Saturday, February 28, 2009

February EC Top Droppers

Muchisimas Gracias to my top droppers and regular visitors. It is only proper that I give my salute to them.

Dropper # of drops
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Juliana's Lair 28
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Republic of A 27
Proud Mommy 27
The Fashion Lovers 26
My Careless Whispers 26
a site for women 25

Check their interesting and very valuable insights.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Filipino Culture: Part 1 - Close-Knit Family

As a Filipino, I have witnessed over the years and through stories of my grandparents how caring, family-oriented, extravagant and sweet Filipinos are.

One of the dominant traits of us Filipinos is our close - knit relationship with families even to strangers. We seem to call every oldie, " lolo/lola" or grandpa/grandma and elder, " Ate/Kuya" or big sister or big brother. This comes very natural for us even if we go to market places or big malls! We just respect our elders too much that even in our older age, we still get our reprimands!hahahahhaah!

Extended Family is very normal to us, Filipinos
(picture from

With this very close relationship, we get to live under the same roof even if we age and have our own individual families. Somehow, our grandparents live with us or even cousins who play their own fair share of help in the house.

Holidays and big days are not at all important unless, the entire clan is there! This could be very economically impractical, but we seem to manage through finances and still enjoy the occasion for whatever is prepared.

Happy or gloomy occasions have made Filipino families bond together. I can say, we are indeed one big family. No wonder that even those who are already in abroad, working or otherwise, they would still wish they are with their families. I have known several loved ones who simply grow old, single and all, simply because they cannot abandon their folks.

This culture is so special to me that I opted to stay with my parents, build my own house just next to our old home, so my kid can grow up, knowing his grandparents and aunts and appreciate family more than anything else.

Watch Your Videos From iPhones

We love video's a lot especially if they are wacky and quite strange. The local TV has different segments showing off video's that are unedited but have captured our interest a lot.

Would it be better if we can also watch these video's and upload our own from our very own desktop or iPhone? There is a site that allows us to streamline video's for free and give us the chance to view them through any medium. You can even share video's with your friends or Earn cash from vuzu for referring them to this site.

My sister may want to check this out.

Working Over Timed on Sick Leave

I have three more days before finally reporting to my work on Monday.But as I anticipate this, I had to see my professor in another city to polish my Java programming project. I was to rest from my chicken pox but then in my case, that is entirely impossible. Hahahhahha!

I am all healed but not at all rested, I have been using the sick leave of two weeks on checking test papers, programming, and blogging. My only consolation is I am having more time with my kid who had contracted chicken pox too at the very same time.

Well, I guess it is better that I had rested a little than never had rested at all. . .

Pregnant Women Are the Most Beautiful

When I was expecting my baby seven years ago, I felt quite funny, moody, sickly and worst, looked quite ugly. I had my morning sickness almost every hour until my sixth month. I had all the problems of being pregnant until I gave birth.

I was previously diagnosed with a cyst on my womb, so I had my tummy open even when I was four months pregnant which made it impossible for me to have a normal delivery.

So, apart from the vertical cut on my abdomen, I had suffered a lot of stretch marks on my belly and on my legs. Seven years after pregnancy, I still have them. I could not even wear my beloved two-piece swimwear because of the stretch marks and incision scar on my belly and abdomen. Now, I wonder why my obstetrician did not at all recommend anything to remove and/or prevent the stretch marks and the scar.

It is now a blessing that with technology and research, there is Beaute de Maman that helps pregnant women reduce their stretch marks, nipple mastitis, facial and body dirt.

What makes their products unique from other brands? Their stretch mark gel contains herbal and botanical ingredients that help increase collagen and elastin. With these ingredients on skin, they reduce the stretch marks. More importantly, these are tested on a number of pregnant that their products are proven to be helping and safe.

Further, their nipple gel is castor-based, thus, it is proven to be healthier for the baby. Best of all, it is odorless, colorless and non-greasy. Your baby will not at all notice the gel.
Their body and facial cream helps unclog pores and reduces blemishes. This cream is good for any type of skin. Why don't you order now? Their products contain no benzophenones, no formaldehyde, no parabens, and no sulfites. Furthermore, there are no animal derived ingredients and no animal testing of products. We don't want to test anything on the poor animals, right? What could be more reliable that having these products tried and tested by other pregnant?

Having carried another life in my womb was always a blessing. So, I don't feel sorry at all that I have my marks because of my baby. I only feel sorry why I have not had these products before. For me, the most beautiful are the pregnant women. They always radiate life and love.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Wacky is Your Family?

How close can you be with your family? For me, anything is possible provided I get the full support of my family. Although they sometimes drive me crazy, but I won't never trade them for anything or anyone. Just glad to finally have this copy of first biological family picture.

My siblings and parents. Cool!

Getting Used to Sick Leave

Come Monday, I am required to report to my teaching work. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I love teaching and working. Gosh, I usually work 18 hours everyday as a student, teacher and entrepreneur.

But after 2 weeks of work rest and only content myself with TV, blog hopping and opps catching, now I want to just stay home a little bit longer.hahhahahah!!!!

I shall however finish my masteral project before I report to work, otherwise I shall be grinding my teeth again with all the piled duties I have to finish. I have to see my masteral professor to help me through my JAVA project and catch up with my missed lectures from work. My, this would really be an exciting weekend. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

You Too Can Be In Love

Are you alone or lonely? What is the difference anyway? You can be alone but happy with yourself, your family, and your work. You may need not a romantic partner especially if you vowed celibacy. But like the old adage says, "No man is an island." Somehow, you too will eventually find a partner. But, meeting the right person can be tedious and difficult. You may fall for several wrong ones and still search for the right person.

