Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Friends' Search

Since some of the Filipinos are too discriminating in looking for a partner, my other friends would use the net for free interracial dating at their own leeway. Some of them had terrible experiences with their online partners but I have buddies too who have found the right partner through online dating sites.

Consequently, seekers have to scout only for dating site that can indeed find decent partner without having to worry about abuse and all. Although, this is quite impossible in internet but I think if the site is only legitimate and really concerned with its clients, then, anything is only possible. Well, my friends are still in search for partners.

Our Little Helping Hands

This is just one of the days when my kid would just be willing to help out. What a sweet boy indeed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How The Kid Drives Us Crazy

Funny that in our old home and my kid was younger, he liked to throw things into our toilet bowl. Oftentimes, we would only know what he did when the toilet bowl would not function like it used too. It would always drive us mad whenever we had to fix what we had to fix. But, the last object dropped inside it was sturdy and bigger that no amount of efforts were enough to fix the bowl. Consequently, the boys at home had to dismantle the entire bowl from the floor to remove what was stuck.

This was followed by unattended faucet at the back kitchen, when my kid forgot to turn off the faucet. Worst, our sink stoppage was quite busted. Consequently, the water was all flowing for a couple of hours. It actually flooded the entire kitchen.

We really need plumbing services like the San Jose Plumbing to fix the house. I know that much is wasted if the house and its utility equipment does not work at all. When our garden faucet was all dripping overnight. Truly, our water bill had gone wild.

It is quite important that we hire competent plumbers to fix what must be fixed. But to save from this plumbing service, it is wiser that we scout for contract bids. Lower price does not always guarantee quality service. Thus, we have to be more selective and cautious in getting a plumber. Cheaper plumbing service may mean compromised service too. I don't think that is even acceptable. Plumbers should also be insurance - protected. So, we don't have to worry should accidents happen to them while they do our plumbing service.

I know I have to contact a professional plumber soon just to keep the house secured and orderly.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Friends Need a Date

Having married friends are all ok and beautiful since we get to share our own ups and downs in marriage. But, I do have older friends who are around 30's and more who are really in dire need of a partner. When you are older here in the Philippines and you are a woman, it seems too difficult to already find a partner.

But, have you heard of sugar momma dating ? It is a site for dating single millionaires. That is quite a catch and good start to look for a responsible, faithful and decent partner.

I am quite a believer of romance and love among anything else. But, I also believe that this can be possible for online dating sites too. I have other friends who are now happy because through online sites they have found their blissful partner.

My BFF-Sister is Leaving

My sister, Tammy is soon to leave for Manila with my baby nephew. Strange that we were never really that close when we were younger. In fact, we always ended up bickering one another. hahahhahah!

But, when we both decided to go back home and start a new life again with our parents, we seem to be more attached to one another than we really expected it. We both started blogging, shared friends through blogs, ate our fave durian, and dined a lot. Tsk! tsk! tsk!

They are leaving this Sunday for a 3-week vacation for Manila. That is pretty long to miss them both. My oldies are also making a fuss about missing their grandchild. LOL!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We Need Security System

It was a devastating news when we get robbed on broad daylight by what we thought a buying customer. We were on our first week of operation then when an old woman pretended to buy bulk items from us. And, since I was not in the store because I had my teaching work, my sister, partner and mother attended to the lady.

While when my family was all busy packing the customer's orders, she hurriedly brought Tammy' bag full with cellphone, cards and cash. Since then, we looked for Home Security Information that may apply in our store. We indeed need alarms to warn us of intruding people into the store while it is locked. A spy camera can be a valuable too once we widen our store space.

The thieves and other bad guys are simply out there lurking and waiting to get a plunge on your valuable properties. It is only wise that we do all means to protect our hard-earned property and our family.

We Are Sick But Busy

Even if we are having flu, we are still up and running with our store. Funny that we have to have that personal touch whenever we entertain our potential buyers. We do this to at least make the buyers more comfortable and see us again the next time they have the budget or want something else again.

I am pretty sure, it is only us who do this to the point that we get sick in the process. Hahahhah! Now, we need new stocks but we don't even have time to rest since no one will man the store. Best of luck to us then.

I Want My House Painted

A humble house can look elegant and chic and expensive with the right fixtures and painting. My old home was painted apple green while I had my old room painted with splashes of lavander and pink.

