Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bleak Holidays for Some Friends

In the Philippines, Christmas time is a special occasion for reunions and family bonding. Thus, relatives even from distant locations call for a vacation to join their loved ones.

Some of my friends who are way past 30 years old, do check chat rooms and sites for available partners all over the world.

Any one who looks for Jewish singles Los Angeles can check a very good site for potential romantic relationship or otherwise. Also, there are Chicago Jewish singles and more Los Angeles Jewish singles flock the site. Jewish are quite particular with traditions. Thus, if you look for a Jewish partner, do check a good site.

There are a number of dating sites but I have to warn my friends from dangerous sites and advice them to only go for decent dating websites to fill their holiday vacations and more.

We Condemn the Maguindanao Massacre

Election in the Philippines is always marred by violence, deceit among other things. Each politician has his own platform to institute change but corruption for one, is systemic to the Philippine government that total change shall remain a remote possibility.

And with the upcoming election in May 2010, the Philippine history is again disgraced by the passion of people for power regardless of the means.

According to the news, 46 persons, mostly women and mediamen were slaughtered by allegedly people of the reigning political in Maguindanao. We only wish that justice is duly served and that all other election-related incidents in the future will cease to exist.

So, I am posting this black ribbon to sympathize with the bereaved family and that those who are accomplices and main culprits will be brought to justice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Need Some Fun and Rest!

Since the start of September this year, the family has been very busy with our business endeavors. My parents are into the furniture business more than 15 years while we just started with our boutique and just recently, my younger sibling joined me in the food cart industry.

Somehow, it helps that my younger sister, Tammy, helps us in the marketing and sales promotion as I do the management, financial and operational. However, I also do part time teaching and night blogging that time has been scarce that I can hardly breathe with all the things I have to and must do.

When the days are bleak, we spend the time with movie marathon. My sister and I simply love to watch Korean teledramas for hours and sometimes, we find these recreational and relaxing. In most cases, my kid and husband bring me to the local park for an hour or so for soothing isolation. All these help me relax. When we were in our old home, we joined the airsoft games every Sunday where we had to bring our gun replicas, pellets, and war suits for fun and exercise. This recreational activity led us to network with other people outside our acquaintances and friends.

My kid has his own way to relax too. Normally, he joins my nephew and sometimes, the neighbors in games. Also, they watch cartoons or movies after school or simply indulge themselves in PSP or gameboy when school is off during the weekends.
But, we quite love games for fun although my father in-law is inclined to responsible gambling that he would try to go to casinos with his friends whenever he can. He had a renowned reputation for pool games, bowling and cards in the city that when they migrated to US, he had missed playing but when they went to Las Vegas, he and his close buddy simply had the best time.

Casinos are everywhere and you can even play online casinos but not all casinos are better. That is why, it pays off to check reviews of casinos for better and pleasant experience. For US players, there are US – friendly casinos that can welcome them. They can play online slots GoldList and win bonuses from casinos online proudly.

When you are in casinos, boredom is not an option. You have to have fun may it be through traditional casino tables and parlor games to high – end jackpots.

And, if you are looking for casino bonuses, there is a website that can freely update you with the best options with easy payouts.

When we play, we always think of winning. Thus, it is pointless to waste time and money playing for a casino that you will have to wrestle with just to get your winnings.
Also, it pays to go for big casinos because of these reasons:

• Large support staff
• Faster payouts
• Can be contacted by phone or live-chat 24/7
• Have better sign-up bonuses
• No strange terms & conditions
• Larger payout percent

So, fun gambling is ok but only if you are responsible.

What Kind of City Dweller Are You?

You Are a Fabulous and Sophisticated City Dweller

You've got big city taste in everything! You love to shop at the finest stores, eat at the best restaurants, and take in the greatest cultural experience.

You admit you're a snob, but you have to be honest: almost everything is better in the city.