But, we don't have to be hopeless especially if there are media to help you search for love. We are oftentimes warn of cyberlove but I have seen and known people falling in love through the net. So, there are still good men and women out there who share the same interests like you do or search for a faithful and good-nature person like you do. Call it luck? I call it action.

One can not find a partner unless he or she seeks it. Of course, he or she has to be vigilant to be protected. An online dating site must also protect its members. At passion search, you can register for free and get to search all basic members and send them invitations to meet. But, if you decide to maximize the features of this dating site, you can have your account upgraded to Silver or Gold. If you are a Silver or Gold - account holder, you can send emails to all members and get to do more with the site.

You can also upload photos or video's, update your profile so you can see as many or as few matches that you can be interested in. If a member is spooky or harasses you in any way, you can report this to the site's customer service section. I believe this is an important feature. We do not want to be pestered by any insane individual or stranger. You can hide or unhide your profile should you want to lay low or get known and really be serious with your passion search.

Their registration is quite easy and I tried it myself. My profile can be active in 24 hours after their review. After which, other members can see my profile. Now, I only search for friends, so don't get me wrong. At passion search, you can also just seek online friends. With this site, you have the choice not to be lonely or alone.

Why don't you give it a try? Anyway, it is free.


Monday, February 23, 2009

My Talented and Sexy Hugh Jackman at Oscars

I missed the entire Oscars 2009 but saw a glimpse of Queen Latifah's touching entry. But, what I was quite intrigued was how my favorite Wolverine swept off the entire audience with his theater-like opening number. Gosh, this man is not only body but talents as well when he sang and danced on stage. Growwwlll!!! Indeed, my wolverine.

I just couldn't help but get a copy of his number from YouTube! Ladies, do check this out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shifting to a New Job?

I don't think this is a good idea to leave my teaching job for something entirely different. I was asked by my friend who is leaving for another job to try her old job. I have been looking for a new working experience since I am all burn out with my teaching although it remains my first love.

I have worked on my job application materials and did my readings since the job is on SME's Development. I shall however take my exam today. I am hesitant already but this is what I have been dreaming for, and the success for my business. As I read more about SME's, I was however more motivated to help my business grow! hahahhaha!

But, I still want to try my luck, still want to go through the application process. Perhaps, if they really don't see me fit, at least, I won't regret trying it in the first place.

But, should I be given the chance to work, I would still teach, perhaps part time, and help others, not my students anymore, but other individuals to help them through their businesses. This could be an entirely new realm for me, but risking and learning may have to be somewhere else. So, best wishes to me then!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chicken Pox Aftermath

After a week of this dreaded infection, I decided to take a picture of what I really look like on camera. I honestly wanted to shout,eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!! Hahahahah!

I only had few blister marks since I took a strong medicine on the first week. My visit to the doctor told me that my quarantine will only last for two weeks. So, definitely by March 2, I will have to report to school and work. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I just hope the marks especially on my face would subside then. . . I don't think I will feel better appearing this way to my entire class. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Well-Spent Sick Leave

Even if I am house arrested because of my chicken pox, it does not stop me at all from doing what I suppose to do.

I do my regular blog hoppings more, almost 12 hours (whew!) a day, write my teaching notes, do my masteral project, and watch movies in between with my kid. Is this rest? I think so.hahhahahah!!!! The chicken pox only restricted me from going to school and our store physically, but it could not actually contain me to do other stuffs.

Still the superwoman you know?

Net Restricted?

There are times in any organization that the use of internet is restricted. This is understandable especially if you do personal net usage during office hours. But, to access the net during your free time should have been a privilege to any hardworking employee.

Would you like your net restrictions disappear? Why don't you try proxy, it actually makes the websites you access appear to be secured and legitimate. Thus, restrictions are not imposed. Would that be great?

Get Some Self Loving

There will be times when we really feel low about everything and worst, about ourselves. We usually resort to guilt,shame, remorse and all. We could only be happier that loved ones and friends are there to help us through. So, while I was all emotionally stung before, I received this quite inspirational message of self-loving. I never had the chance to blog about it since it came in a presentation file. Good thing, I read this on Che' Demi and I just want to share this very beautiful poem of self-love, pride and respect.

A Poem About Girlfriends

Someone will always be prettier.

Someone will always be smarter.

Her house may be bigger.

Some will drive a better car.

Their children will do better in school.

And her husband will fix more

things around the house.

So let it go, and love you and

your circumstances.

Think about it!

The prettiest woman in the world

can have hell in her heart.

The most highly favored woman on your

job may be unable to have children.

The richest woman you know who has

the car, the house, and the

clothes, might be lonely.

And the word says, “If I have not Love,

I am nothing.” So again, love you.

Love who you are.

Look in the mirror in the morning,

smile and say:

“I am too blessed to be stressed and too

anointed to be disappointed.”

“Winners make things happen;

Losers let things happen.”

Be the Mystery Man and Win!

I am always an avid reader and viewer of mystery stories, may they be on screen or on paper back. They make me think harder of the next event, move with the stunts and events that I feel the story too. It seems that I am also part of their scenario and battle the issues with the main characters.

I normally do not want to be disturbed when I am all engrossed with these stories because I want to know who may be the bad guys and how evidences and clues can actually bring the villains to justice. Reading and watching them makes my time well spent.