We only hired a painter to do the works since it was quite difficult to do the paint mixing and to do the brushing. He had a good job but I wish to have a better painter for the house.

But, now that I am constructing my new house, I want to hire a more competent painter. I came across a site that offer good tips for selecting residential or commercial Painting. I heard that Fort Lauderdale Painting is done by very qualified painters from Fort Lauderdale. I have to agree with the site's tips of getting quality from the painting services offered.

When we hire a painter, it is a must that he is state licensed and that he and his colleagues must be bonded with the contract. These painters must not hold their clients liable for any accident during painting works.

Further, we must accept bids for our painting works. We must first and foremost, consider first effective and efficient service that indeed works within our budget and time frame. Various painters have different contract prices. Consequently, we have to see the worth of these prices with the kind of works they offer. Lastly, we have to have a contract that clearly specifies the scope, warranty and maintenance of their painting jobs.

Knowing all these makes me want to look for Fort Lauderdale painter.

We Are Sick Again

After several days of extreme heat and rain, my kid contracted an infection while Tammy and I are having flu. We can't even take a rest from work and from our store since no one would man the store. We only have our younger sister to help us.

We took our medicines already and had some reflexology massages. I am almost dizzy with my colds and headache. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Not only that I don't feel good with my illness, I am also feeling bad of my 3-week notebook since it crashed down as I posted in my other blog. Now, I am back to using my old laptop. I still have to wait to ship back this notebook to US for repair. This is really a very frustrating news since it will take months before I can finally use my notebook again. Goodness, even my classrecord and masteral projects are there. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Hate Call Pranksters

I love technology a lot. I am pretty sure that other individuals share the same passion that I do. Technology indeed has made a lot of transformations in our day-to-day routines. This is indeed true to other establishments.

But, what I don't like with technology is how it can actually pervades my privacy. I have a number of unsolicited mails from my email account. And, I simply could not comprehend, how these scam letters were directed to me or to anyone I know. I normally report them to my email - host provider as scams but these emails simply keep on coming. I really wish there is also a technology to track the sources of these emails and put the ones responsible behind bars or at least, make them responsible for creating inconvenience among their mail recipients.

Now, this is also true with calls. I normally receive text messages that I have won or calls from unknown users. And when I ask for their profile, they would simply not respond. This is really annoying. Good thing in US, there is a medium to Report Callers who practically annoy you with their nuisance calls.

I tried searching my parents' number in Wisconsin through this call search and it can graphically present me the location of that number. That is pretty amazing. The site has easy-to-follow instructions and that privacy is guaranteed. With reasonable rate, I can get a full report on my caller's profile.

This is indeed practical at this time when nuisance people are abundant.

Fun Time with our Evening Habit: Durian

My nephew licking this creamy fruit.

Fighting over a piece (hahahahhah!)

Since we started our mall exhibit last month, we pamper ourselves with eating this exotic smelly fruit, durian. Good thing, it is only priced at Php 50.00 per kilo. Hmnnnn. I can still recall its strong appetizing scent. Hahahhahaha!

Everyone in the family likes this fruit that we settle for two seeds just to share the rest to other family members. Goodness! Even my baby nephew likes this stinky fruit. LOL!

We Miss Our Dog

When we moved out from our old home in Zamboanga City, we decided to bring our German Shepherd dog to a veterinarian friend of ours. We named her Gia and took her in when she was only three months old.

But, we were not to really take good care of her that she was too thin and missed her required vaccinations. Until now, she stays with her veterinarian just to make sure she gets the proper care she deserves.

But have you heard of Wilmington NC Real Estate ? They are real estate brokers who give you beautiful choices coastal houses to select from. I always dream of getting a house by the sea side. It seems that staying by the sea can give me that solitude and peace that I have been seeking. These brokers also do find home for homeless animals. I only wish I can have this beautiful property and my dog again.

We Are Japanese

Don't get me wrong, we are pure-blooded Filipinos, but we simply love to eat specialty foods of other nationalities.

For one, I like siopao and siomai a lot while my mom and sister, Tammy like the Japanese rice meal, Maki. They even had the chance to prepare this meal at home more than twice while I only appreciated the mango and crab strips in it. Hahhahahah!

We just like to experiement on food. I wonder what would be the next meal.LOL!

My Kiddo Sister Needs a House

My third sister is in Manila working as a project electrical designer. Somehow, she is my copy cat. We both excelled well in school but we somehow different in character. She is quite independent and confident while I am just starting on this.