You love that the city is full of beautiful people, and you love being one of those people... even if it costs you a fortune to dress that way.

Life is short, so you might as well live it up while you can. And there's no better way to live it up than in the city.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Am Getting Tired but Restless

Since we decided to have the mall exhibit last September, the days have been frantic and exhausting. We have to juggle between two stores, other work and family.

I did resign from my former eight (8) - to - five (5) job to give way to the family business and family but when the exhibit came and my new parttime job started, I could not find the time to go exercise and simply enjoy watching movies.

The late sleeps, stress and weather won't help too. My allergies occur more than usual and I get to have headaches and back pains more than I should.

I have my medicines and vitamins with me but, with my busy schedule, I tend to forget taking them on time and sometimes completely forgetting them.

Pharmacies in General Santos City and in most urban cities in the Philippines are rarely open 24 hours a day. A client would have to scout for available pharmacies and risks the costs.

So, it pays to have online pharmacies. But, in most cases, prescriptions would have to be secured in buying medicines especially pain relievers because they can be addicting or can cause serious health disorders or side effects.

One of the commonly used pain killers is Tramadol. Tramadol is the generic form of Ultram. It is an analgesic used to address pains. Patients and clients can buy tramadol online now for some tramadol hcl 50 mg tablets bluebook without the worry of a prescription. TramadolBlueBook was organized by a physician in 2006 to help those who seek pain killers at reasonable rates and more accessible and convenient way. It actually checks if the online pharmacies are credible enough and buyers can compare tramadol prices.

I have high tolerance for pains but I hardly can endure my bone, tooth and back pains that I take pain killers too. But, just like any medicine, any overuse of the drug may lead to unwanted results including death. Thus, I am normally careful with medicines. I read the label, its indications, warnings, and prescription to make sure that my family and I are indeed taking the right medicines at the right dosage and time.

So, if you are searching for pain killers for a valid and legal reason, order tramadol online now.

Do I See PayingPost/Blogadvertisingstore A Scam?

I did first try Payingpost early this year when I was still new with blogging. At that time, the payout was only 50$ with big offers. And, the payout was always on the first day of the next month.

However, the opportunities for Payingpost became scarce until recently when I got a few until I reached their new payout of $100. Problem started to occur when Payingpost now called Blogadvetisingstore did not pay on time. My sister, Tammy shared the same sentiments. Thus, our disappointments were not anymore contained that I told here to seek the help of advertisers since Payingpost would not respond to their support queries and complaints.

After seeking third - party help and days of waiting, Payingpost finally paid as I wrote on previous post. But, after posting this, several other bloggers sought my help and I was only willing to give them the ways.

Unfortunately, Payingpost did not respond to the same strategy my sister and I did. If a blogger will check if Payingpost is a scam or not, you can ask other bloggers if they are paid. But, I discourage myself and my sister to continue writing for this site because in the future, help can be nowhere to get. We were just lucky once, we dont want to gamble again.

You can check the bloggers below for their feedbacks if they have finally received their payments.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Am Back To School!

Today is the first day of school and I felt quite tense since I am now working with my old employer eight (8) years ago. I was to meet my classes and I was quite happy when three (3) of my old students from my previously resigned school showed up in my classroom.

But, one thing about school uniform is that schools tend to be so strict with dress codes, especially for us faculty and personnel. Somehow, we have to be consistently modest with our dress and uniforms especially our undergarments like bras with bright colors.

So, when one is a corporate professional or employee, one can adopt conservative dress styles including the choice of undergarments.

There are undergarments now that are comfortable, sexy, inexpensive but are of safe colors and styles. There are Chantelle bras and Wacoal bras among the popular brands that can be ordered online and shipped within USA and even across the world.

But, if one likes to have sexy lingerie, undergarments for men, swimwear, camisoles, tshirts from different favorite brands, there is simply a site for all of these.