So, I am just glad that there is a site that not only shows mystery stories but also makes the reader participate by solving the case and with that he or she has the chance to outsmart the other readers.

The site allows you to read brief mystery stories from their archives and you get to exonerate or free from blame the suspects or incriminate them. But, before you do this, you have to identify clues and get the necessary points depending on their correctness and level of difficulty. If you can solve hard cases, then you will get bonuses to add to your points.

Now, why do I like mystery stories? They do not only entertain you but they really make your brain work harder and with that, they improve your analytical and logical skills. More importantly, these will help you solve real - life mysteries and problems that I get to see from the video.

When you sign up, you get to read more mystery stories, and get solutions and help in identifying clues. Best of all, you can form a league or team to help you solve the cases. You can compete as a family, school, class or team. You can see all the rankings for the mysteries solved. And if you are a writer, you too can submit your own mystery story and get paid!

I shall indeed recommend this to my younger nephews and nieces.


Too Dumb Sick To Think

I notice that whenever I have to stress out myself on something strenuous mentally or otherwise, my head gets dizzy and I start coming down with colds.

I guess having chicken pox is not at all easy. I have now visible marks on my face which I pray that will go sooner than I think. Would there be any medicine to help this? HELP!

But in spite of these ill face and feeling (huhuhu!), I decided to work again on my masteral project. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I could not really think well and the bugs from my program keep on appearing. ARggh!!!!

It is way past 11 pm, but I am still wide awake. I know I could have done this during daytime but my files are in my sister's notebook and they won't work at all in another unit without redoing the process. Then, staying late and working is the only feasible solution. Problem is, I am too way sick!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sick Leave Too Short

I am almost done with my 2-week sick leave and all I did was finish checking my test paper, blog hoppings and updates, and my soon-due-masteral-project programming.

Does a sick person must rest? I think not in my case.hahahahhah!!!! Silly restless me!!!!

But, now, I am asked to make job application materials for another job. I have been wanting to try a job other than teaching. But, I will still take few units if the school I am in will allow me.

Good luck to me!

Pissed Sister

Tammy, my sister is quite pissed off with her domain. I wonder if there is another dedicated server ?

Fun Photo Shoots With Sisters

Freaky Models on our Store Mirror

Pretty sisters?!

What other day could be happier than a time with family and loved ones? After long hours and days of our exhibit show, my sisters who helped me in the selling just managed to pose with me on some model - wannabe stunts. Hahhahha!

I just love to show off these fun and loving moments with my siblings!

What is Your Intelligence TYpe?

In the course of my blog hopping, I came across the post of Without a Dash, and as always curious of what my intelligence type is, I tried this Psychology Today: Self Tests. The results came back with this:

Your main intelligence type: Linguistic

Individuals with linguistic intelligence have a highly developed capacity to use words effectively in writing or in speech, as well as the ability to persuade, remember information, and explain. If this is one of your principal intelligences, you likely possess excellent writing skills, are good at expressing yourself to others, and may have a knack for learning languages.

I never really realized this as my main category though I always love to write and read.Hehehehhe!!! I was however expecting, you are cut to be a mathematician or an engineer.hahahahhah!!!! I guess teaching complements this.huh?!

How Mr. Pomeranz Made Me Love Love Again

The GenSan Bloggers
Do I Look Sick?

It was February 14 and after we sold our stocks on our last exhibit show, we brought back our stuffs back to our boutique and rearranged them again. Within that 3-day sales, we made pretty good income. This gave me an idea on how to sell our upcoming stocks from US this March.

We didn't eat much during the 3-day sales and missed our major meals. I guess it was the overwhelming experience of selling in a new place. We took our very late lunch and headed home to prepare for David Pomeranz' concert.

But, I felt quite different then, I started feeling the body and joint aches that I assumed I was running down with flu. Hehehehhehe! My chicken pox was starting to kick in na pala.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

We were in the venue around 7 pm already but it started way past 9pm. Gosh! I was all sleepy on my seat. We were on the VIP venue with Ate Vilma, Sheng and the rest of contest winners. But, the wait was all worth it when the big man came out and started singing. Gosh!!!! I couldn't help but feel every word. It is indeed quite different hearing the songs over the air and simply hearing them live. Mr. Pomeranz indeed had captured everyone's ears that we just listened with his energy and music!
My David Pomeranz (ahem!)

I couldn't help but shed tears on songs that hit back home.hehehehehhe!!! What a foolish romantic lass. He sang 18 loved songs straight without rest.Grabeeeeeeeh!!!! I could not believe that this man is over 40's (or 50's) with his energy! He sang between his piano and guitar, Jack!

We didn't stay longer for the poster autographs of David as I didn't feel well already. It was quite a night to remember.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teaching on a Blog

Teaching is indeed part of my system. Actually, it is a passion and a habit too difficult to do away with. I even do that, in and out of the classrooms without really noticing it. Hahahahha!

But, since I am into blogging, and I teach my students to blog, I have used this medium instead to give them lectures and notes, and other resources so they can switch back to the blog whenever they need it.

I am only having hard time, writing my C, C++ and Java programs as Blogger restricts the commands. Now, I have to rewrite the program and write comments instead. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I only have to ask my students to link to this Teacher Techie Says, and start the ball rolling. Oops! Only after I am totally cured with my chicken pox. Silly me!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Sick Blogger

While having my chicken pox, I am still busy doing my blog hopping and fishing for opportunities whenever I can.hehehehehh! I guess you can never really remove the fish from its hobby of swimming even if it means doing it outside the waters. Gosh!!! Hahahahh!