Now, she is thinking of getting her own place since her work is in a remote city. Currently, she is only staying in a leased room with complete amenities like dining, comfort rooms, kitchen sinks , living and bedrooms. However, she is paying much on this room that we advice her to start saving for an owned house.

She and her boyfriend would just want to get a condominium in the vicinity of her work. They both plan to start a business too as their investment. This younger sibling of mine is really something.

We indeed want a house in Manila too since my parents and other sister visit this place whenever they can and normally, they just stay in one of our relatives. Privacy is something. Consequently, we need our own place so we can do what we want without being criticized by others.

I have built my own house just within the family lot so, I can grow old with my kid and have that independence from my biological family but still have that bonding.

We want our house to be commercially valuable that we have to consider its interior and exterior designs. Houses nowadays are quite expensive. We must then maintain and increase the market value of our house so we can get a higher worth for this property.

My Sick Boy

It has been two days since my kid contracted fever. We simply thought he had tonsillitis but when he was brought to a pedia earlier, this was not at all the diagnosis.

He went through a CBC to check his blood for typhoid fever since Gensan has somehow greater number of cases on this.

I only pity him since he would vomit from his old medicine and won't eat at all. I wish I could take away his illness. I would rather see him all playful and busy with PSP, TV or friends than sick.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Broken Room Window

My bedroom is next to the furniture shop of my parents. I remembered constructing this room from my first year of working as a teacher. I painted it with pastel purple and pink. It is quite unique from the rest of the rooms or areas in the house. You can say, it is all me.

I have the also grill - smoked - glass windows to complement my feminine taste. However, just recently, the motor blade of our furniture equipment simply flew directly to my glass window and caused a big hole. I have to always close these windows during daytime since the sawdust from the furniture normally get into the room.

Now, I really want this window replaced. However, I want something that is dimly tainted since my room directly faces the sun in the morning and whenever I sleep late, I wake up only late in the morning.

But I need quality and beautiful windows like Sacramento windows . I am quite aware that quality windows go with higher price but this is only worth the money since these windows can last longer and can add beauty to our house.

My old windows are a little cranky on the hinges. Nothing is more valuable than getting the services only of those who are qualified window installer. I will surely check competent contractors for my window installation from the ads and internet. I heard that these Sacramento windows have lifetime warranties. This is really a nice investment to consider.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Store Mall Exhibit Gets Extended

We decided previously to pull out our stocks from the mall exhibit since we only have meager sales lately. Tammy and I had to buy from our store just to reach our minimum income to pay the daily rent.

However, the exhibit simply stopped us from leaving but offered a rent discount. Thus, we decided to stay and simply replenish our stocks. We currently have US stocks but they come higher in rates in spite of the 50% discount. Consequently, the buyers would shy away. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Only those who recognize the brands are simply grateful of our stocks.

Well, best wishes to us since we have to stay in this mall exhibit until May 3.

We Need a House Remodel

When we decided to move back to our old home, the house has become fully packed with other family members and house helpers. All the rooms are actually filled that I previously decided to build a new house together with my sisters within the family lot.
We simply designed this new structure with its core posts but we exactly do not have any idea how to improve its interior.

I am quite aware that professional interior designers who provide expensive services. Consequently, it is wiser then to look for inexpensive but competent house - remodel contractors.

I heard that Dallas Remodeling contractors are excellent in providing green house or building refinement or enhancement. This company provides solar energy solutions to residential, commercial and industrial needs, design and engineering consultations and project and feasibility studies.

At this time of environmental and economic crises, we are indeed challenged to find ways how we can maximize our natural resources like sun for energy, how we can protect our Mother Earth in the process and how we can get worth from our hard - earned money.

Our house indeed needs a good and green remodeling solution. I have seen how solar panels are used to support the energy requirements of houses and buildings. And just recently, solar panels are now used to address water and swimming pool heating requirement of residential and commercial establishments. This is really a cool initiative.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Soccsksargen Bloggers Community Escape (again!)

Orange Bistro cozy venue with sumptuous meals

This post is really long overdue. Our community had previously visited Orange Bistro here in Gensan together with another blogger/plurker, Bloggie from Davao City.

It was my first visit in this very cozy and elegant resto and I really enjoyed their vege meal among other things. I wish to bring my family to this resto again.

