not Miss

The SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS once again is making history as they hold another big and exciting bloggers' convention for every potential, newbie and seasoned blogger in the region. While we seem to know practically everything about the power of blogging, the line - up of speakers include special points on internet security (Do you want to know how your online accounts like Facebook can be all hacked in few minutes?), blog animation and videography, tourism on new media, Google mania, new media on politics and economics, SEO techniques and blog monetization and more.

With an expected number of  100 participants that may come from various area of SOCCSKSARGEN, this event on December 11, 2010 at Royal East Hotel is simply bound to succeed with guaranteed overwhelming fun.

BlogFest SOCCSKSARGEN Countdown

As of December 5, around 80 registrants overwhelm the list and with few more days, the number is simply be filled in a flash. So, if you want to be one of the privileged attendees, get a slot and mark December 11 a big holiday.

So, with my sister Tammy and  partner Arnel,  the BLOG FEST 2010 is sure event I wont miss for anything.