My sister, Tammy, filed my vacation leave of 10 days (only!) from school. This means rest but it means too getting all my test papers checked while doing my blog hoppings. Hahahhaha! I have to help my kid also with his exams and since he too has chicken pox, we have the entire 2 weeks together, room arrested! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Good thing, I have my new laptop, test papers, and pocketbooks to endure and PSP for the little boy to be busy about.

I only hope the itch won't be that much!Huhuhuhu! Now, I am worried with all the marks on my lovely face.hahahahhaha!!!!

Stressed? Check Infrared Saunas

My family and I are all hardworking. We seem not to stop working from the day breaks until it sets down. My being a workaholic is actually the upbringing of my parents. I don't complain though but at the end of the day, I always have my back, wrist and feet aching.

My partner would normally have my feet and back massaged every night but that seems so superficial since when I wake up the next day, I can still feel the tense muscles.

I have been wanting to go to a sauna though but that is somehow not visible here in the local city. But, I heard that infrared saunas give better results. They alleviate and/or assist you to have :

  • Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • Increases Extensibility of Collagen Tissue
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Detoxification of the Body
  • Skin (clogged pores, poor skin tone, acne, & more)
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Eczema
  • Menstruation Pain
  • Asthma
  • Sore Throat
  • Sunburns
  • and more!

We work hard all day. Is not only proper that we treat ourselves with this infrared sauna privileges?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Totally Sick But Fully Rested

My kid and I are house arrest starting yesterday as we contracted chicken pox. I had been very busy with my life that I seemed to be grateful that I am sick now.hahahhahaahhah! I finally had the reason to stop working, teaching, and studying. I even finished the Danielle Steel's HRH that I had been keeping in my closet for months, waiting to be read.

My mom thought that I had this virus already but having it now made her have second thoughts.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

We were just contained in one room. Good thing, the laptop that we have been expecting has arrived and its router. Now, I don't have to worry with my blogs and the friends who visit me. Hehehhehehehe! I asked that my pocketbooks from the store should be brought home, so I won't be bored to death, only itching.Yikes!!!!!

I was told this would run until the 3rd week or a month. I seem to be happier though with the thought.Hahahahhah! This is indeed a break that I have been waiting for, only that it has to come this way.hahahahahaha!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day with Mr. D. Pomeranz

My VIP Tickets and Certificate with Ms. Mark and Mr. Bariles
(pic courtesy of kwaster)

The Top 5 Winners to David Pomeranz Blog Contest
(pic courtesy of kwaster)

I finally got my VIP tickets for tomorrow and a gift certificate with an excellent resto here in Gensan, Grab a Crab! Yeeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeey!

Although we were pretty busy with the store's sales, we can't help but be excited with our attendance in David Pomeranz' concert tom, February 14, 2009 here in Gen Santos City.

The tickets were given to us personally by the organizers of the concert, Ms. Mark and the owner of Grab a Crab. We were quite praised by Ms. Mark, the bonding and all but most of all, we were just happy meeting again and joining the concert tomorrow. Huraaay!!!!

We were told that the top 5 winners will be staying on one row, so we can be formally acknowledged, Yikes!!!! I am getting goose bumps again. hahahahah!

But, I know I shall fall in love again and again with the songs of Mr. D!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dead Tired but Wide Awake

The booths of other departments

Our stuffs with my co-teacher!

I have been sleeping late since the start of February, too busy with blogs, masteral projects and business. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! It is actually way past 1 am.waaaaaaaaah!

But, today we had our stuffs exhibited in our school for fund raising project of our department and for our exposure and sales as well.

It was way past 9 am earlier when we arrived the venue but we were quite surprised that the booth was not made up at all. So, I pulled my strength to help in the carpentry.hahhahahhah! My students had seen me alright that they started helping out. Good students indeed that we finished the booth in no time!

But, the hustle and bustle all filled us up that we missed lunch.hahahhah! We did pretty well in our sales, though some were credit by known friends.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! We were all quite tired that at 5 pm, we closed our store and called it a very hot, and tiring day. We proceded to a pedicure session to relax.Haahahhaha!

Two more days and we indeed hope, we can get more and more sales. Good Luck to Us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy Teacher-Businesswoman-Student: Me

This week is quite busy for me as our school shall open our College Days tomorrow until Saturday. We have the opportunity to sell our shirts tomorrow and some of the store's stocks. But as I do this, I prepare our stocks. I asked my students for a free day today, but I have to use the time too to prepare my masteral project in JAVA programming as it is soon due.

My partner is quite busy too doing the shirt printing for another client. WOW! I hope I can still breath.hahahhahaha!

Good luck to us!

21 Ways and More How to Become a Millionaire

As a working mom, I know how difficult it is to balance family, social life and work without sacrificing one or another. Although, I wish I can just stay at home and be a fulltime mother and housewife, that is however, a difficult choice.

I held a very good job position before but with the economic crisis every year and as my basic pay increased, my net pay had gone smaller and became more insufficient. So, I worked harder as a teacher, took more overloads than the usual workload but at the expense of not seeing my kid grew. That was indeed a terrible drawback to me as a mother.