My Friends Need a Date

Marriage is not at all bed of roses. This I have learned the painful and struggling way. I have seen friends and loved ones break their marriage for whatever compelling reason. With this alarming news, marriage has become the least of priorities of single individuals.

Since years ago, if a single woman gets pregnant, she is forced to get married. But now, women are more intelligent and assertive. They remain to be single moms. It is only good that internet and other media provide ways for dating single mom . My friends just need this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make Your Kid High in EQ

I am a proud mother of a healthy and nice young kid. I could still remember when he was all shy before and could not at all relate with his playmates and other older family members. I have to blame our house arrangement before since our old home was quite far from the neighbors and our relatives.

But, one thing we strongly taught him was to be generous with his playmates and other individuals. We used to hug and kiss him too and say "I Love You!" whenever we have the chance. Now, he has grown to be very sweet, independent, playful and loving.

He may not do well in school but I know that my kid is quite smart. I equally value his IQ and EQ. IQ is nothing if the child is disoriented or sad.

We oftentimes see him in contests and he would willingly join without being told. That is indeed a very good transition from the lonely child he was been.

See the recent play contest he joined while we were on our store exhibit in Gaisano Mall - Gensan. He is on gray shirt and shorts. He did not win from this paper dance contest but we praised him for his courage and enthusiasm.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Need Hospitality

Hospitality is a virtue and a skill rarely possessed by individuals. For us Filipinos, this is a natural habit. We seem to welcome anyone into our home or establishment. We are always ready to serve with great enthusiasm and eagerness.

I have known other countries who see hospitality as part of their culture while other countries see this as non-existent attitude.

But, do you know Theron Burraway? Through his leadership, he had created Marcus Evans Group to be a $300-million leader in hospitality programs worldwide. His group manages and holds events, conferences and other corporate hospitality programs. He has twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry that indeed made him known. He is now Marcus Evans' CEO and Board of Directors for Waterside School, a special Stamford, Conn.-facility that provides education opportunities for children from low-income families. He is well-known in social networks too and is a popular member of Indian Harbor Yatch Club and Tamarack Country Club.

Hospitality is a virtue that is wrapped around with grace and service. Truly, this man is one of the distinquished exceptions.

THG Worldwide Inc. is a marcus evans company. It was founded in 1983 and became the largest corporate hospitality business in the world. They offer business intelligence to any company through business conferences, trainings, forums and publications.

In this global financial meltdown, companies must then be equipped with strategies that can make them survive the crisis and excel from the rest.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Summer Classes Are On and I Am Dead

I decided to stop from my masteral class since I don't have the time and rest anymore for the family and our just-starting business. My mom and sister, Tammy simply asked me to take a break yet. I also decided not to continue with our masteral project. I realy need a good rest and a long vacation.

I had helped during the store exhibit since day 1 when we started with the mall exhibit. However, today, I have to become a teacher again since our college summer classes are on. I just have to hop then from our business, to school and vice versa. Whew!!!!

The extreme weather condition is not also helping. My allergy is getting worst too. waaaaaaaaaaaah!

We Want Cooler Days

Our family in Wisconsin, USA had previously complained of the deep snow for a couple of weeks. They had to stay indoor most of the time since visibility was a problem. However, they could still feel the extreme weather condition that our niece had acquired colds.

On the other hand, we are experiencing terrible warm weather since February 2009. We have been enduring weather-related health problems like allergies, colds, flu and skin problems because of this warm weather.

Our local weather government agency, PAGASA, reported that the temperature may rise up to 38-40 degree Celsius. They warned the public to refrain from staying outdoor since heat stroke may also arise. This weather forecast is expected to run until May 2009 due to global warming and La Nina. We have to protect our house pets too as they may also experience heat stroke.

Consequently, we have to have a cooling mechanism to subside this extreme weather problem. We can check Boise HVAC-Air-Conditioning device that can provide quality service for our money. What I like best from this company is that they have qualified professionals who can find ways and solutions to any heating or cooling need.

We can find a number of air-conditioning providers but what is unique with this company is that they send their contractors to inspect the heating or cooling requirement of the house and the best area where we can maximize the device. But, if we have existing air-conditioning machines but we are having problems with them, the contractors can identify the problem and may suggest a replacement or add-on device. They are indeed quite concerned with customer satisfaction. This site is really worth a try.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Am Learning Inline Skates at 31

It is our second day of inline - skate practice. We did improve after a couple of falls and bruises. I however sprained my left wrist today after hitting the ground the second time. My kid and younger sister were just too happy to learn this sport while I was all nervous with the falls. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I had to bring my wrist for a reflexology massage since I could not move it because of excruciating pain. HuhuhuhU!