And if you want discounts, gift certificates or special offers, the site provides these at regular periods. Now that the Christmas holidays are coming, there are simply great choices to choose from.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Payingpost Finally Paid Me! Hurray!

After days of being pissed off because of Payingpost passive action, I did take initiative of asking its advertisers for assistance. One of their advertisers was kind enough to help me get the much needed response. And, after the email, I was paid in minutes, my much awaited payout! Hurray! So, now I recalled all the words I said about this site.

I was however, advised to email again Payingpost and gave a CC copy to the advertiser. Here is a copy my email:

As advice by one of your advertisers, Bidhere that I should email you with a copy of this directed to them, I am again requesting your company to give the payments of $117.00 which is supposed to be paid out last November 1, 2009.

I did write my honest reviews promptly and eagerly knowing that your company is legitimate. I have read your rules and have abided them, I only demand that you exercise your duty as a professional company. I did write you more than once requiring you to at least explain the delay, but you simply ignored my emails that I was compelled to ask from your advertisers their own assistance to check if you are indeed a scam or not. I am only fortunate that BIDHERE.COM was kind enough to give me your contact info since your website contact remain non-responsive.

We all know the power of online advertising, and convincing other bloggers that your company is a total scam and badmouth the sites that your company work for may not at all do good to your company and to all the advertiser your company work for and the potential advertisers who may want to consider your services.

You have explained to my sister, Tammy who recently received her payment after she complained to one of your advertisers that the cause of delay was simply to check on the links, I have waited more than months to expect the payment I am due for all my approved reviews, an appropriate action on your end should have speed up the re-checking and pay us ontime. Further, a reply on my queries could have enlighten me and other angry bloggers and not worsen the situation. I respect your company and its rules and I only demand that the same courtesy is given to me.

All of my posts were approved month(s) ago, and every post is active, there is no reason for you to delay or not pay me at all. I quite understand your rules of changing your payout from $50 to $100 but I shall never tolerate being ignored and cheated.

I have promoted your site and the advertisers' to my family, fellow bloggers and friends in US and in other parts of the world. I don't want to wait that they too shall see you and your advertisers in the bad light.

I only demand what is due for me and extend the same courtesy and action you did for my sister and for my months of labor and waiting.

Your kind action on this request shall make a difference.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Their Life after Eye Operation

Our vision is one of the most basic essentials in living normally otherwise we experience great discomfort or disability.

I could not imagine life without my eyesight. However, as a teacher and programmer for over a decade, vision constraint is one of my health problems. I was diagnosed with myopia or a visual defect where distant objects appear blurred. So, I have hard time reading and seeing from afar. My husband has farsightedness problem on the other hand.

We wear eye glasses to somehow aid us but oftentimes, this treatment is only superficial and temporary. So, I was quite excited when I first heard of Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedure to correct some major eye problems. This procedure has made tremendous help to anyone who has eye defects.

And, I am more excited that Abbot Medical Options, Inc (AMO), a global leader in laser eye corrections, has started the iLASIK Video Contest to see how lives have improved after the iLASIK procedure.

One can submit, view and vote a video of how iLASIK surgery has made a difference. More importantly, great prizes of $5,000.00, almost the iLASIK market value, shall await the grand prize winner. Anyone ages 21 or above in 50 United States or in the District of Columbia can participate with free registration.

Their great prizes include camcorders and HDTV and their criteria require overall creativity, originality and humor, association with the topic of better vision and popularity.

This contest is really worth the time!


My Sister and I are Busy Bees!

My sister, Tammy and I had long started the boutique business. We did sell RTW's and a number of chic accessories for all ages.

But, having a store is not quite easy. Our time is all filled up with ways how we can reach to our customers and offer them what they want.

Lately, however, we have exhibits at malls and goodness, we have to take turns in overseeing it.

Tammy, also decided to start her own stocks, so we are all consumed daytime by business and blogging at nighttime. hahahhahahah!

I just don't know how we can manage all these when I start my parttime teaching next week. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!