Now that I had to leave my job and old home for seven years and start a new one again at a lower pay rate, my budget has been draining, most especially that I am into masteral schooling. And so, I started to find means how to earn an extra living. My friends then introduced me to paid blogging and Adsense. I am earning indeed but the earnings are to meager for me to fully appreciate my blogs. So, I seek for ways how to improve this.

In the process of searching tips and techniques for online income, I had seen some bloggers earning more than 20K from their blogs alone. And, I could not contain my envy and wonder of how they exactly reach this amount.

But finding the right techniques for online income is quite difficult. I had my fair share of scam websites who promised me earnings but had gone all in vain.

When the family started to put up the boutique, our biggest problem was to draw customers into our store. Advertising on prints costs us a lot and since I started blogging, I advertise my business online. Believe me, more of our customers are people who I met through blogging. Now, they help me market my business through their blogs. I could not thank enough the wonders of internet.

Now, I am only happier that there is a book that would actually help all of us to maximize internet and generate additional income amidst the crisis we are in. The economic conditions that we are now are worst, but I won't resort to giving up, I find ways how I can improve my finances.

The Credit Crunch Income book shows how we can extra income in the most legitimate way. The books speaks of 21 ways how we can make money online. I personally do some of the techniques, like paid blogging, Adsense, and Affiliates. They bring me extra income and I can see that through my bank account. Best of all, there are legitimate people who can attest and confirm that indeed they are earning online and making more money than other people. Through them, we can learn too.


The book speaks of these 21 great ways how we can earn extra:
1. paid niche blogging
2. selling skills online
3. affiliate marketing
4. software and widgets
5. sell on Web 2.0 properties for profit
6. flipping websites and blogs
7. virtual assistants
8. teleseminars
9. PLR products
10. Your own affiliate programs
11. membership websites
12. Camtasia Studio
13. your own product information
14. become a Youtube star
15. email newsletters
16. podcasts and video shows
17. online auctions
18. finders/referral fees
19. Web 2.0 marketing
20. using public domain materials
21. print on demand books

I have tried a few but I only discovered that MORE can still be done. The author of this book has been earning millions only within five years of online services. What other confirmation do we still need?


How Difficult Teaching Students Now

As a teacher for over a decade, I had seen how the quality of education degenerated. I could very well see this from the works of my students. Teaching them programming is something, teaching them how to analyze problems is entirely different.

I won't say I was a good student myself since I also struggled before. But, one thing forsure, majority of the students now have taken for granted schooling for games, cellphones, gimmicks among other things.

Whenever, they receive their poor scores, they seem happier that they still tease their classmates. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I can't help but smile and pity their parents at the same time. Who should we blame anyway?

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Second BLog's PR Dropped! Waaaaaaaah!

What can I say? But, now I can really feel the sentiments of other bloggers whose PR's had indeed dropped from something to nothing.Huhuhuhu!

I screened the opps to take so at least I can maintain my second blog's rating. But, this was at all futile.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

But, this is indeed the price of paid reviews, unless there are other viable reasons for the drops.
I just wish I can have it pulled up again. Best of luck for me!

Be an Aggregator and Get Popular

As a blogger, I want my blog to be known on things that I love well. Best of all, I want to meet new people who share the same interests that I do.

While I write with what had happened to me or any of my loved ones or simply anything that cross my mind, I want to increase my traffic as well by doing blog hops. So, I go from one blog site to another and leave my mark. Further, I do check blog-pool communities which can help me increase my blog popularity.

One of the blog portals that cause blog traffic is I checked the site and I can be one of the aggregators who shall invite other bloggers who share the same passion as I do. I know this will make me know them more and in the process, I can learn from them a lot, may it be for personal education or otherwise.

I can invite my blogger - friends to the site and increase all our traffic at the same time. I can add a widget too to link my blog and increase my popularity. There are a number of aggregators who are hosted by You want your blog to be popular? Do sign up now. And don't forget to add my blog. Just click on the link, and automatically, we are hooked.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Class Blog to Go Please!

Since I started blogging, I use this skill and medium to help my students learn more through the net and its resources. I could not give them all as my knowledge is limited too compared to what the world holds.

So, I made class blogs for them, so I can post assignments and notices. But, I wish that I could help them more by giving them online resources that they can just view at any time. College students seldom really bring notes that they do poorly during exams. Hehehehe! Students of this generation is really far different from yesteryears. Agree?

I shall start writing for my education blog to hold programming lectures and articles in Java, C, and C++. This will help me indeed when I shall start writing a new book this summer as a learning module for next school year. I guess, this means, I shall be more busy in the coming days.hahahhah!

Blogging in the Family

Now that blogging has become a routine to me, I helped my sister, Tammy in her newly acquired domain blog. She helped a lot with my Entrecard dropping since I go to work and to school among other things.

So, I helped here through sites that can help her get some review offers. She struggled a lot like any amateur which I had more difficulty since I had no one to help me except Twerlyn who is living in a remote city.

But, with persistence and reprimands from me, my sister is learning the blogging craft.Hehehehehhe! Way to go sis!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

January Top 10 EC Droppers

This is way overdue and actually my first.hahahahahha! But, I thank these kind bloggers below for constantly visiting my blog. Do check them out too.