My kid and sister can't wait to have their practice again tomorrow while I would rather be in the classroom. hahhahahah!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wacky Fun Day

It is Black Saturday today. The business companies had resumed with their normal operation and we opened our stall for business. But, before we started our business day, we had our first try of inline blades. I had to hit the ground four times and still struggled with my balance while my kid and sister were already used with the blades. Hahhahaah! Old me! Funny that my sister was able to get our video upside down. Hahahhah!

After this, we hit our store with the placement of new US stocks, and in the late afternoon, we just consumed the day with a swim and a fine dinner with the entire family.

Since, my other sister shall be leaving for Manila tomorrow, we kinda miss her already.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attention Yamaha Rhino ATV Users

I just recently know how to drive a vehicle but I still struggle whenever I am on a busy road or intersection. My family had previous vehicular accidents. Consequently, I want to be more careful in my driving. However, vehicular accidents may occur even to those who drive safely. Another family member was recently hit while he was in his stationary car by another vehicle. He suffered tremendous muscle sores and the car was badly wrecked.

But, what if vehicular accidents are caused by poor designs? This is indeed the case of Yamaha Rhino Rollover accidents where a number has lost or injured their limbs, forcing these drivers to go through physical therapy or to resign from work.

However, Yamaha extremely denied that these accidents are due to poor Rhino ATV designs and simply blamed drivers for their accidents. I personally believed that this can be an irresponsible action unless Yamaha can thoroughly studied all of the vehicular accidents and evaluate the relationship of these accidents to car design and other criteria.

Yamaha Rhino is expected to rollover due to the reasons given below.

1. It has narrow size making it more unstable.
2. It is top heavy, producing high center of gravity.
3. It has smaller wheels, producing less hold on platforms.

Thus, if you or anyone of your friends or loved ones had experienced Rhino ATV rollovers, place your complaint. We simply don't pay for anything that can naturally cause us harm. This is a right by every buyer and the company must at least be responsible of its services or products.


Long Vacation for Us

In observance of holy week, the family simply stayed home, especially that today is Good Friday. As tradition, my mom had prepared "biku," a rice-based food cooked in coconut milk and sugar. I pretty remember this being done every holy week and All Saint's Day.

We wished to have our swim in Gumasa, Glan and had a good swim on there beautiful white sand beach. But, my parents would not simply allow as to budge a muscle on Good Friday. Consequently, we will have our swim tomorrow then.

We are just contained at home with non-stop movie viewing, bloggingg and eating.Hahahhaahha!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Need a Web Hosted Domain

I started blogging a year ago with this blog as my first endeavor. Now, I have more than four blogs. I used the first four blogs for my personal posts while I use the other blogs for my classes. These class blogs were made to assist me in giving out my lectures or assignment among my students. These are indeed a great help to me and to my students. But, all of these blogs are of free domains. At least, I don't have to pay extra for this add-on teaching medium.

My two other blogs on the other hand are web hosted. I quite understand and know the benefits of website hosting that these blogs can be read and remain interactive to those who wish to leave comments or something. Blogs however are not at all safe from attacks of hackers. Thus, it is important that web hosts must protect its domains, whether or not, these are for free or for payments.

But, I definitely need a web host for this blog. Although, this blog has been ranked higher than my other blogs, I must begin to consider its domain hosting.

I also remember that I have to be careful in selecting the right web host. My sister, Tammy, had a terrible experience with her host. But, good thing, I was able to locate a site that actually rates web hosts for any domain under the intricacies of World Wide Web. So, regardless of the type or nature of your site, you will know that there is the most appropriate web host for you.

I had bookmarked this site already should I go for the web hosting of my blog and recommend this to our administrators and students should they want quality web hosts.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My New Notebook

I finally have my own notebook. Yepey!!!! It is an ASUS EEE PC 10.1" size. Now, I don't have to pester my sister over her notebook or my partner over his laptop.

My other sister bought instead the ACER One Red notebook. We look silly when everyone else just sits down with his or her own laptop or notebook while my mom would worry with our electrical bills. Hahhaahhaha!