Dropper # of drops
Bingo Sites Online for Women 30
Lola's Diner 29
Juliana's Lair 28
Watch Me !!! 27
My Careless Whispers 26
The Many Ramblings of Courtney 26
The Fashion Lovers 26
Republic of A 26
Australian Women Online 26
It's a woman's world! 26

Getting Sleepless and Lightheaded

It has been months since I lack my usual 8 sleep hours. When my kid decided to sleep with my parents, I get to stay late and work on my masteral requirements, lectures for school, shirt printing and just simply watch old movies, hop blogs. Hahahhahah! These mean staying very late and waking up early morning. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I only take vitamins to keep my immune system up. But, I surely miss jogging among other things since my lower back pains more of constant sitting for longer time.

As I type, my head is spinning from 4 hours of sleep only. But, I have to head for work early since I have to administer our midterm exams. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Any advice.

Energy Saving Line

With the increasing economic crisis, where every commodity has gone more expensive, one can only think of ways how to to earn extra and pay less for more. How Much Energy Does a gadget cause anyway?

We have a lot of gadgets from the house, TV's, cellphones, radio, lights, and entertainment appliances, fans, laptop and notebook and more. Our electrical bill has been increasing, and this means paying more.

But, somehow we manage to save on the energy. If no one uses the room, lights then should be off. We wash and iron our clothes by batches so not to waste energy on individual activity. We do not iron house clothes. We hung our laundry so not to iron them much. We ask the kids to play the games only during weekend and only for an hour. We turn off the aircon after 5 hours of use in the evening and just open the windows for the morning breeze. We need these equipment for convenience but we can somehow save energy if we just know how to maximize it.

New EC Logo for My Fashion Blog

This is indeed long overdue since my other blog has been redesigned a month ago. Hahahhahaha! But, I finally had the time and the sanity to do what must be done.

So, to complement my fashion blog, here is my new Entrecard icon:

Holodomor Truth

I have been an advocate of peace and from my studies, peace does not only mean absence of warm but freedom as well from mental, social, physical and psychological harm. Philippines has her fair share of problems brought up by wrong economic policies and/or wrong implementation. I could dig a number of social problems to specifically address these.

But in the other side of the earth, these problems had occured too, specifically in Ukrainian between 1932-1933 where 1/4 of the population of Soviet Union died of golodomor. Golodomor comes "golod" means hunger and with the label, golodomor, it means killed by hunger or mass famine.

In that year, scholars estimated a death of 6-8 million peasants where the aggregated number came from these areas of Soviet Union, Central Russia - 2 million deaths, Kazhastan - 1.7 million deaths, Ukraine - 1.3 million deaths, and North Caucasus - 1 million deaths.

In that period, Ukraine was in the regime of a communist Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin who sought massive transformation in his bureaucracy with extremely harsh collectivization of agriculture.

I began my research with the real causes of this tragedy but even historians and experts are divided by the real causes. Some say that the famine was deliberately engineered that they changed the golodomor to holodomor which sounds like "holocaust", and must then be meant as genocide. This was done to undermine or attack Ukraine but this was disputed by European Parliament in its resolution on 23 October 2008 rejected to call the famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as "an act of genocide" but a crime that was "cynically and cruelly planned by Stalin's regime in order to force through the Soviet Union's policy of collectivization of agriculture".

My research also revealed that there were other reasons for this famine. These included poor general and agricultural management and planning, despite the significant amount of modern agricultural mechanisms like agricultural tractors, harvesters employed. But the main reason was that they continually sowed wheat from 1929 on the same areas and even without fertilizers. Sovkhozes also suffered from a lack of manpower and infrastructure. Losses during harvesting were extremely high.

Further, under the strict rule of Stalin he pursued export of food when there was nothing to be be harvested, thus contributing to the famine.

I could only know that the failure of Stalin's management had contributed to this mass famine and should not be connoted as holodomor.

Longest Idle Time

My Only Picture from the Hundred Shots I Took
at Durian Garden, Polomolok

As mentioned in my previous post, I joined my kid and his class in an educational tour. We quite woke up around 4 am since we we were expected to be in the assembly venue at 5. Of course, I had to check my mails and opps first.hehehhehheh! My kid had to persistently remind me that he would be late. I just couldn't my smile of his enthusiasm.

We however left the place around 7 since other parents came in late. First in our IT was the visit in a very nice and educating place, the Durian Farm in Polomolok. The stay there took us less than an hour and then we headed straight to the Del Rio Splash Resort in Marbel. Since we arrived that place at 9 am, I just watche my little boys wandering around the pool and the playground. I didn't bring any reading material since I asked myself to really spend time with my kid.
My Kid and Nephew who look like a BIG 10

Problem was, he was indeed enjoying his time with the waters and his friend while mommy had simply daydreaming and watching over him for more than 6 hours since we had to go home at 5 pm! Gosh! I could not count the number of times I looked at my watch, hoping that soon, our bus would arrive to get us back home. Being restless and always working makes me uncomfortable if I am left with nothing do.Sigh! hahahhahah! Idle time is not indeed part of my system.Tsk!Tsk!Tsk!

But, I simply enjoyed seeing my kid having fun, and taking his pictures and my nephew's. We had the chance to wander off the resort, and indeed that place is worth visiting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sneak to Blog

My kid and nephew are having their educational tour today. I decided to be absent from class so I can at least spend time with my kid.

I brought the yaya with me so at least, I wouldn't be having hard time to look over the boys. We were only 1 hour away from the city. And as I type, the boys are having good time in their kidde pool. However, we have to spend the whole day here. I know the kids will surely have fun, but I have to sneak away from them, so I can somehow update my blog. Bad mommy! hahahhahah!

Worry Not with Botox

Are you worried with your age and looks when you started to see wrinkles and lines on your foreheads or under your eyes? I do but these are the things that we have to endure as we age and we go through with our pressing lifestyles and polluted environment.

But, I also find ways and means to at least contain the signs of aging. One of the top ways is through botox. Botox is a protein derived from botulism toxin that is injected underneath skin in order to minimize or smooth out lines and wrinkles on the face. With small doses, this can relax facial muscles that would give the patient a clear and smooth outcome.

Their Medical Set

This too is cheaper compared to face lift and less invasive since the swell from the botox injection will soon disappear in less than 24 hours compared to face lift that will take several days.

But, I am still worried of botox treatment that I gladly valued this botox injection technique video where I can find relevant information about the treatment and making me and anyone interested less worried or worry-free at all. Best of all, only the experts shall be doing the treatment.

David Pomeranz is My Date! Hurray!

I joined the blog contest of Bariles on David Pomeranz since he will be holding a concert on Feb. 14. I submitted my entry a day before the deadline and I was told that a number of very good writers had submitted too. I didn't really expect much since my story was somehow a story only heard in a Love Segment of AM station.Hahahhaha!!!!

But, when Bariles, texted me this late afternoon in between my classes that the result was finally released, I simply asked my sister, Tammy, to check but not at all expecting.

When we got home, we were both adamant to read the complete story. And, guess what? My entry was in the top 5. It means, I am one of the big winners. Yeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeey! I couldn't contain my joy because we get to have 2 VIP tickets instead of 1 as originally announced, and we had 1000.00 worth of gift certificate each from this glamorous resto in the city, Grab a Crab. I am thinking of using my gift certificates to have my entire family in that place. With that, I get to hear beautiful songs of my icon, David Pomeranz, and dine with loved ones.

To all the writers, judges, sponsors, KUDOS!See you all there. Hurraaaaaay!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Beware of This Scam Website

I have once written in this blog, see related article, that I was fooled in broad daylight by a scam website, EmailPaysU (or something) that asks members to read emails for $100 each. I know this is so good to be true but as trusting as I was, I actually subscribed.

With that experience, I right away checked in the net if BUXPTR where I was also a member is also legitimate. The site I checked did not include at all this website. So, I continued with my membership. The site looks very legitimate with all the testimonies of the clients. But, when I reached their minimum payout, BOOM!!!! I couldn't actually withdraw it. So, I emailed them several times but to no avail. With this, I checked if there are articles on scam websites particularly this one. Goodness! I had read that all the members complained of the same issue where I am in.

The Culprit!

In short, I was a total fool to actually believe. So, fellow bloggers and readers, spread the word and be warned as this site looks very legitimate and asks for upgrades at certain amounts for immediate payout. Don't be trapped like me! I wish there is someone or an organization who shall actually screen these sites and make them responsible for deceiving people!

You Smell Like . . .

Perfume is one of my vanity. I always want to smell good and with that, it seems that everything around me is as beautiful.

I go for Vanilla Lace, My Love, Dreams, and Sweet Temptation from Victoria's Secret, Harlston, Britney Spears, and Claiborne among others. Then there are scents from Calgon's and from local brands. I know they come in different sizes with different scent variants at varying rates. I just know that they are well-spent items.

I wonder if there is perfume blog covers about other scents and perfumes that I don't know. Our store sell varying perfumes but our clients would still look for brands and scents that I didn't smell yet. I still have to dig more about their orders, then, maybe I may like them myself.

Interrupted Slumber

Since my partner has chicken pox, I have to sleep in another room, so not to be contaminated with the virus although, I had my fair share of the sickness before when I was a kid.

So, I sleep now with my sister and her baby. But as I sleep late, working on requirements, I get to be interrupted too with the cryings.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I really hope things will be all normal again or else I shall be down with cranky disease too.

Golf Vacation, Anyone?

My family and I are into sports. We find these as our relaxant. We tried badminton, basketball, war games, and outdoor climbs among others. These games not only bring you to sweat but they also make you more relaxed and completely away from your usual routines from work and social functions.

I have a very busy schedules too. You can say I am indeed workaholic and very passionate about it. My works bring forth heavy and difficult pressures on me, physically and mentally. These too stress my family members as we struggle between our time for work and family.

We indeed need a vacation! Summer is soon to come. And as a teacher, it means vacation time from the hurdles of classrooms and requirements. This a time also for my kid to rest from school.

What is my dream vacation anyway? I wish that I can be in a place like in the historical sites in Germany where there is nature as a background with wonderful lakes and landscapes, and beautiful spa services.Best of all, I wish I can try other sports. I have been wanting to play golf, but some say, this is only a game for the elite. I hope then that I can have a Golf Vacation or in German, they call it Golfurlaub.

This golf vacation will teach us the fundamental and advance Golfkurs (golf course) lessons by very patient and expert trainers on wide gulf field with complete hotel amenities. They can even teach golf for handicaps and children through Platzreife or a playing test before you can play golf in Germany.

I checked a Geman golf portal, and they offered this golf holiday where you can enroll to their golf academy and learn to play golf like a professional. Next thing you know it, you may actually play golf in places like Italy or Spain among others. Best of all, they offer wide selection and collection of golf articles and equipment and peripherals that indeed can help you learn and master this craft.