I just have to thank a dear family friend who mailed the notebooks to us. I just wish I can fully maximize this notebook for my blogging and other internet works. Hhahaah!

Media Download for Free

Do you have loved ones or friends who love music and who wish to earn from their songs? Go check Kerchoonz.

This is a social networking medium where artists can download and upload pictures, music and video, make friends through blogs and forums, and earn extra money for site referral. More importantly, all these can be done without any amount of payment.

To sustain its operation, Kerchoonz is an advertisement - funded network. It is certainly a unique website since it was founded by musicians and record artists who aimed to make the music industry and internet technology a fair playing field for everyone.

Furthermore, this site is an avenue for artists to express their passion and interest in music by uploading their very own video. In return, they receive due compensation from this video upload. Best of all, they can get lucky if a recording artist or talent manager can spot them for their interesting performance.

This site is heavily committed with their philosophy of service, honesty, justice, collaboration and freedom. I call all these values as expression of social responsiveness at its best.

I took the liberty to sign up. It actually allowed me to view uploaded video of other members and to hear some interesting playlists and to add all of them to my very own profile.

So, if you are a fanatic of social networks, this site is indeed worth a try.


Friday, April 3, 2009

The Irresponsible Administrator

We were supposed to receive our pay today however since I just recently did my grades and other requirements, I just had my regular clearance all done just this afternoon. I am actually on time with my clearance. Problem is one of the signatories had attended his kid's graduation. I have no objection on this, however, this action had put on hold all the unsigned clearances. This means, we won't be receiving our pay on time. We must wait for four days since Monday is a holiday.

Goodness! What will happen to those who are just relying on their pay. I am only relieved that I have a little resource to use until the pay day.

I wish they had the common sense and justice to put someone as an OIC since this administrator has a planned leave. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Poor Teachers! Overworked, paid delayed!

Lap Band

Lap band or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band has become very popular nowadays since it requires no cutting or stapling and 100% safe and reversible. The procedure requires the implant of inflatable silicone band that goes around the stomach just like a wrist watch. Thus, the patient will have a feeling of fullnesss even after a small meal.

This simple procedure now requires no hospitalization stay and more importanly, the PPO Insurance covers this procedure.

There are a lot of obese patients who underwent this procedure. In fact, their lap band testimonials are all positive and encouraging. You can actually see the differences in their weights, lap band before and after.

So, if you are that conscious with that bulging weight, do contact 1-800-GET-SLIM. You can have a difference in your weight loss problem.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mall Store Exhibit Gets More Exciting

We started this mall exhibit in Gaisano-Gensan last week. However, we could not at all agree with the stall partner and so, we decided to take a separate stall. We are now officially on our third day as an independent exhibitor.

Tammy and I open the stall around 9 am but the rest of the family help us in the afternoon where a number of customers drop by for a up close and personal critique of our stuffs.

Since payday heat is still on, we wish to have better sales today than the previous days. Gosh, being a sales lady is not at all nice. Hahhahahaah! No wonder there are a number of snobbish saleslady in malls. Kapuy bantay ug tindug oi! Hahhahaahahha! Naa pay customers nga demanding gani. OMG!

Good thing, the family and friends who visit us around keep our sanity intact.Hahhaahahha!

Chili's Reading Reopens

My family here in the Philippines and in Wisconsin love to eat a lot. This is one of the common things that the entire family agrees on. Whenever we go out and man our store, we always set a budget for food. It really drains us financially.

One of our nasty habits in dining is that we keep on ordering the same old food over and over again. Although we are adventurous in many ways, we do not want to eat something else that we are not certain of the taste. So, the waiters normally know our orders.

My kid is a big fan of great food too. He is quite selective with his choices. So, if he does not like the taste or the smell, we cannot possibly convince him to start or finish his meals. He is however, a big fan of chicken and nachos and fries while I love salads a lot.

Choosing the right restaurant is sometimes a struggle. So, we normally search on places where commendations are high. Chili's is one of the well -loved restaurants here in the Philippines. It operates in twenty seven (27) countries and with more than 190 franchises.

We recently known Chili's in Reading, UK had reopened after a fire consumed their kitchen last January 2009 but Reading Press Release said that this popular restaurant in UK had seized the opportunity and incorporated a much better kitchen equipment and technology to serve more great food.


I love their discount offers and meal selection from Chili's Vouchers. The family will surely love this new food experience. Should we go to Manila this year, we will visit this restaurant and try their meals.