This website is written in German but I simply used a website translator and I could right away understand the content. I have to say, they are indeed the expert in their field. I look forward then to having that holiday with them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Effects of Holding Multiple Jobs

I am a teacher by work and have been one for the last 10 years. Ooopps!!!! But my life then was quite a dull. My other deviations were only to work as an administrator and to watch Korean soap operas.Hahahhahahahaha! In spite of these, I seemed to be contented already only that I was frustrated because my IT background was not fully maximized nor supported by masteral degree in it when I was supposed to.

So, when I hit home here in Gensan, I acted like a wild goose on the loose.heheheheheh! I held pure teaching job of 44 hours per week, enrolled in masters in IT and took classes every weekend, started blogging, joined the department's publication and ventured on fashion accessories. Geez! Writing all these works made me wonder where I got all the energy.hahahahah!

Why was I motivated to acquire all these anyway while others were settled with one job and their family? Perhaps, the constant advice of my father before of not wasting my time is the culprit.hahahahahha! I couldn't really stay put doing nothing. Is this a sickness or what?

So, I researched the possible effects of multiple jobs: stress, pressures, work-life imbalance among others.

I could not however redo what I started, I only wish I have more time.hahahhaahha! This only means, more jobs to acquire! Silly me.

But, what do I get from these anyway? I listed my answers below to at least appreciate still my enthusiasm:

1. teaching:
- steady income but happiness of knowing that students have learned from me academic skills or otherwise

2. schooling:
- self-respect and community's recognition that I practice my education

3. blogging:
- meeting new friends/learning from them and earning extra at the same time

4. fashion designing
- pride and creativity to express my concepts and getting others to wear them

5. mountain climbs
- peace and self-reflection

6. etc
- just simple joys

WOW! I seemed to be happy with what I am doing. I wish that I can write mothering and be very good at.I am indeed a struggle on this area. Holding multiple jobs pay off alright but usually its the balance between these jobs and social life that is sacrificed.

Promises for Renewed Life and Hope

Do you have friends or family members who are addicted to drugs and alcohols. I had a fair share of stories to tell. Having known them makes me feel sorry for the dependents and the families as they too experience the ordeal of having an addict at home.

But, we should not outcast the users. And, since we love them that we don't want them to waste their life more, we provide means to help them move on and have a better life.

Addiction requires professional help. Good thing, there is drug treatment that specifically addresses the unique care needed by the dependent. It is a promise of renewed hope for the users and for the family who care and love a lot.

Head-Spinning Works

Some of my friends say that I am a working superwoman.Hahahahhah! I played many roles and I don't seem to take a break. Whenever I don't have classes, I go to our store and start working either on my masteral Java programming or designing handicrafts.

But, what I indeed miss is spending time with my kid. I wish to help him read so he can be ready for school. I know I have to slow down, otherwise, I will be missing again the most valuable work for me, being a mother.Sigh!

Organic Skin Care

With the increasing demands for work, financial stability, and health among others, experts are looking for ways to improve health conditions of the society. However, our lifestyle and media dictate that we have to be always on fast food to beat the rush. We tend to ignore our need for healthy diet, exercise and good rest. All these actually contribute to fast skin aging.

I have read articles of those who have outlived the many that their primary secret is simply eating healthy. Consequently, this affirms that when we say "healthy," it means going for natural food. I researched right away what could contribute to healthy diet. What came out is the increasing need for organic food. Studies show that organic food brings more mineral levels in fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy compared to conventional food.

With these researches, experts of Emerge Labs had created Emerge Organic Skin Care solutions that fight aging. They make use of Stem Cell Serum from organically produced Swiss Apples that can protect skin cells by its capacity for self-renewal, thus, combating aging. These rare apples generate an organic ingredient called PhytoCellTec Malus Domsestica which boosts the production of human skin stem cells and protects human skin stem cells from stress. This is indeed a great breakthrough.

The Emerge Labs has wide choices of Organic Skin Care solutions that complement science and beauty without worrying on health issues.

Chicken Pox in the House

My partner had grown chicken pox and he had been complaining about his painful stomach and and fever the other night. We thought it was just simple change of weather and food, but, yesterday, he had grown blisters. Yikes!

So, everyone agreed it is indeed chicken pox. We were just anxious since there are kids in the family. So, I immediately bought some anti-virus and anti-bacterial spray just to neutralize the air. I asked my mother if my siblings and I had our chicken pox before. I had my kid immunize of chicken pox. Consequently, I don't worry much.

We now isolated him in a separate room and asked him to put on a mask. However, we had to ask him to still work on the shirt printings because of pending job orders. We only hope, no one gets infected and he would get well soon!

Canceled Mountain Climb

We are supposed to join MSU-Gensan in their outreach program to a community in Mt. Parker, Lake Sebu and instead of just taking the usual route of riding. They decided to just traverse the lands from Gensan City to this great place.

We were quite excited and I set my mind to be absent from classes so we could join the group. My bags and tent are all set. Unfortunately, the climb will take three days and I couldn't bring my kid as the trail will be difficult and stiff. So, we have to give up on this supposed-to-be exciting adventure. Sigh!

I couldn't leave my kid alone with my family as he will drive everyone mad. So, I guess I shall just wait for that next climb in Summer. Perhaps, by then, I can bring my kid and have fun all together!

How Do You Rate Your Country?

I am a graduate of Masters in Public Administration and I am supposed to find root causes of our country's problems and suggest solutions. We have the brightest in the government but we are quite dull in terms of implementation. Do I still see hope for Filipino? Yes, I do but we have to at least change our value system to really move forward and prosper. What other recommendations and solutions do you see fit for us, Filipinos?